Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Climbing the Mountain 

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Fuyou Mountain. 

Ye Yunlan had already arrived at the bottom of the mountain. As far as he could see, the mountain was a piece of graystone and terracotta, and there were a few dead maple trees scattered under the mountain. 

“Why didn’t you go to the mountain road?” A group of Sky Sect disciples came here too, all looking up at this tall mountain. 

“I just tried, but I can’t ride my sword.” Someone said. 

“Then how do we go up the mountain?” Everyone discussed. 

Rong Ran stood in front of the disciples, looking at Ye Yunlan, whose back was facing him from a few meters away. The sadness on his face was undiminished, and it was pitiful to see. 

He sighed, then turned around. When everyone saw this, they stopped talking and waited for him to speak. These days, Rong Ran made judgments beneficial to the Sky Sect disciples, so he had accumulated a deep reputation without knowing it. 

Rong Ran smiled and said, “Don’t worry, let’s spread out and observe.”

He walked to a secluded place and took out an ancient scroll to take a closer look. 

He had successfully led his disciples to the third floor quickly thanks to this map Chen Weiyuan gave him.

It was strange to say, but this was the first time the Netherworld Secret Realm appeared. However, Chen Weiyuan could hand over such a detailed map to him. Rong Ran was also suspicious at first. However, it wasn’t surprising after he thought about Chen Weiyuan’s title as the Pavilion Master of Tianji Pavilion. 

He saw that a cinnabar had drawn the dangerous place on the ancient scroll and a line of words added beside it: “Yin and Yang change, the blood moon shifts, then it enters the mountain.” 

The blood moon shifts? 

Rong Ran raised his head and looked at the blood moon in the sky. This blood moon had been hanging in the sky ever since he entered the secret realm. 

If it really wanted to shift, it might need to be driven by manpower. 

But how could manpower shift the moon? 

He couldn’t help but feel troubled. He looked at a person in the crowd. 

Chen Xianyu was staring at a figure in a daze. When he was often obscured by the disciples coming and going, he stood on his tiptoes and looked around. 

Rong Ran walked over, patted him on the shoulder, then said, “Junior Brother Chen, do you have any good ideas?” 

“Ah…cheap? What is cheap?” (sounds similar to gao jian, which is “good ideas”) Chen Xianyu looked back dizzily. 

Next to him, Lin Xiaowan jumped up and knocked him on his head, “Brother Rong asked what you have to say.” 

The corner of Rong Ran’s mouth twitched, and he barely kept his smile. 

Chen Xianyu handed over this map to him on behalf of Chen Weiyuan. Naturally, the people of Tianji Pavilion were more proficient in the content of the astrological layout. Therefore, he patiently asked Chen Xianyu again. 

Chen Xianyu looked bitter after hearing this.

He really wasn’t interested in the things in the clan and the principles of astrology. What he knew was only learned half-heartedly. After thinking hard for a while, he said with difficulty, “This, Yin and Yang change, the blood moon shifts… maybe it’s not talking about moving the moon with manpower, but to wait for the opportunity. In a day, there are two times when yin and yang change. One is midnight, the other is noon. But it seems that the yin and yang is night all day long… Perhaps this refers to midnight?” 

“It seems that there is some reasoning,” Rong Ran said, “No, you said that it is forever night in this place, so how can there be twelve hours? If so, how can you tell?” 

“This? Well…I just guessed casually.” Chen Xianyu scratched his head and smiled awkwardly. 

The smile on Rong Ran’s face almost disappeared. He really couldn’t figure out how Chen Weiyuan’s younger brother could be like this. He reluctantly spat out: “Well, Daoist Chen, think about it slowly. I’ll go around to look first.” Then, he turned and walked away. 

Chen Xianyu didn’t miss the contempt in Rong Ran’s eyes just now. He squinted slightly. 

He also couldn’t understand why his brother had to give the map to this person himself. 

And that extremely precious magic weapon…tsk. 

In the distance, Shen Shu was looking up at the mountains. 

