Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 79

 Chapter 79 Viewing Flowers

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The voice of the person behind him reached his ears, accompanied by warm breathing. It made Shen Shu laugh angrily.

This person’s body was as thin as paper. After running two steps, his face would turn whiter than paper, and he was telling him to let him go down to deal with the hideous ghosts behind? 

“Don’t even think about it.” He gritted his teeth. “As a disciple, if I can’t protect my master, what kind of disciple would I be?” 

Ye Yunlan opened his mouth and wanted to ask him when there would be a disciple that protected their master, but his throat became hot. He groaned and didn’t say anything. He only rested on Shen Shu’s shoulders. His long black eyelashes drooped down, and he silently began to mobilize the power in his soul. 

The speed of the tunnel collapse accelerated, and more and more ghosts caught up. 

Shen Shu carried the person behind his back while dividing his attention to drive away the ghosts around him. He was quite exhausted and couldn’t help cursing that his body was too low in cultivation. 

The dark things entangled at his feet were ready to move, wanting to rush and swallow these grievances. 

He wondered that maybe he needed to think of a way to knock out his master? For one thing, this would stop that person from saying any nonsense like “put me down” later. Second, it would also prevent him from frightening the other person when he feasted on those grievances. 

But if he really swallowed too much resentment, it would be very challenging for this body to continue cultivating the Immortal Dao. 

He thought about it and couldn’t make a final decision. Fortunately, he didn’t run for a long time when a little light appeared in front of him as if his exit was near. 

“Almost there!” 

Hearing Shen Shu’s voice, Ye Yunlan’s preparation for the forbidden technique stopped. It was only a short time, but even his eyelashes were wet with sweat. His eyes were moist and the little light in the distance reflected in his black pupils.

He was startled and then let out a sigh of relief. 

However, he didn’t know if it was because he was close to the exit, but those ghosts were getting more and more ferocious. Thus, the rear passage collapsed even faster. A sour, biting sound also accompanied it. 

Shen Shu still had the leisurely mind to say: “I wonder after passing through this h*ll, where would it lead to?” 

He panted, then said: “Going through this experience with Master, is it also considered as us going to the yellow river, in both life and death, we are inseparable?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Concentrate? Look at the road.” 

Facts proved that people really shouldn’t be happy too fast.

Crowds of ghosts were chasing and biting behind, and a small group had already caught up with them. Seeing that he had to do something, Shen Shu’s sword light no longer only lashed out to disturb and delay them. Instead, it lashed outright to the ground in front. 

Even if they weren’t a lot, he couldn’t get all of them. However, this passage was already narrow, and they were faltering before and after the attack. 

But the exit where the light came from was still more than a hundred feet away. 

Shen Shu stepped on the shaky ground, avoiding the holes the ghosts had bit. He channeled qi to his feet, then shot out like a flying arrow. 

Hundreds of meters, and they had suddenly traveled two-thirds of it. But the passage finally couldn’t bear it, and all collapsed with a bang! 

Shen Shu: “Hold on to me.” 

After saying this, his toes stepped hard on the falling stone bricks, and his whole person flew through the darkness like a falcon. 

Groups of ghosts roared from behind and wanted to grab them, but the two rolled and fell into the hole. Shen Shu could only adjust his posture and firmly hold Ye Yunlan in his arms in the chaos.

The ghosts’ screaming gradually disappeared. The purgatory scenes, the sea of ​​the fire, knife mountain, oil pan, and blood pool all disappeared. 

The sky was bright, and birds and insects were singing. 

Shen Shu stabilized his body, and he went to check Ye Yunlan’s condition first. 

The sun seemed to pierce the eyes of the person in his arms. His eyelids were closed, and his eyebrows were tightly twisted. 

A few strands of sweaty black hair stuck to his cheeks. His complexion was really whiter than paper. 

Shen Shu touched his cheek, and cold sweat covered his hands. 

At this time, he still couldn’t tell if Ye Yunlan’s injuries flared up, even after being with the other party all this time. 

What could he do? 

At this time, he remembered, because he was worried about Ye Yunlan’s injury before coming to the Netherworld Secret Realm, “he” had studied a lot of double cultivation methods and brought enough medicine to prevent unexpected needs. Staring at Ye Yunlan’s pale face for a moment, he squinted his eyes slightly. Then, he finally took out a few elixirs from the storage ring, put them on the front of his eyes, identified them in detail, and handed them to Ye Yunlan’s lips.  

Shen Shu: “It’s wound medicine. Master, take it first.” 

Ye Yunlan was tolerating the injury in his body. Hearing his voice, he opened his lips and swallowed the elixir that Shen Shu gave him. 

After the pill entered his abdomen, his complexion was slightly ruddy. 

He opened his eyes and saw that the two of them were in a field.

Shen Shu was looking down at him against the light. He was unable to see clearly. 

A kind of familiarity came from nowhere and once again hit his heart. 

Ye Yunlan frowned, propped himself up with his arm, and broke away from Shen Shu’s embrace. 

Shen Shu: “Is Master feeling better?” 

Ye Yunlan coughed, shook his head, and said, “I’m unimpeded.” 

He looked around and found that the field was very vast. There was green grass as far as his eyes could see. 

At the end of the green, there was a little blue. It looked like a lake. 

Although he had poor eyesight, he had a keen sense of hearing. He could hear the ethereal singing from far away. 

He stood up and said: “Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu: “Master is injured. It’s better to let me carry you on my back.” 

Ye Yunlan: “No need.” 

Shen Shu listened but stepped very close to his side. 

Ye Yunlan: “What are you doing?” 

Shen Shu raised his hand. 

