Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Carry on One’s Shoulders 

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Ye Yunlan held the white paper crane and clenched it tightly. 

He was careless.

Before he stepped on the sin mirror platform, he faintly anticipated that there might be something strange on it. He planned to go, but he could react and get away in time if something was wrong. Although Shen Shu was already a Nascent Soul, he didn’t have the experience and powerful soul accumulated over hundreds of years and would likely fall for the trap. Therefore, he had forcibly ordered Shen Shu to watch and not go up with him then. 

But at that time, he didn’t expect that the so-called sin mirror platform- even if it was only a shadow the Great Emperor Netherworld’s remnant soul reflected- would still have a trace of its left in its remaining bones. Thus, enabling it to see through his previous life experience.

And what Shen Shu was asking now was what the King of H*ll had revealed in a few words exactly; the relationship he hated most in his previous life. Something he didn’t want to talk more on. 

A dark blue meridian emerged on the back of Ye Yunlan’s pale hand. 

He was not willing to answer this question. 

He felt nauseous just explaining Chen Weiyuan’s matter. 

Although Shen had asked carelessly, his eyes had narrowed slightly. 

“Master, could it be that you were really lying to me before?” 

His tone was low and aggrieved, but his words were aggressive. 

“You said that you wouldn’t form a dao companion because you have already been married to another and that there was no room at your side?” 

Dao companion. 

Shen Shu chewed the word slowly. 

The more Ye Yunlan was unwilling to answer, the more his impulsive evil beast in his heart wanted to break out of the cage. 

The shadows surged at the soles of his feet. 

He stared at the prey he had observed for a long time before him. He suddenly wanted to wrap this person up bit by bit and meld him into his dark, filthy life.

Master and Disciple were not intimate enough. Dao companion was much more pleasant. 

After crawling out of the pitch-black Demon Abyss, this was the first time he wanted to possess something. 

So nobody except him could occupy the most intimate position by Ye Yunlan’s side. 

But he saw Ye Yunlan close his eyes, his pale complexion revealing a little exhaustion. 

He said: “Your teacher never lied.” 

“I said that in this world, I will not become a dao companion with another, and there are no false words whether in the past or the present. Not only that, but in this life, I will never develop romantic feelings for a person, no matter who that person is.” 

He opened his eyes. His eyes were cold and quiet, and he said slowly. 

“Shen Shu, do you want to hear me make an oath?” 

He couldn’t explain his past life to Shen Shu, and he didn’t want Shen Shu to have an expectation that never could be answered.

Danger was everywhere in the secret realm, and “he” was running out of time. 

When Shen Shu looked stiff, he saw that Ye Yunlan was really going to cut his fingertips, smear in the void, and swear. He panicked and hurriedly held Ye Yunlan’s wrist to stop him from moving. 

“Master, no!” 

Once you formed a blood oath, you couldn’t eliminate the blood oath. The daoist who violated the oath would suffer a backlash from heaven and die. How could he let Ye Yunlan make such an oath! 

The other party’s wrist was so thin that it would break with a little effort. Blood dripped from the other party’s fingertips onto the ground like blooming red plums. 

Shen Shu held the other party’s wrist, bent down, and lowered his head. He leaned in to lick the blood from the other party’s hand with the tip of his tongue. He tasted the sweet taste, completely different from the dirty and smelly blood of the monsters in the Demon Abyss. He couldn’t help but sigh and say: “I was just kidding, how could Master take it seriously?” 

Ye Yunlan looked blankly at him. “Just kidding?” 

Shen Shu blinked, showing a little innocent expression, but Ye Yunlan didn’t believe him. His complexion didn’t improve.

He had to lower his head, placed Ye Yunlan’s pale hand on his forehead, and apologized in a low voice: “It’s Disciple who is wrong. Disciple believes in Master’s words. Just now, Disciple was just rambling. Disciple hopes Master can forgive Disciple.”

Ye Yunlan only pulled his hand back with a cold face. 

The fingertips’ wound had healed, and there was still a moist glow on it from the tongue’s soft touch just now. 

He slowly curled up his fingers, concealed it in his sleeve, and couldn’t help but cough twice. He slowly swallowed the fishy sweetness in his throat. 

He looked at his disciple with his head bowed in front of him. 

“Shen Shu, there are many people in this world, coming and going. The flow is endless.” Ye Yunlan said, “Master is only one of them.” 

“…You have to meet many people and walk many roads before you know what you really want.” 

Shen Shu’s expression changed and asked: “Then Master knows what he wants?” 

Ye Yunlan gave a faint “en.”

Shen Shu: “What is it?” 

Ye Yunlan: “What I want is no longer available in this life.”

A deep color stained Shen Shu’s eyes: “Master might as well tell Disciple what you want. Master can’t get it, but Disciple may be able to find it for Master.”

Ye Yunlan shook his head, “Impossible. No need to think about it.” 

Shen Shu: “If Master doesn’t say it, how can I know that it is impossible?” 

Ye Yunlan said: “Time cannot reverse.” 

And it was difficult for people to come back from death. 

The ethereal singing voice came from the depths of the palace, and Ye Yunlan didn’t want to continue this topic. He only followed the singing to the palace depths. 

Shen Shu looked at his slender back. The white clothes on him became more and more empty. It suddenly felt that this person in front of him was like a cloud of mist, leaving a beautiful mirage. With time, the wind would blow him away. Couldn’t touch, nor keep. 

As the dignified Demon Lord, could there still be something in this world he couldn’t keep? 

He raised his thin lips slightly and smiled. His narrow eyes were full of evil thoughts, and he stepped forward to catch up. 