He raised his hand to touch his chin, then suddenly smiled: “Look carefully, this mountain doesn’t seem to be very steep.” 

The almost vertical rock wall reflected in Ye Yunlan’s pupils. 

Ye Yunlan: “Do you want to climb up?” 

Shen Shu nodded: “I want to climb with Master on my back.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Inappropriate.” 

Shen Shu: “Why inappropriate?”

Ye Yunlan: “Use your brain to think about why this mountain cannot be climbed.” 

In the distance, a strong Sky Sect disciple took off his robe, moved his fists and feet, then grabbed the exposed rock with a pair of iron palms. He wanted to climb the rock. 

Unexpectedly, the mountain seemed to have life. The man had just climbed a few feet when the rock he was holding softened strangely. The man screamed and fell straight down, and his limbs made a big bang when he fell.

Shen Shu glanced at Ye Yunlan and sighed with pity upon seeing this. 

“Then what should we do? If we don’t go up the mountain road, we can’t go up to the top of the mountain.” He said, “Since Master is here, aren’t you also interested in the treasure on the top of the mountain?” 

Ye Yunlan shook his head, “The treasure, we can have them fight for it, you just follow me.” 

Shen Shu curled his lips and said, “Obviously.” 

Ye Yunlan was thinking about the way of climbing Fuyou Mountain in his memory. 

Although he wasn’t interested in the treasure that caused countless disputes, the soul-attracting flower was born in a place of death. The gathering of yin at the top of the mountain was the best place for this thing to grow. 

It was just that for some reason, he remembered everything in his previous life very clearly, but he felt a little lost after a long time. After thinking hard for a while, he remembered how the only way up the mountain was opened.

Ye Yunlan: “Just stop and don’t move.” 

Shen Shu nodded obediently, then raised his eyelashes to look at him. 

“Submerge your qi to your core and contemplate the yin and yang.” 

Shen Shu: ” Contemplate yin and yang?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Heaven and earth, sun and moon, day and night, cold and heat, movement and stillness, life and death, all are yin and yang.” 

Shen Shu did as told.

Ye Yunlan: “How do you feel?” 

Shen Shu: “Not much. My inner qi seems a bit sluggish.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Is that so?” 

Shen Shu: “Master, can I move?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Come here.” 

Shen Shu walked over but was caught off guard by Ye Yunlan’s hand and was walked a few steps to the side. 

“Try again.” Ye Yunlan said. 

Shen Shu guessed what Ye Yunlan was going to do, so he felt it carefully, then said: “It’s better than before. But the qi is still a little awkward when moving to Xuanji, zigong, yunmen, Tianxi, and hunmen.” 

Ye Yunlan pondered for a moment, then took him to walk a few more steps. Shen Shu leaned on him happily. After standing still, Ye Yunlan asked him about what he felt again, and Shen Shu did as before. 

After several attempts, the two stood still in one place. 

Ye Yunlan: “That’s it.” 

Shen Shu suddenly clapped his hands. “Master has a profound knowledge of yin and yang techniques. Disciple is very impressed.” 

Ye Yunlan gave him a surprised look, “You know what Master is doing?” 

Shen Shu smiled, “Master’s spiritual power cannot be used, so Disciple’s body measured the yin and yang. A cultivator communicates with the world, so there are reflections in the body. Thus, it can be calculated based on it. I wonder if Disciple’s body was useful for Master just now?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Not bad?” 

Shen Shu: “Then Master can borrow more in the future.” 

Ye Yunlan: “?” 

He didn’t pay attention to Shen Shu’s words anymore and instead pulled out Queying and plugged it in where Shen Shu stood still. 

Shen Shu only felt that the sword qi chilled the center of his legs. He couldn’t help but jump a step back, “Master?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer. When he looked at the sky, he saw that the red moon had become extremely bright. It also swelled and rounded a lot, then moved aside two inches.

