Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Dense Fog 

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Shen Shu stood by the spring, listening to the trembling calls of the person inside. 

The creamy, satiny white occupied his field of vision. The charming scene, hard to see normally and only staged in his dreams, was now unfolding in front of him. 

Blood surged in his body instinctively, but Shen Shu’s face remained expressionless. 

He knew it was just an illusion.

Ye Yunlan would never show such a weak state in front of him. That person was accustomed to enduring, being patient, and being silent. If his injury really flared up, he would only be silent. He would bear it alone and wouldn’t ask for help at all, let alone ask for a person’s mercy. 

…Like a white blossom growing in the ice and snow, lonely and silent, looking fragile and breakable, but some things were indestructible. 

“Shu Er…” 

The person’s voice in the spring came from afar, hoarse and sultry. 

The snow-white figure supported by the spring bank leaned over like a fish. 

With crystal tears on his long eyelashes, his hands stretched upwards, and his slender five fingers opened like a lotus. It lifted, trying his best to get close to him. 

“Help me…” 

Shen Shu’s throat swallowed. He felt a little warm in his body and thirsty in his throat. His eyes became extremely dark and heavy for a moment. He whispered: “I really want to help Master. I really want to, I want to…” 

As he said this, his long eyelashes were half drooping. He looked at the snow-white figure in the spring. Suddenly, his thin red face filled with desire appeared indifferent. 

“Unfortunately, you are not him.” 

He lifted the tip of Afterglow, and it passed through the snow-white figure. 

The person in the spring opened his eyes wide. His raised hands fell weakly. 

“Shen Shu,” its voice was spiteful, “I hate you…” 

It fell into the spring water. Its body turned into a red butterfly and flew away. 

The bluish spring water returned to its calmness, like a bright mirror with its smooth face, but the dense fog around it remained. 

Shen Shu closed his eyes. 

Even if he knew that the other party was a phantom, the bitter words still lingered. 

He remembered the decision he had made before coming to this secret realm. He slowly pressed his lips into a thin line.

He couldn’t help but think, if he really did something like that to Ye Yunlan, would the other party hate him?

There was no doubt about the answer. 

He clenched Afterglow in his hand and told himself not to think excessively. He looked around intently, wanting to continue to explore beyond the dense fog. 

Suddenly, two thin, white hands wrapped around his neck from behind silently, climbing up like vines. 

A strange and familiar cold incense surrounded him. 

Someone whispered in his ear: “Shen Shu.” 

Shen Shu’s body stiffened. He didn’t get rid of the other party right away. 

“Master is so tired… let me rest.” 

The other party spoke, and his thin body rested on his back, so light he could hardly feel any weight. The spring water wrapped around him, and the cold fragrance made people sink into oblivion.

Compared with the enticing snow white, the peacefulness nestling up against him made it even more difficult for him to break free.

Is it a fantasy? He thought. 

It’s an illusion, he told himself. 

That person would lean on his back like this and say he wanted to rest only in an illusion.

The other party’s thin body leaned against his back as if he wanted to absorb his warmth. His breath sprayed on his neck. 

Shen Shu felt thirsty. 

He pursed his lips for a long time, then he finally said hoarsely. 

“Let go of me.” 

The sword qi in his body pushed away all the foreign objects he didn’t own.

The hands around his chest, the breath that soaked his neck, and the soft snuggle behind him all disappeared like a cloud of smoke when the sword energy pushed them away.

He turned around abruptly, only to see the endless gray mist. 

After being silent for a long while, he held the Afterglow sword and walked into the thick fog alone. 

The spring water in the back dissipated when he stepped out. He used Afterglow to clear the way in the thick fog. 

He didn’t know how long it took, but Shen Shu suddenly heard the sound of the guqin coming from afar. 

As the fog subsided, he saw a bamboo building and some windows. 

A familiar figure sat cross-legged by the window, stroking the strings. 

He watched quietly.

When the person beside the window sat with his eyes down, it was like a white blossom blossoming. As long as he looked at him, he could easily feel the peace and tranquility of the years. 

After that, he wouldn’t want to leave anymore. 

The man raised his head and looked over with a soft smile as if aware of his gaze.

“You’re back.” That person spoke, “Husband.” 

He was startled, a trace of confusion across his face. He stopped by the door for a while. 

The confusion disappeared only after a few minutes. 

He nodded, walked into the bamboo building, and put the long sword previously in his hand on the table. 

The other party got up from the qin table, came over to take off his robe, and put it aside. 

He gently teased the man’s eyelashes with his fingertips, and the man turned his face uncomfortably. Crimson stained the tips of his cheeks and ears.

He went to the back kitchen, cooked food, returned, and put it on the table. He looked up and saw dusk approaching outside the window. The orange-red sunset illuminated the earth, covering everything in the house with a hazy warm color. 

After the two had dinner together, he cleaned up the dishes, then heated a few buckets of hot water. After that person finished bathing, he went to the tub to wash. 

When he went back to the bedroom, the night was already dark. 

In the swaying of the candlelight, he saw the man wearing only a plain white shirt, leaning on the bedside, holding yellowed scrolls, and flipping through them. 

The man sat leaning back, and there was some space next to him, reserved for him. 

He walked over lightly and saw the man still focused, not noticing him, so he pressed his lips together and stretched out his hand to snatch the man’s scrolls. 

The man raised his eyes to look at him, unirritated. His cold brows were a light and soft color in the candlelight, and his black eyes were like warm jade. 

He put the book aside. He took off his shoes, sat on the bed, and reached out to embrace the man’s thin shoulders. 

The man didn’t struggle and just snuggled up, leaning against his chest. 

He curled his fingers and played with the person’s strands of black hair. He bowed his head and said some funny jokes he had encountered recently. 

The other party heard them and laughed cheerfully from time to time, making his body tremble slightly. 

The other party’s body temperature had always been low. Finally, he gradually warmed the other person up after holding the person in his arms for a while, feeling very satisfied. 

They had already put down both their hair. Entangled in the gap, making no distinction between the two, it flowed within the flames.

Before he knew it, it was already deep into the night. 

He raised his hand to put out the candle and was about to lure him to sleep when he suddenly pulled his sleeves. 

“What?” he said. 

Suddenly, he felt that man approach. His slightly cool lips touched his Adam’s apple. 

It wasn’t a blatant flirting method, but it seemed like a fire ignited in his body. 

“Do you know what you are doing?” he muttered hoarsely. 

The other party did not answer, but his slightly cool lips still touched his raised apple and kissed it again. Then, something slippery and soft stretched out cautiously and licked his Adam’s apple.

 …! ! ! 

He trembled. He was almost unable to control himself from making uncontrollable actions. 

But the other party’s actions still didn’t stop. 

The hands that played the qin during the day were now undressing him. 

The cold, distant fragrance rushed into the tip of his nose, and the long and pale fingers were also extremely conspicuous in the darkness, almost thrilling. 

He suddenly clasped the other party’s hand and repeated with gritted teeth: “Do you know what you are doing?” 

“I know,” The man said softly, “…Husband.”

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