Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Teaching

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Ye Yunlan slowly sat up from the chair. The blanket slid down to his knees, and his long hair scattered down his back. 

The lingzhi chicken soup on the table was fresh and delicious, while the apricot blossom cake was sweet and soft; both would undoubtedly cause excitement to a foodie. 

Ye Yunlan did not move. 

He looked at the plate of apricot blossom cakes, focusing for a moment on the pastry dough’s apricot blossom pattern.

He was silent for a moment, and his eyelashes drooped. Then, he raised his hand and pushed the porcelain plate away. 

Shen Shu saw this, and his expression darkened. 

“…I know that Master is still angry with Disciple,” he said, “But no matter how angry you are, you shouldn’t hurt your body. The ancient Xinzhi is good for Master’s injury. After this time, it will be rare to come by this again. Also, after the elixir has been boiled, its medicinal properties would have dissolved in and will disperse over time. Master should drink it while it’s hot.” 

After saying that, he picked up the porcelain bowl on the table and held it out to Ye Yunlan. 

“Before, Master once said that if Disciple wins the competition, he will promise Disciple a request.” 

He paused, then said: “Master, please cherish your body.” 

Ye Yunlan heard these words and his eyelashes trembled slightly. The brows that seemed to be frozen finally melted a little. 

He took the porcelain bowl in Shen Shu’s hand. His white and slender hand picked up the soup spoon, and then finally said his first words after Shen Shu arrived.

“You’ve been kind.” 

Shen Shu knew his anger had diminished a bit, so he said: “Master being in good health is Disciple’s greatest wish.”

He didn’t want to be too far away from Ye Yunlan, so he simply sat at the table and watched Ye Yunlan drink the soup, spoon by spoon. 

The soup was hot, and Ye Yunlan moved very slowly. This person, usually untouched or unfazed by the things of the mundane world, would show a little bit of vitality only when he was eating.

He watched the person in front of him’s pale lips stain with water, gradually becoming rosy. Suddenly, he remembered that he had stolen Ye Yunlan’s lips and plundered the sweet taste of rain a few days ago. 

His lips were soft like petals, and a light layer of snow seemed to cover them. It was as if they would melt away as soon as one touched them. The juice inside was so sweet that he couldn’t help but want more and more. 

Shen Shu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. 

After drinking the bowl of soup, Ye Yunlan put down the soup spoon and put the porcelain bowl on the table. The elixir’s power melted into his limbs, and the pain in his chest disappeared significantly. His face’s paleness faded a little, and he became a little more tired. He leaned on the back of his chair, closing his eyes slightly. 

Shen Shu looked at the empty bowl, then at the untouched apricot blossom cake next to him. He pursed his lips. 

He glanced at Ye Yunlan, who had his eyes shut, then reached out and took a piece of a cake and slowly bit into it. 

It was delicious. 

He thought. 

It was much better than the apricot blossom cake bought from down the mountain. 

In order to make this cake, he even went to the hawker selling the pastries to inquire about the recipe.

Although it was the first time he made it, it went unexpectedly smooth. The taste and appearance of the finished product were also good. 

But Ye Yunlan didn’t take a liking to it. 

“Shen Shu.” 

Ye Yunlan who had closed his eyes, leaning on the reclining chair, started speaking.

Shen Shu swallowed the sweet cake in his mouth: “Master?” 

Ye Yunlan said lightly: “You don’t have to do this for me in the future.” 

Suddenly, Shen Shu felt that the sweet cake in his hand was not sweet anymore. He asked in a low voice, “Why?” 

Ye Yunlan: “A cultivator shouldn’t be disturbed by external things. You have spent too much of your thoughts on other things.” 

Although he did not make it completely transparent, Shen Shu understood his meaning. But he wanted to pretend he did not. 

Ye Yunlan continued: “This time with the dao conference, you have gotten enough experience, but your temperament is still inadequate. Now that you have reached the golden core realm’s late stage, you will soon be able to break through to Nascent Soul. After returning to the sect, you will have closed-door training to cultivate your temperament and look for opportunities to break through to Nascent Soul.” 

Shen Shu subconsciously wanted to say, “I don’t want to,” but when he watched Ye Yunlan close his eyes, appearing calm, he knew that the other party was determined. If he said anything to disobey him now, he would only make the other person angry. 