A beam of red light shone down on the sword, then reflected on the mountain wall. There was the rumbling sound of the mountain shaking, then the scarlet mountain wall separated to two sides, revealing a mountain road in the middle. 

The mountain road went straight up. It was unclear how many steps there were, and red maple leaves covered some steps. A vast and dark area was at the end. 

Seeing this abnormality, many Sky Sect disciples gathered around. 

Shen Shu: “Would you like to go up the mountain?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Let’s go up.” 

Shen Shu: “The mountain is high and far away. Master is still ill, so why don’t I come to carry you.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…No need.” 

Shen Shu sighed again disappointedly. 

Ye Yunlan pulled up Queying from the ground, put it back into the sheath, then walked towards the mountain road. 

But he saw Rong Ran walking over hurriedly, leading a group of disciples behind him. 

He wiped his forehead’s fine sweat, smiled, and said: “We looked around on the mountain road and failed. How was Junior Brother so quick to find this road? This has saved us a lot of effort.” 

Then he said: “Can Junior Brother’s body support this long road? If you are tired, don’t force it. It’s not just me; everyone in the same sect is very worried about your body.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer. Shen Shu glanced at the person diagonally, “Why do we need to tell you? Master is sick, but I keep hearing a fly chattering and giving us a headache. If you really care about Master’s body, can I trouble you to run a little further away?” 

Ye Yunlan listened, nodded, and said expressionlessly: “I do have a headache.”

Rong Ran’s fingertips trembled, and his teeth gnashed together. Although there were disciples around listening, he had no face to stay beside them, so he had to step back to give a little distance. 

He touched the palm of his left chest, and the creeping creature in it calmed his heart a bit. He remembered the magical artifact Chen Weiyuan had given him, and he slowly sneered as he watched Shen Shu. 

The mountain road wasn’t peaceful. Sometimes, the wind blew by, and the maple leaves all over the ground would swirl and flutter in the sky. 

The strange thing was that the wind was blowing from the top of the mountain, faintly passing through people’s ears, like a ghost screaming. 

Shen Shu: “Master, I’m a little cold. Are you cold?” 

Ye Yunlan’s face was icy white. He looked at the upper steps with a solemn expression. The quiet mountain breeze lifted his snow-white robe, and he turned his head and said to Shen Shu: “You stand behind Master. Follow me closely, even half a step cannot go wrong.”

Fuyou Mountain’s mountain road was only a short distance ahead and was peaceful. Then from halfway up the mountain, killing formations began to fill the mountain road. One wrong step would cause one to be dragged into the killing formation, encountering unpredictable dangers.     

In his previous life, to go up the Fuyou Mountain Road, he didn’t know how many cultivators were killed before they finally figured out the correct way to go. However, even if they calculated the road to safety, there were still some unpredictable dangers. He had followed the correct route to go up in his previous life. But suddenly, a huge boulder fell from the sky. He wasn’t in the range where the boulder fell, but Rong Ran was there with him. He flew over and pushed away the other party to protect him. However, he deviated from the route and fell into a killing formation with Rong Ran.   

They were trapped in the killing formation for ten days and were once in a coma due to serious injuries. They broke out of the formation only after many difficulties, then reached the Fuyou Palace on the mountaintop.     

However, as soon as they entered the Fuyou Palace, angry disciples surrounded him, accusing him of planning and killing sect disciples to snatch the most precious treasure, as evidenced by the recording stone.     

The recording stone had recorded the image of him killing a sect disciple.    

And the only one who could prove that he was not there, Rong Ran, didn’t speak for him.     

Ye Yunlan withdrew his thoughts, and his fingertips felt somewhat cold and stiff. He closed his eyes and carefully recalled the correct way up the mountain. 

Suddenly, he felt warm. Shen Shu had taken out his fox fur and put it on him. 

The other party’s hand wrapped around his shoulder and helped him tie the string in front of him. 

He said: “The wind is cold on the mountain. Master, be careful with your body.” 

He smiled and said, “I will be behind Master. I can catch Master if the wind blows Master down.

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