Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Two-faced 

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As soon as he got on the flying boat, Ye Yunlan took his token and hurried to the room. He didn’t stay in the cabin for a moment.

He was accustomed to being alone and didn’t like to be bothered. Since the Tianchi Mountain dao conference and the rumors had spread, he hadn’t even gone to Wendao Slope, where the sect disciples gathered. Before Shen Shu left his closed-door training, he lived alone in the bamboo building every day. But even so, it failed to completely block outsiders from prying and communicating with their love tokens. 

If it wasn’t necessary, he actually didn’t even want to go out. 

Shen Shu followed him into the room to put away the baggage and then bent over to make the bed for him. 

Ye Yunlan sat at the table and set about making a pot of tea. 

After brewing the tea, he poured a cup for himself and Shen Shu. However, he noticed that Shen Shu hadn’t moved for a while. 

He turned his head and found that Shen Shu was standing next to the bed with his back facing him. His movements had stopped at some point. 

Ye Yunlan condensed his eyebrows slightly and called out, “Shen Shu?” 

Shen Shu did not answer. 

The room was quiet for a while. Ye Yunlan put down his cup and just thought of getting up to see Shen Shu’s situation, but Shen Shu turned around. 

“Master.” There was nothing unusual about his expression on his face, and the bedding behind him was also well arranged. He raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows as if he was a little tired: “I wonder if it is because I just broke through to Nascent Soul. The spiritual power in my body is a little unstable. Although it is not a big problem, I may need to retreat for two days to consolidate it.” 

With the speed of a flying boat, it takes two daylights to go from Sky Sect to Zhanxing City. 

Ye Yunlan stared at Shen Shu for a moment. He saw that it was exactly as he said and there was nothing else wrong. He nodded slightly: “The state of mind is the main cause of the spiritual power’s instability after a promotion. When you retreat, you can recite the meditation mantra I taught you a few times more.”

Shen Shu: “Okay.” 

Turning around, he walked out of the room calmly.

Seeing Shen Shu closing the door carefully, Ye Yunlan took a sip of the teacup and suddenly remembered a question. 

——He seems to have forgotten to ask about Shen Shu’s Nascent Soul form.  

The form of a cultivator’s Nascent Soul is the “dao’s” embodiment. You could see many things from it, and only a cultivator who practiced the Immortal Dao could bear a Nascent Soul. 

On the other hand, demonic cultivators focus on their bodies and wouldn’t form a nascent soul. Instead, they would forge a demonic soul. Therefore, the equivalent realm for demonic cultivators is the demonic soul realm. 

After the flying boat arrived at the destination, he would find an opportunity to ask Shen Shu.  

He thought. 

At the same time. 

After Shen Shu walked out of Ye Yunlan’s room, he turned around and opened the next room’s door with the token he had just received. 

As soon as he entered, he stretched out his five fingers and moved quickly, arranged a soundproof barrier in the void, then closed the door with his back against the door. 

At this moment, his other hand held his trembling eyebrows. Cyan blood vessels also beat around his temple, making him look a bit fierce. 

It was just that in his drooping eyes, there was something dark and deep, like two holes that could swallow people up. 

He slowly slid down on the room floor. He bent one knee and buried his face in his palm. His back trembled slightly. 

“Call me…” he said hoarsely. 

The candles in the room weren’t burning. So in the silence and darkness, there were only Shen Shu’s low gasps. He said with difficulty: “Master… Call me… Master…”

The Nascent Soul in his heart palace opened their eyes. 

A cold, familiar voice seemed to come from far away. 

“Shen Shu.” 

Shen Shu’s back slowly stopped trembling. 

After a long time, the expression on his face returned to calm. 

He sat on the ground, looking up at the dim roof beams. The Afterglow sword gleamed in his hand. 

He finally came back. He thought wearily. 

Since breaking through Nascent Soul, with more memories of being a Demon Lord in his mind, his spirit had often fallen into chaos. 

He was always on guard against the extra memories, deliberately differentiating himself so he wouldn’t assimilate to himself.

