Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Pure White 

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Rong Ran said this and paused, waiting for Qiyun Jun’s answer. 

He had a supple and polite expression on his face, but he felt a little nervous in his heart.

If it was five years ago and he wanted to lead the Sky Sect disciples to explore the Secret Realm, with He Lanze in retreat, he wouldn’t have any problems as Qiyun Jun’s only personal disciple.

But after the Tingfeng Pavillion incident and Qiyun Jun punished him to face the wall and reflect, his position in the sect disciples’ minds became much worse than before. If Qiyun Jun didn’t decree it, he might not be able to persuade all the other peaks’ disciples to obey his call. 

There was a moment of silence in Yuntian Palace. 

Rong Ran waited and became more and more flustered. However, he became a little confident when he looked at the black jade sitting on the long sword’s hilt in Qiyun Jun’s hand. 

Qiyun Jun turned around and looked at his disciple. He noticed that Rong Ran came without even carrying his spirit sword. His eyebrows frowned slightly. 

There was a moment of silence, then he said. 

“This is the last time.” 

Rong Ran was overjoyed, “Thank you, Master!” 

Qiyun Jun raised his hand, and a clear light spread out like ripples. 

When he did that, no matter if the Sky Sect disciples were in the Sky Sect or thousands of miles away, everyone received a thought. 

The Venerable had allowed his personal disciple to lead the Netherworld Secret Realm trip. The disciples who want to go could gather at Wendao Slope in three days.

——This was the miraculous means of a Transcendence Realm cultivator! 

Rong Ran carefully felt the decree in his heart, saluted again and thanked him, then left with joy. 

Yuntian Palace restored to its usual eternal silence.

Qiyun Jun stood there for a long time as if thinking about something. He then raised the Taiqing Duer Sword in his hand and placed it horizontally in front of him. 

He had wiped off the peach blossom on the scabbard. Now, the scabbard he held in his hand was black, simple, and cold. However, the hilt was still adorned with a black jade, moving in his cold and clear eyes. 

He stretched out his hand to take down the black jade and squeezed it into two pieces. 


It was nighttime with few stars in the sky. 

Shen Shu sat by the small bamboo building’s window without lighting the candle. 

He raised his eyes and stared at the crescent moon on the edge of the window. The corners of his eyebrows were dark and gloomy, as if in a daze. In fact, he was poking the white jade porcelain man in his heart with his spiritual thoughts. 

The figure that his Nascent Soul turned into didn’t have a consciousness and would only react a little when being pricked. 

Only, this was clearly his Nascent Soul, but he was not close to his divine consciousness. Each time Shen Shu poked him, he moved to avoid Shen Shu, and his eyes were always tightly closed as if he didn’t want to bother to look at him.

Shen Shu had just separated from Ye Yunlan in an unhappy state. Therefore, after seeing this scene, his heart was even more depressed. He felt helpless. 

He glanced at the moon and then at the person in his heart, his brows growing gloomy. 

He disagreed with Ye Yunlan about going to the Netherworld Secret Realm together at his own risk, but he also knew that his disagreement wouldn’t make the other party change his mind at all.

…And even if Ye Yunlan agreed, he wouldn’t be rest assured with Ye Yunlan staying in Sky Sect. 

In the memory of him becoming the Demon Lord, he had heard clearly that Ye Yunlan would have his complexion ruined in Sky Sect and expelled from the sect, turning him infamous. Although he didn’t know if these things would actually happen, he also didn’t want Ye Yunlan harmed in the slightest. 

He will not let his Master leave his sight. 

If this is the case, there is only one way. 

Completely resolve Ye Yunlan’s injuries. 

Since the ninth-rank elixir couldn’t cure it, then only… 

Shen Shu’s eyes were dim. 

Ye Yunlan never told him the details of how to treat the injury completely, and even that method was something he heard from others. 

He didn’t understand the secrets, but he could learn. 

In his mind, there were countless techniques collected by various demonic sects, including the method of dual cultivation. There was a whole wall in his library for that.

If Ye Yunlan really triggers his injury in the Secret Realm and can’t control it… he must be prepared early on. 

He closed his eyes, plunged into his thoughts into the depths of his memory, and began to digest the knowledge in it. 

Just after reading a few pages, his cheeks turned red. He did not have the slightest experience in any memory.

When he was a Demon Lord, many female entertainers from the demonic sects surrounded him, but he was always uninterested in the human flesh. As Shen Shu… he only thought about his own Master alone, how could he think of others?  

After turning over a volume, he let out a long sigh of relief and covered his face with his hand.

He couldn’t help but plunge his divine consciousness into his heart mansion. Seeing that the little white figure sitting inside still closed his eyes tightly, seeming to feel nothing, he took his divine consciousness out again. 

That was until the night he fell into a dream. The dream was a beautiful color. He was like a reckless young man who had just learned something new. Embracing the softness of his imagination, he tried all his newly-learned information. 

The dark night. 

The crescent moon disappeared behind the clouds. 