Ye Yunlan took a step back. 

Shen Shu smiled and reached out to remove the grass stems on his clothes. 

“Okay, Master. Let’s go.” 

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips and stepped forward. 

The wind in the wild was very refreshing. Mixed with the smell of sunlight and grass, it made people feel very comfortable. 

For the whole way, Shen Shu said nothing next to him.

Ye Yunlan felt peaceful at first but later felt a little strange, so he turned his head to look. 

Shen Shu lowered his head, holding a long grass stalk in his hand. His slender fingers kept tossing it around.

He didn’t know exactly how he moved, but that stalk of grass suddenly split into a flower. He held it in his hand and looked at it, then he made a circle on the remaining slightly longer stalk and hung it on his pinky finger.

Ye Yunlan counted roughly. Ten different flowers were hanging on that pinky finger, swaying as Shen Shu walked. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t help but speak: “Are you bored?” 

Shen Shu raised his eyes to look at him, but really nodded and said: “Although this wild land is big, it is full of grass, without trees and flowers. The scenery is very uniform; it’s really boring.” 

Ye Yunlan: “This is a secret realm investigation, not for you to enjoy the scenery.” 

Shen Shu: “I remember Master usually likes to view flowers.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

Shen Shu hooked his lips. “Master, take a look.” 

He tossed the ten woven straw flowers on the ground at will. 

Ye Yunlan was about to say “senseless.” Then, he heard Shen Shu snap his fingers. Those few straw-made flowers actually took root in the soil, and color gradually stained the flowers and leaves. They bloomed while they were illuminating under the sun.

Shen Shu: ” Does it look good?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at it for a while, “How did you do it?” 

Shen Shu patted the grass clippings on his hands, “A little illusion.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t remember teaching you illusions as your Master.” 

Shen Shu raised his eyebrows, “Can’t disciples learn by themselves?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

“I remember that Master always gives me rewards when I send flowers before.” Shen Shu excitedly said, “Are there still rewards this time?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Are you still a child?” 

After he said that, Ye Yunlan’s cold appearance since he entered the secret realm became softer and more gentle. 

Shen Shu looked at his side profile and suddenly laughed softly. 

Ye Yunlan: “What are you laughing at?” 

Shen Shu: “I’m just thinking about something happy.”

He was thinking: When he crawled out of the Demon Abyss back then, being able to meet this person and worship this person as a master, then staying with his master away from the crowds, living in seclusion, planting flowers and admiring the scenery, and cooking wine and tea was also a good thing. 

The two continued to walk forward. 

The icy blue lake in the distance was getting closer and closer. The blue sky and white clouds reflected on the lake like a mirror. The beauty was exquisite. 

A figure in a snow-white outfit with flowing black hair was at the center of the lake. They were dancing, and their posture was beautiful and dreamy. 

The remote and ethereal singing voice came from this person. 

Shen Shu let out a “tsk.”

“The last ghost in the underworld was a drowned water ghost.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer and instead walked to the shore and found that there wasn’t a road that led into the lake. The silhouettes on the lake were still dancing as if they wouldn’t stop for thousands of years. 

He thought for a while and took it out of his sleeve, then the white paper crane Xie Jiuyou left was gently placed in the lake. 

The paper crane slowly sank. 

Suddenly, the singing stopped. 

A whirlpool appeared on the water where the paper crane sank. 

Then, a pale hand stretched out. 

The long nails were dark and sharp, and it held the paper crane in the palm of his hand. 

A hoarse voice sounded. It was not soft or ethereal. Instead, it was like a qin that had become fragmented and smashed after too many years. 

“Where’s Xie Lang?” 

(Lang = could be a term for women to use for darling, husband, etc.)

Ye Yunlan looked down at the whirlpool. 

Shen Shu stood behind him, holding the Afterglow sword hilt. 

“Who are you? Where’s my Xie Lang——?” 

The ghost in the lake said hoarsely. 

“Ms. Yudie.” Ye Yunlan said, “King of H*ll Xie Jiuyou has passed away. This paper crane was something he entrusted us to give to you before his spirit dissipated.”

“He’s dead?” 

The lake trembled in the whirlpool. 

“This paper crane, before he died, he asked you to give it to Yudie?” The ghost in the lake suddenly laughed. His rough voice seemed to be like a blunt instrument, piercing one’s ears and making it painful, “Ha, haha——ridiculous! Why did he tell me to wait for him to calm the ghost chaos, that he would escape from the Three Realms? I waited for him for four thousand years. Not only did he not want to see me in person, but he also forgot who I was–!” 

Ye Yunlan frowned. 

Shen Shu: “No matter who you are, we are only responsible for delivering things to Miss Yudie. Since you are not her, then return the paper crane.” 

“I am Yudie’s elder brother.” 

The ghost said quietly. 

After hearing the sound of water, a person…no, a ghost slowly floated up from the bottom of the water. 

He had vaguely beautiful facial features, but white power thickly covered him. Really thick ink and color covered his face. The thick ink drew out an upward eyeliner and a color-dyed lip as red as nutmeg. 

The hair that grew to his ankles was like seaweed. It stuck to the body, and blood stained the white outfit.

“He left this paper crane for me,” The water ghost held the paper crane in his hands, “I can’t return it to you.” 

Shen Shu folded his arms and said, “Master said it was for Miss Yudie.” 

The water ghost: “For me.” 

Shen Shu said: “For Yudie.” 

Water ghost: “Mine!” 

Ye Yunlan listened to this person’s noise and couldn’t help rubbing his temples. 

“Don’t fight,” he said. “Let’s listen to what he has to say.”

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