Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Homosexual 

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The wind on the mountain was a bit strong.

Ye Yunlan gathered the fox fur together, and his exhaled heat condensed into white smoke. 

The red maple leaves flew up in the wind, mixed with fine snow. 

The snow was black like something unknown had stained it.

They had walked most of the mountain road. Suddenly, a strong wind blew from the top of the mountain, and Ye Yunlan’s figure shook. 

Then, someone held his waist. 

Ye Yunlan’s footsteps stiffened, and he whispered: “Shen Shu.” 

Shen Shu’s tone was a little triumphant and cheerful, “Master, look, I was right just now. With me, you won’t be blown down the mountain by the wind.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

He wasn’t a paper man. How could the wind blow him down the mountain? 

Then, he said: “Let go.” 

Shen Shu didn’t let go and said: “The wind is still very strong. Wait a while first.” 

Ye Yunlan: “The more you go up, the stronger the wind will be. Is it possible that you want to support Master the entire way up the mountain?” 

Shen Shu: “It’s not impossible.” 

Ye Yunlan reprimanded: “How can that be appropriate?” 

Shen Shu smiled when he heard this. He finally stopped making trouble and let go. “Master, relax and continue walking. Disciple will follow behind.”

The mountain road was dangerous, so Ye Yunlan decided not to deal with him. 

The two continued to walk up. Ye Yunlan paused when he suddenly heard a scream from behind, but he didn’t look back. 

Shen Shu turned his head and glanced, only to see the red maple leaves full of blood on the mountain road. A group of disciples panicked.

He smiled playfully, then opened his mouth, “I think Master’s accustomed to being benevolent. You willingly sacrificed your life to save people from the divine fire and saved many sect disciples once. This time, you’re also leading them up the mountains to resolve their difficult situation.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I’m not a kind person.” 

Blood covered the Ghost Raksha of his previous life. Every door and window he passed were closed tightly. 

Even though he had worshiped gods and Buddhas, had done many good deeds, and even ended up fighting the calamity with his own body, he would never become a good person the world praised. 

“Since you want to go up the mountain to grab the treasure, you must be prepared to die at any time when you encounter danger.” Ye Yunlan said. 

Shen Shu: “Master and I seem to be a little different in thinking.” 

After a pause, he said: “But I think such Master is real and lovely.” 

Real was understandable, but why use cuteness to describe him?

Ye Yunlan: “… Don’t talk anymore and get distracted. Look at the road.” 

Shen Shu answered yes in a lengthy manner. 

There was a ruckus behind the two.

“There must be something weird on this mountain road. Senior Brother Zhao Jing just took a step outside, and then, his person disappeared without a trace! Senior Brother Rong, do you know what happened?” 

A disciple anxiously asked Rong Ran. 

Rong Ran frowned. He recalled the ancient scroll’s contents and thought about it. Finally, he thought of a clue from the mountain road that the rugged cinnabar had painted. 

“This mountain road does have a problem. It seems that there are formation traps on it. You need to see it through before you can pass it smoothly.” 

“What about Senior Brother Zhao? To find Senior Brother and fall into the formation…” 

That disciple’s face became anxious. 

Rong Ran: “Junior Brother Lin An, there is no rush. Let’s look for him in the original spot to see if we can find the formation, and then we’ll rescue your senior brother.” 

Although Lin An was anxious, he could only nod.

There was a sharp-eyed person nearby and saw Ye Yunlan, the two, on the mountain road, and said: “Since there is a problem with the mountain road, how can the two of them go so far? How can they be safe?” 

Rong Ran’s eyes were deep, thought for a moment, then warmly said: “This array trap is not everywhere? They may have just not touched the prohibition mechanism because of luck.” 

It was okay if he didn’t say that. However, when he said that, someone said: “No, I just remembered that the two of them also opened this mountain road. Senior Brother Rong, there aren’t so many lucky coincidences in this world. Could it be that they have already gotten a map of the treasure and didn’t tell us in advance? Instead, they wanted to go up the mountain to steal the treasures in advance?” 

Lin Xiaowan was listening and couldn’t help but stand, saying: “Nonsense! How could Junior Brother Ye be a greedy person for treasures? Have you forgotten the fact that he saved many of his sect disciples in the secret realm back then? The secret realm trip is dangerous this time, but we went about it too smoothly on this journey, so we gradually took it too lightly. Should we blame others if we accidentally fall into a dangerous situation?” 

Lin An: “But what did Senior Brother Zhao do wrong? And we’ve already said that Sky Sect disciples should help each other and work together, but the two seem to have nothing to do with us! No matter … no matter what, they should’ve given us a warning in advance.” 

“Junior Sister Lin, treasures are touching, and people’s hearts are unpredictable. Junior Brother Ye saved you, but how long has it been since then? Maybe he didn’t think about how saving people would cause him to be inattentive at that time,” said a disciple with a thin face and thin eyebrows next to her.

Lu Qingshu was his name, and he had once admired Yin Ling- Lin Xiaowan’s senior sister. However, Yin Ling had rejected him many times over many years. Later, Yin Ling’s pursuit of Ye Yunlan became well known to all the Sky Sect disciples, and thus Lu Qingshu had long hated him. 

Lin Xiaowan flushed with anger: “Lu Qingshu, you-!” 

“Don’t quarrel, everyone. Back then, everyone knew about the divine fire. I believe that Junior Brother Ye is definitely not the kind of person you mentioned.” But it was Rong Ran’s voice that began to persuade him, “It’s just that the disciple he received under him is a bit cruel and untamed. He is uninhabited, values items, and isn’t willing to let others get a share of the action. Back then, there were conflicts between Junior Brother Ye and me. Most of it was because of his disciple. Alas. After Junior Brother Ye was injured, his body was weak, and he needed his apprentice to take care of everything. Later, he had to rely on him in everything…”

He didn’t go on and instead sighed. 