Behind the Palace of the King of H*ll was a huge deep pit. The pit was hard to see, and only one of them was winding down the air corridor. 

In the corridor of the vermillion roof tiles and jade fence, gray and white stone bricks were in a pile on the ground.

Ye Yunlan stood in front of the corridor and watched for a long while. Then, when he wanted to step up, Shen Shu pulled him by the sleeve. 

“The secret realm is dangerous. Master, are you not afraid that this corridor is only an illusion, and walking up would lead you to fall into this bottomless pit?” Shen Shu disagreed with his choice, “If we need to go, let Disciple go first.” 

After he said that, he strode up.

In the past few years of retreat, Shen Shu’s movement had quickened. But now that he was a little taller than him, striding forward, Ye Yunlan’s strength couldn’t stop him. 

Seeing Shen Shu stepping hard on the stone brick, the long hair tied behind his head also swayed slightly. He turned around and smiled at him. 

“This corridor is still sturdy. Come here, Master.” 

Ye Yunlan glanced at him quietly and then walked over. 

The two walked down side by side. 

The corridor was winding down to the dark, with a steep slope and endless length. Ye Yunlan had a mortal body, so he walked a little unsteadily and could only walk down with the railing. He looked at the darkness outside, and as they deepened, some scenes gradually emerged in the darkness. 

Not only the sight of it but also the sound. 

In the darkness of the deep pit, a large sea of ​​inexhaustible fire appeared. Many huge oil pans that could not be counted at first glance were there. The foam in the oil pan surged, and countless ghosts struggled, making harsh sounds. Even more ghosts lied within the deep darkness and fell into the oil pan like dumplings. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyesight was lacking, and he couldn’t see the terrible appearance of the ghost’s burnt skin after falling into the oil pan, but he still felt the tragedy from the howling. But Shen Shu could see clearly. The fire reflected in his dark pupils, but he didn’t have the slightest sympathy that people should have had. He looked carefully, tilted his head slightly, and asked Ye Yunlan: “This is the legendary eighteen h*ll?” 

Ye Yunlan said, “The underworld is empty. Now, it’s just an illusion.” 

Shen Shu: “An illusion…” 

The two continued to walk down the corridor. 

The scene changed in the dark. After the oil pan, there were the copper pillars of the sword mountain and the grindstone blood pool. Shen Shu let out a “tsk”: “This many tricks?” 

Ye Yunlan thought his tone was strange but could not think of anything else odd about it for a while.

Suddenly a cloudy wind blew, and the ghosts struggling in the blood pool all turned their heads and looked towards the corridor. 

And then, there was a terrifying cracking sound from behind. 

Ye Yunlan turned his head and found that the corridor they had walked through before had begun to collapse inch by inch! At the same time, there was a whistling sound. Ye Yunlan couldn’t see clearly. He only saw a group of white, dense things chasing them from behind the cracked corridor. 

Someone held his wrist, and then Shen Shu said: “Master, run! There is an air restriction here; we can’t use our swords!” 

He led Ye Yunlan, running down the corridor. After a while, his forehead was already sweating, and he had to gasp for breath. The chest tightness was very obvious. 

Drops of sweat slid down his pale chin, and he staggered, almost falling to the ground. Fortunately, a hand stretched out, clasping his shoulders and stabilizing his figure. When he turned his head, he saw Shen Shu’s worried expression, “Is Master okay?” 

Ye Yunlan frowned. He was a little speechless. 

Shen Shu looked at his pale complexion and then squatted down, “Quickly, I’ll carry you.” 

The corridor was extremely steep, and it was difficult for ordinary people to walk it. However, the rear cracking was going at a breakneck speed. 

There was no time for Ye Yunlan to hesitate. 

He stretched out his hand and climbed onto Shen Shu’s back. He wrapped his hands around his neck, “Go.” 

Shen Shu felt Ye Yunlan’s thin body cover himself, and simultaneously, a light fragrance came with.

Ye Yunlan rested on his left shoulder and couldn’t help gasping for air. The slight airflow flicked the side of his neck, scorching him.

His body froze. The shadows under his feet were surging, and some of them almost couldn’t help climbing up and hooking the other’s ankles. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t notice Shen Shu’s strangeness. After stabilizing his breathing well, he twisted around to check the situation behind. 

He felt that these corridors did not collapse for no reason. Instead, those white, dense things devoured and collapsed them. 

There were a few fast-flying things among those white objects, and they had already caught up in front of them. Ye Yunlan reminded Shen Shu in his ear: “Be careful.” 

He saw Shen Shu outrageously throwing out his sword, and the sword light flew over to the ghosts, breaking them up. However, even if they dispersed, these ghosts quickly gathered. 

Ye Yunlan finally saw what the ghosts looked like. 

Not an entity nor illusion. He could no longer see the original appearance. Now, he saw endless distortion and pain, a hollow mouth howling. 

Between the lightning and flint, Ye Yunlan knew what these things were. 

It was the resentment left by the tormented ghosts in the underworld. 

The Great Emperor Netherworld’s spirit aura had dissipated, so the remaining power didn’t suffice to suppress these grievances. Thus, there would be chaos here. 

Ordinary powers couldn’t purify these grievances, but now, the only solution is to escape this deep pit as soon as possible! 

Was it really too late? 

The hot temperature from the young man’s running body made him jolt up. Ye Yunlan was lying on Shen Shu’s back, his five fingers clasping Shen Shu’s shoulders. Suddenly, he whispered: “If you don’t have time to find an exit later, you should put your Master down first. There is a way for Master… to solve these things.”

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