His master’s body was really not suitable for anger.

He thought about it carefully, closed-door training… it doesn’t really matter too much. It was not a long journey. Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu lived in the mountains, and the other party wouldn’t leave there easily. 

Moreover, as long as he quickly advances to Nascent Soul, he will be able to see Master Ye Yunlan again. At that time, he could do more things. 

After thinking about it, Shen Shu finally answered: “Okay.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyebrows were loosened. He raised his eyelids slightly, seeing Shen Shu sitting on the table very improperly. Watching him, he frowned and lightly scolded, “Sit down properly.” 

Then he said, “Move the chair over there. I will tell you about the careless omissions in your swordsmanship from the competition.” 

Shen Shu smiled, got up from the table, then moved the chair opposite to Ye Yunlan. He sat down properly. 

His face was still a bit young, so when he stared quietly, he looked like a student who was obediently listening to his teacher’s instructions. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and pondered for a while: “Your third match was to fight against Huailian Sect’s Wang Mian. To start, you used ‘Shower’ with a sharp sword intent to gain the upper hand. It’s just that Wang Mian is a water spiritual cultivator. He is most skilled at using his softness to overcome brute strength. The move ‘Shower’ has powerful momentum. Its attack is endless, but it is difficult to gather sword intent, so it was diverted away by Wang Mian. If I were you, I would start off with ‘Thunder.'” 

“In the seventh match, you fought against Fusheng Pavillion’s Xie Yunsheng. Your move was the sixth style of Sky Sect’s sword technique ‘The Eagle Strikes the Sky.’ Your action was too eager, and there was a flaw in the left shoulder…” 

Shen Shu listened carefully, fixedly looking at Ye Yunlan’s profile. 

He thought that Ye Yunlan was so angry before, but he still watched all his matches so carefully. He even remembered every move and every style. His heart could not help but feel joyful. 

But then he remembered the other party’s words during the previous quarrel, “I accepted you as a disciple and treated you as a parent to a child, to give you moral and practical teachings. I have never had any other intentions,” and his complexion went faintly green. 

Ye Yunlan pointed out the subtle mistakes in Shen Shu’s swordsmanship. It was not until the red sun slanted to the west that he raised his hand and allowed Shen Shu to go away. Then, he closed his eyes to rest. 

Shen Shu got up and said, “Thank you, Master, for your advice.” He packed up the dishes on the table and went out. 

After he left, Ye Yunlan opened his eyes. 

He looked at Shen Shu’s back, in a daze. It seemed as if he had returned to the many years when he and his disciple got along.

But he knew that there was something different.


After the Floating Cloud Summit martial competition, the Tianchi Mountain dao conference lasted for half a month. This half-month period was for cultivators from all over the world to exchange pointers. The disciples of different factions fought against each other, and there was an endless stream of competitions on the stage. 

But the two most anticipated Master and Disciple did not show up. 

It was not until the dao conference ended completely and Sky Sect’s flying boat was about to set off did Ye Yunlan finally walk out of the immortal palace. 

Before leaving, Nian Er did not want to let go of his hand. Plucking up her courage, she said: “I want to follow Gege to see the world.” 

Ye Yunlan: “You are Tianchi Mountain’s Spirit, won’t leaving Tianchi be harmful to you?” 

Nian Er seemed to have already thought about it. She smiled: “Tianchi Mountain is an item that Nian Er’s soul was entrusted with, so Nian Er cannot leave Tianchi Mountain. But Nian Er can separate part of her consciousness and place it on another item, then Elder Brother can take Nian Er out. This way, wherever Brother goes, Nian Er can also see the scenery.” 

Shen Shu’s face turned black when he heard those words.

Ye Yunlan: “After I return to Sky Sect, I can’t go out easily. I’m afraid I can’t do what you want.”  

“No matter. Although Nian Er’s consciousness cannot monitor the scope of Tianchi Mountain, Nian Er can still handle dozens of miles. It is already enough to be able to play in Elder Brother’s sect for a long time.” 

As she said this, she handed a delicate wooden comb to Ye Yunlan.