In the small bamboo building, a pair of eyes opened. 

He stood up from the bed, his face hidden in the deep darkness. His eyes were half-closed, a little indifference in his languidness, and he whispered. 

“Too weak.” 

He glanced at the afterglow on the pillow. He felt disgusted at the pure aura overflowing from the sword.

“I need to get the Shura sword back…” 

He made that decision and just wanted to get up from his bed, but he moved a part of his body that was still very swollen. 

He lowered his head expressionlessly and saw the behemoth propped up in his pants. 

As if a little puzzled, he muttered to himself. 

“Human flesh is so boring. It’s just fanciful thoughts.” 

Although puzzled, he still followed his body’s instinct, closed his eyes, and sat in the darkness to solve it for himself. 

He wiped his hands, put on brand new clothes, and walked out of the room. 

The moonlight shone on the earth, a sea of ​​flowers swaying in the distance.

Countless colors rushed into his eyes, a faint blue, light purple, and crimson, all dreamlike. 

“Beautiful colors.” He murmured. 

Even so, this kind of beauty still didn’t dispel his idea of ​​leaving here and retrieving the mighty power he should’ve had.

He had lived for many years, from the Demon Abyss to the human world. He knew that all the important and maddening things in this world were no better than real power in his hands.  

When he was about to walk out of the flower garden, he suddenly stopped and looked behind him. 

Under the moonlight, there were two bamboo buildings, one large and one small, quietly close together. Quiet and peaceful, like it could make people leave their worldly worries.

He suddenly wanted to meet what exactly was the person who made his “self” so reluctant to leave. 

Just one look? 

He nodded secretly. 

En… just a glance. 

Behind him appeared darkness like a streamer, which enabled him to walk lightly in the air. He silently followed the breeze leaking through the window and appeared in Ye Yunlan’s bedroom. 

The bronze mirror reflected his figure, and he slowly treaded in, approaching the carved wooden bed in the corner of the room. 

He got closer and closer, hearing his heart pounding in the dark, not fast or slow, just a little noisy. 

He bent over and opened a corner of the bed curtain. The moonlight shone through the crack at this angle, reflecting the sleeping man’s pale and quiet face.

He was startled.

The wind blew across the sea of ​​flowers outside the window, rustling.

Dazed, he seemed to see the cleanest, purest white in the world. 

Like the clouds on the horizon, the snow on mountain tops. 

It was like he just crawled out of the Demon Abyss and saw the moon in the world. 

His leaving footsteps stopped on the spot. The darkness floating behind him like a ribbon disappeared. He looked at the person on the bed, glance after glance, with a hesitant look on his face. 

… The skin and flesh of a human had always been boring. 

He watched the person’s calm sleeping face on the bed and paused for a moment on the other person’s thin, beautifully-shaped lips. His Adam’s apple rolled slightly. 

For a moment, he leaned down, gently kissed the man’s pale soft lips, and slowly traced the shape with the tip of his tongue pressed against it. 

It tastes so wonderful. 

He smelled a strange scent floating around him, coming from him. 

It was like crushed white blossom petals but lighter and more distant. 

… It smells good. 

He thought. 


Early in the morning, Ye Yunlan was flipping through the scroll in his study when he heard a soft knock on the door. 

He said: “Come in.” 

The door opened, and Shen Shu walked in. 

Ye Yunlan was slightly surprised. He thought that perhaps after yesterday’s quarrel, Shen Shu wouldn’t take the initiative to look for him before setting off to the Netherworld Secret Realm.

He saw Shen Shu gently put a bowl of porridge and a plate of steamed buns in front of Ye Yunlan: “Master, it’s not good for your body to have an empty stomach in the morning. Let’s have some breakfast first.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while. “Have you eaten?”

Shen Shu shook his head. 

Ye Yunlan: “Let’s eat together.” 

Shen Shu nodded. He moved the stool to the desk, picked up a fresh meat bun, and started eating.  

Ye Yunlan spooned a spoonful of porridge into his mouth. He frowned slightly, put down the spoon, then pinched a bun with his slender fingertips. He chewed it, then put it back on the plate. 

Shen Shu had finished eating the buns in his hand. Seeing that Ye Yunlan didn’t continue, he tilted his head slightly in puzzlement: “Master, why aren’t you eating?” 

Actually, Ye Yunlan was not very picky about the tastes. He could easily eat the noodles he made by himself without changing color, but the taste of the porridge and steamed buns made by Shen Shu today… It almost made him wonder whether Shen Shu was still angry about yesterday and was deliberately difficult with him here.  

“…The porridge is too salty,” Ye Yunlan said. It was basically like eating salt, “The steamed buns too.”

“Is it too salty…” Shen Shu was taken aback. He got up and picked up the dishes, “I’ll make new ones for Master.”

The remade dishes’ taste was somewhat blander but still too heavy. He could barely take it in. Ye Yunlan did not say anything and let Shen Shu do it again. He only finished his breakfast in silence and thought about it again. Thinking, he called out to Shen Shu.