Although Rong Ran was defending Ye Yunlan’s reputation, Lin Xiaowan always felt something was wrong. But she didn’t know much about that back then, so she could only stand there, feeling uncomfortable. 

Rong Ran had amassed a lot of deep impressions. Thus, everyone quickly listened to his words and condemned Shen Shu. 

Rong Ran’s eyebrows were slightly bent. After listening for a moment, he clapped his hands and said: “Okay, everyone, let’s not fight anymore. Now that people are going up, we can’t delay here. But we will still continue together as a sect, so Junior Brother Zhao needs to be saved. Hence, we might as well divide into two groups. One group will stay here to rescue Junior Brother Zhao, and the other group will go up the mountain to explore the road. Once the exploration of the danger on the mountain road finishes, they’ll have someone return to lead everyone here up the mountain.” 

“Senior Brother arranged it very well.” 

“I agree” 


“Okay, that’s that then.” After that, Rong Ran looked around, “The mountain road is perilous, and the pathfinder’s life and death are unpredictable. As a Senior Brother, I should be a pioneer. Who is willing to go with me up the mountain?” 

“Yes!” The disciples responded one after another. 

The loud sound traveled up the mountain, with a shadow rushing into Shen Shu’s feet. He tilted his head and listened, then smiled suddenly: “Master, in your opinion, do I have a natural disposition of being cruel and uninhabited?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Why ask this?” 

Shen Shu: “Just curious about how Master views me.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while. “You had a good personality when you were young.” 

Shen Shu: “What about when I grew up?” 

Ye Yunlan: “After that, you became noisier and noisier.”

Shen Shu: “Master doesn’t like me being noisy?” 

Ye Yunlan remembered how he was alone after the Demon Lord’s death in his previous life. He had once sat in the courtyard alone for three years. 

The flowers were full and blooming, and he could faintly hear the voices and noise of people outside the courtyard. They were clearly only separated by a wall, but they seemed to be so far, far away from himself. 

He said: “It’s all the same.” 

Shen Shu wondered, “Everything is the same?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Lively or quiet, it’s actually the same.” 

Shen Shu squinted slightly, staring at the back of the person in front of him. 

The thick snowy white fox fur draped over this man’s thin body, and the sky was full of maple leaves. The frost and snow flew over, seeming to want to crush his teeth. 

It seemed to be further than before. 

He thought. 

Not quite. 

It wouldn’t work if it continued like this. 

Could it be that his method of chasing a person was wrong? 

He thought for a while. 

Perhaps, this person liked to be more stimulated? 

He thought carefully.

But he suddenly stopped after he saw Ye Yunlan take a step up. 

Shen Shu also stopped. He looked up and saw a platform a few meters away. There was a tree with a fruit on the platform. 

The fruit was like white jade. It looked like a peach, quite round and lovely.

“Zhaoyue fruit?” Ye Yunlan was a little surprised. 

According to legend, Zhaoyue fruit was only born in the land of eternal night and was very hard to find in the world. It had a jade-like color with a peach-like shape. It could prolong life for thousands of years when eaten. It was in the book “Celestial Peaches of Immortality, Earth’s Illuminating Moon.”

He wasn’t the first group to go up the mountain in his previous life, so others had already picked these precious treasures. Thus, he didn’t expect to see them in this life. 

Shen Shu positively said: “Master wants the fruit? I’ll pick it.” 

Ye Yunlan: “The mountain road is dangerous, don’t act rashly.” 

Shen Shu: “Master, feel rest assured.” 

He listened to the sound, then Shen Shu threw his sword out skillfully. 

He first inserted the Afterglow sword into the fruit, then maneuvered it back with the fruit and reached out his hand. 

Shen Shu smiled, “Master, what do you think of my sword skills?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…It could be regarded as nimble.” He said after a pause, “Eating the fruit is good for your future cultivation.” 

Shen Shu disagreed. “How can I eat it alone in front of Master? The mountain road is long. Master has been walking for so long and must already be thirsty. How about you come and eat some fruit to quench your thirst.” 

Ye Yunlan: “The Zhaoyue fruit can prolong your life. ” 

Shen Shu: “But it is also a fruit that can quench thirst.” 

As he said this, he broke the white jade peach into two. He divided it in half, then passed it over Ye Yunlan’s shoulder. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t want to pick it up, but Shen Shu had already handed the fruit to his lips. After the spirit fruit opened, the spiritual energy’s flesh would visibly dissipate with the naked eye.

He didn’t want to waste it, so he lowered his head and took a bite. 

The taste was very sweet and crisp. 

After he swallowed the chewed pulp, it turned into a warmth that flowed into his body. Even the wind, frost, and snow were no longer so cold. 

He took the fruit and ate it in small bites. 

Shen Shu also deliberately slowed down. 

After eating half a peach in his hand with gusto, he felt that the remaining half of the peach was particularly sweet and delicious. He suggested: “Master, let’s plant a peach tree in the yard after returning.” 

” … When we have free time, we can take a look at the peach tree, brew some peach wine, and eat peaches. It sounds very good. What does Master think?” 

As he spoke, it seemed like he was having fun. 

He was in the Demonic Palace before, so he never had such a leisurely thought. In the demonic dao, there were only benefits and fighting. But now, he suddenly felt that this kind of life, perhaps … was also very good. 

Ye Yunlan bit down on the last bite of the peach, then said, “En.” He looked at a distant place and said lightly: “Very good.”

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