Nian Er gave him a lot of help the days he was in Tianchi Mountain. Besides, bringing a wooden comb was just a trivial matter, so Ye Yunlan nodded lightly. He took the wooden comb, about to put it in his arms. Suddenly, someone stretched out a hand next to him and took the wooden comb. 

Nian Er opened her eyes, “Little Brother, you–!” 

Shen Shu looked at the wooden comb in his hand, “It’s very refined.” 

He raised his long eyes and looked at Nian Er with a smile. “Little sister, since you want to go to Sky Sect to play, then it doesn’t matter who carries this wooden comb. It’s all the same. Besides, Master is in a sick condition. It is not right for either of you to bump into each other, so I will take care of this for you.” 

He put the wooden comb in his sleeves. 

Nian Er angrily stared at him. She gave one glance and puffed up her mouth, thinking to herself: How is this the same… 

Ye Yunlan didn’t notice the undercurrents raging between the two. In his opinion, just as Shen Shu pointed out, it didn’t matter who brought the wooden comb back.

In the distance, flying boats flew in the air in a constant flow, like a dolphin croaking. Furball jumped on his shoulder. 

Ye Yunlan looked sideways at Shen Shu: “The time has come, let’s go.” 

“Okay, Master.” 

They walked out of the immortal palace, the sky’s light falling on the two of them. 

At this moment, Tianchi Mountain was not as crowded as the previous few days, but Ye Yunlan always felt that many prying eyes were around. He couldn’t help but constrict his eyebrows slightly.

Suddenly, a cultivator ran over and stood in front of Ye Yunlan, blocking him. He was followed by several guards behind him. 

This cultivator looked very delicate, but in the eyes of Ye Yunlan, he looked unfamiliar.

He lightly asked: “Fellow daoist, is anything the matter?” 

That cultivator’s face was slightly red. He stammered out his sentence: “Immortal Lord Ye.” 

Immortal Lord? 

This name was only called by Shen Shu when he was young and ignorant. Later, he would only respectfully call him Master. Moreover, the ‘Immortal’ title could only be used for those who have broken through the mortal body’s six realms. For example, the world calls Qiyun Jun “Immortal Venerable.”

But he is just a mortal with no cultivation base. It is indeed a bit strange for this person to call him Immortal Lord Ye.

Ye Yunlan’s eyebrows frowned deeper. 

After hesitating for a while, the cultivator loudly said: “I, I, I am the young master of the Eastern Sea Chaotian Palace, Hai Jiujiu. There are one hundred thousand people in our sect, ten thousand spirit beads, and countless celestial treasures. I wish, I wish to be Immortal Lord’s dao companion, to relieve the worries of the Immortal Lord!” 

The young cultivator finished speaking, and his complexion was red like a pink peach. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes widened slightly and showed a dazed look. 

Hai Jiujiu’s behavior seemed to be a signal. The cultivators who were still peeping around before quickly walked over as if they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to surround Ye Yunlan. 

Hai Jiujiu was still waiting for Ye Yunlan’s response with blinking eyes when a tall and strong young man with a masculine face squeezed him away. With bronze skin, arms, waist, and legs tied with battle armor, and his upper body naked, his strong abdominal muscles were revealed. He showed a silly smile to Ye Yunlan, his voice thunderous. 

“I am Miao Yue of the Southern Xinjiang War Soul Tribe. Don’t look at my rough appearance, I’m absolutely gentle with my wife! I know how to cook rice and wash the dishes. I can also do the laundry and clean. In our tribe, the cleanest residence belongs to Miao Yue!” 

In the crowd, a beautiful fox demon girl with furry ears smiled at Ye Yunlan, “Immortal Lord, they can’t do it. Come to my fox clan, I have dozens of fox sisters all willing to help Immortal Lord. They will surely be able to cure your disease.” 

After saying that, she covered her mouth with her delicate hands. Her charming fox eyes looked straight at Ye Yunlan as if they held boundless affection. 

Amid the noisy voices, Ye Yunlan finally reacted. 

These people…were they all….recommending themselves to be bed partners? 

The author has something to say: Shen Shu posted a help post. 

《He suddenly woke up, and the whole world has become his rival! How can he break through, waiting online for urgent help! ! ! 》

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