After all, he still didn’t know where that part of the memory originated. Nor what was at stake. 

The Demon Lord’s memory was extensive as it contained hundreds of millions of memory fragments of dead souls. He was afraid that he would be affected. 

He was afraid of forgetting Master. 

But this approach made the spirit in his body seem divided into two sides. 

His original memory dominated one side.

The Demon Lord’s memory dominated the other side. 

When he was too immersed in his thoughts in the Demon Lord’s memory, there was no time to get out of there in time, and the other side of “him” would appear. 

“He” was evil in nature, elusive, and a complete demon. 

Moreover, his ability to pretend was outstanding. In the past few days, except for himself, even his Master hadn’t noticed his changes from time to time. 

He even cooked for Ye Yunlan while referencing his previous memories… The cooked food still looked good but tasted weird because “he” had cultivated the nine-turn celestial demon body before and had no sense of taste. However, just giving “him” some time to adapt, he was afraid it would be no different from what he usually made. 

Shen Shu gritted his teeth. He stood up from the ground with his Afterglow sword and walked to the bed. Sitting cross-legged, he silently recited a mantra to clear his mind. 

In any case, he must find a way to solve this hidden danger. He cannot put Master in a dangerous spot.


Two days later, the flying boat arrived outside Zhanxing City. 

After many disciples went first, Ye Yunlan slowly walked off the flying boat with Shen Shu. 

This place was at the Eastern Continent and Southern Xinjiang’s junction. Although it was early spring, the climate was already a little hot and humid with some drizzle.

Shen Shu held a plain white paper umbrella for Ye Yunlan, and the two went to Zhanxing City together. 

Zhanxing City was in the thoroughfare of trade between the two continents. It was a big city rarely seen in the world. At a glance, the towering tall city walls rose into the clouds like a mountain. They were very magnificent. 

The ground’s entrance was full of long lines of mortals entering the city, and there was a glorious “Zhanxing Bridge” in the sky specially prepared for cultivators. A Sky Sect disciple only needed to hold the Sect token in their hand to pass through Zhanxing Bridge and enter the city.

Shen Shu took Ye Yunlan’s hand and went to the bridge. As soon as he stepped on the bridge, he saw someone standing on the bridge. 

Rong Ran wore plain white clothes and held on to a plain white paper umbrella. His figure was slender, his appearance was beautiful, and his face was unhealthily pale. From a distance, he was a bit similar to Ye Yunlan. 

He saw the Master and Disciple coming, then showed a soft smile. He did not look at Shen Shu and only looked at Ye Yunlan as if sighing.

“Ah Lan, I haven’t seen you in two years. How are you doing recently? Every time I see you, I feel that you are getting a little bit thinner.” 

The author has something to say: This chapter is a bit short… Well, many little angels couldn’t understand Shen Shu’s state. Let me explain. Shen Shu now has more memories of the Demon Lord before meeting Yunlan, but he doesn’t know where these memories come from, so he is vigilant. 

Although everyone knows that they are the same person, Shen Shu himself doesn’t know it, so he is divided… 

Small Theater: 

The Demon Lord who made apricot blossom cakes for the first time in his previous life was in a hurry and covered in flour. 

(He takes a bite himself).

For physical reasons, he couldn’t taste anything… Well… he had to find someone to try. 

So he found the uncle who was selling apricot blossom cakes at the alley’s entrance, and while the uncle was not paying attention, he used a small spell to replace the apricot blossom cake the customer bought.

Observing silently, the guest showed a disgusted expression… He went back and made another batch for the next one. 

That was until he saw a child happily eating a bag of apricot blossom cakes while pulling his mother’s clothes, and the next few did the same. The Demon Lord sitting on the treetop to observe secretly touched his chin and nodded in satisfaction.  

Going back, he made a plate of apricot blossom cakes, brought it out, and fed it to Ye Yunlan, who was seriously injured and not healed yet from the tower. His expression slowly softened as he watched his sweetheart drink the bitter medicine. 

He was calm on the surface, but his shadows danced in ecstasy. 

(Skills for making apricot blossom cake, check).

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