Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Mirage 

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The Water of Forgetfulness surged and flowed. The red flowers on the other shore were in full bloom. 

Ye Yunlan squeezed the Heart-Clearing Charm in his hand, and the fingertips hanging in his sleeve trembled slightly. 

He looked at the person on the bridge in silence. He wanted to open his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. 

He knew that this was just an illusion in the Secret Realm, that this was his fantasy, that the person had disappeared, and that even if there was reincarnation in this world, it wouldn’t be possible for them to meet again.

He knew that nothing in the world could bring the dead back to life. He knew that he wouldn’t be the person he used to be even if he lived a lifetime. He knew that the past was just like a dream, a passing mist.

He knew that it had been 109 years, a total of 39,972 days and nights, counting from the day that man left.

The man on the bridge looked at him with his head turned and stretched his hand out towards him. 

The other party’s scarlet eyes seemed to condense the dried blood of dead souls, and the mask on his face was even more hideous like a ghost, but his voice was low and gentle. 

“Come here.” He said, “Senior Immortal, I want to hug you.” 

Ye Yunlan took a half step forward unconsciously.

The wind blew against his plain white robe, and his long black hair flew. 

His fingertips trembled. 

But, he stopped in place. 

The person on the bridge waited. He didn’t come over, but he didn’t care. He just laughed, “Senior Immortal is still so shy.” 

He jumped from the railing to the ground and walked towards Ye Yunlan. 

The man was tall, with a large robe and black clothes. An abundant amount of dark blood stained the hem of his clothes. Faint traces of thunder and fire were on the hands that his sleeves exposed. 

He said: “Since my bright moon is not willing to enter my arms, then I will have to rush to my bright moon.” 

The man walked over to the white bone bridge, bowed his head slightly, then his tall figure enveloped Ye Yunlan. He said with a low smile. 

“My bright moon.”

Ye Yunlan’s body shook. 

After a long time, he called out in a very low and dumb voice: “… Lord.” 

The Demon Lord held out his hand and embraced him. 

The familiar breath and powerful heartbeat surrounded him. 

He smelled the faint smell of blood, the scent of flowers on the other bank, and heard the River of Forgetfulness’s water rushing against the river rocks. 

He saw the red petals flying in the air like sparks, and he saw the boundless bloody sky. He looked at the man with bloody ink eyes. He reached out and pinched his chin so that in his eyes, he could only see the other person.

Demon Lord: “Senior Immortal, come home with me, okay?” 

After that, he wanted to lean in for a kiss. 

Ye Yunlan said hoarsely: “…Okay.” 

The moment his lips touched, he closed his eyes and crushed the Heart-Clearing Charm in his hand. 

He felt his lips being touched and a hot body temperature pressed against him. The familiar breath enveloped him, and the world turned into a trance in an instant. 

After that, everything gradually went away. 

The Heart-Clearing Charm’s spiritual power was like a cold spring poured on the tip of his heart. He opened his eyes, and no figure was in front of his eyes. There was no River of Forgetfulness or the bone bridge, only the blood-red hallucinogenic flowers from the other shore, scattered all over the ground. A bloody moon hung high over the remaining bones in the Netherworld Secret Realm’s dark sky. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand, his fingertips touching his lips for a moment. Then he dropped them to his side again.

He took out a new Heart-Clearing Charm and pinched it in the palm of his hand again. 

Looking around, he couldn’t see the figures of other cultivators. He wasn’t in a hurry. He had been to the Netherworld Secret Realm in his previous life and knew that there were three levels in it. The first level was not too dangerous except for a few magical circles.  

Only, the cultivators who entered the Secret Realm would be scattered, and according to the law, the closer the time of entry, the closer the distance. 

He and Shen Shu entered one after another, so the distance shouldn’t be far away. 

He used a little bit of his spiritual consciousness to calculate Shen Shu’s position and found that he was east. 

There was a sense of suffocation in his chest. He lowered his head and coughed, then wiped off some bloodstains from his lips before heading east. 


Shen Shu walked in the mist. It was pitch dark, and he couldn’t sense Ye Yunlan. 

The Afterglow sword cut away the fog, but it would regroup immediately. 

He slashed blankly, and his pace got faster and faster. The hostility in his eyes became heavier and heavier. 

His pupil shrank. 

He saw a long sword he was very familiar with. 

It was his Master’s Queying sword.

He followed the spotted bloodstain along the road ahead. He walked quickly, and the dense fog in front suddenly opened up. 

Ahead, there was spring water. 

The secluded spring pool was clear, with round pebbles stacked around it, and a pile of snow-white clothes was thrown on the bank, stacked messily. 

Shen Shu stared at the pile of clothes for a moment, then slowly raised his eyes. 

He saw a person’s shadow by the spring in the distance. There was nothing on his body. Dark hair and white skin constituted a thrilling beauty and temptation. 

That person’s heated appearance was familiar like it was by heaven. It was difficult to describe in words, but he was like the moon and snow at a glance. He was clearly his Master.

Ye Yunlan was lying on the edge of the spring, his thin back trembling slightly, showing a graceful and seductive curve. 

He noticed the movement and turned his head, his eyes red. He saw Shen Shu, and his eyes lit up as if he had found a savior. He said, “Your Master’s injury flared up… the body hurts…” 

He seemed to be unable to bear it. He trembled more and more severely, his eyes dripping with mist. His voice trembling pleaded. 

“Shu Er, come here…help me.”

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