“Your Master is fully prepared for going to the Netherworld Secret Realm, so you don’t have to worry too much.” 

Shen Shu listened but did not retort like the last time. He just absentmindedly put the dishes in front of him away. “Since Master’s prepared, Disciple… will follow Master.” He lifted his eyelashes, and his dark eyes reflected his figure, making him feel a sense of inexplicable palpitations. 

On the day of departure, Ye Yunlan went to look at Furball sleeping soundly in the bamboo basket. Seeing that he still had no signs of waking up, he reached out and touched the fluff on his body. He put a few spirit stones beside his nest as a snack for when he woke up. Then, he took out a few secret talismans he had already written in the bookcase and put them in his sleeves. Finally, he picked up Queying from the table.

Shen Shu was already waiting outside the door. 

Yanhui Peak was not too far from Wendao Slope, and it only took a little exercise to walk there. However, Shen Shu was already a Nascent Soul, with a natal spirit sword; he could travel with the sword. Seeing him come out, he grabbed his hand and said, “Master, forgive my discourtesy”, and pulled the person to the sword. 

The wind flickered in his ears, and the two of them had reached the sky above the clouds. 

For the first time, Shen Shu was operating “Afterglow” to fly in front of him, but he was more secure and skillful than he thought. 

The other person’s hands wrapped around his waist. Ye Yunlan subconsciously wanted to pull away when he heard Shen Shu laugh in a low voice, “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.”  

The disciples gathered on Wendao Slope, densely packed like ants. Several flying boats were docked aside and have not yet set off. 

The two landed next to a flying boat, and because they were close to the shadow of a banyan tree, not many people paid attention to them. 

Supported by Shen Shu, Ye Yunlan’s figure shook. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Just about to say something, he saw a few bright sword lights across the void that landed on the top platform of Wendao Slope. 

Those figures showed themselves. They were various peaks’ disciples of higher positions. They had the power to rally supporters and surrounded Rong Ran.

He didn’t dress in his usual blue outfit like before. Instead, he wore snow-white clothes, making his face more beautiful and bright. He appeared to be in high spirits, smiling and talking with those disciples. 

Several disciples repeatedly nodded while listening to his words, showing approval.

Once most of the disciples were gathered, Rong Ran stepped forward. He applied his spiritual power and loudly said, “I am leading this trip to the Netherworld Secret Realm. The Netherworld Secret Realm is dangerous, and we need everyone’s full cooperation. Only by following the arrangements can we get more benefits from the Secret Realm and protect everyone to the greatest extent possible and show our Sky Sect’s great fame.”

“As for not listening to instruction, acting arbitrarily, and harming the people from your own sect…” Rong Ran looked around Wendao Slope. “Once out of the Secret Realm, the person will be punished regardless of standing!”

“Now, everyone, please get on the flying boat.” 

As his voice fell, the peaks’ disciples began to board the flying boat one after another. 

Ye Yunlan chose a ship at will and boarded with Shen Shu. 

He didn’t notice that someone was looking at him in a daze from a distance. 

Suddenly, someone jumped up and took a shot at their forehead. Lin Xiaowan’s voice came to his ear. 

“Fool! We’re about to board the flying boat; what are you still dazing on about? Is there a beauty around that attracts you?” 

Chen Xianyu recovered from his trance. He looked at Lin Xiaowan’s angry face next to him. Senior Sister Yin Ling’s face supported a smile that wasn’t a smile. His body shrank, and he hugged the book of beauty in his hand. He shook his head and said, “No, no, let’s get on the flying boat.” 

He took his token and went to his separate room. He quickly used his water mirror to contact his brother. 

Chen Weiyuan’s figure appeared in the water mirror. In the past two years, his brother’s face remained like before, but the silver in his eyes became brighter, making him startled. The water mirror’s background was always the same location. 

When looking at the endless black, he could see faint twinkling stars. 

Before Chen Weiyuan asked anything, Chen Xianyu spoke first. 

“This time, he will also go to the Netherworld Secret Realm.” 

Chen Weiyuan sat cross-legged with a complicated and exquisite astrolabe on his knees. Hearing this, he said: “I already know this matter.” 

Chen Xianyu was a little puzzled: “The Netherworld Secret Realm is a cave-dwelling left by the great emperor back then that has a lot to do with the ancient times. Doesn’t Elder Brother want to go and explore himself?” 

“Brother has more important things to do”, Chen Weiyuan gently stroked the astrolabe in his hand, then said some ambiguous words. “Time is running out.” 

Chen Xianyu: “Time?” 

However, his brother didn’t intend to answer his questions. He only stroked the astrolabe in his hand and smiled lightly.  

“But Tianxuan, there is one thing that you really need to do for your brother in the Secret Realm.” 

Chen Xianyu: “Brother, please tell me.” 

“Take what I ordered someone to give you, and find someone.” 

The author has something to say: 

Demon Lord: The human body is so boring. What can we imagine? 

Later… En, it’s so fragrant.

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