Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Evidence 

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“Ye Yunlan, you schemed to murder twelve fellow disciples to seize the secret realm’s treasures. They were Senior Sister Zhuang -who defended the demonic cultivators’ attacks-, Senior Brother Xu -who charged in front and broke through the secret realm’s second level-, and Sky Sect’s ten other disciples -who died with grievances-. How dare you still appear in front of us!” 

He stood blankly among the corpses on the ground, surrounded by disciples gushing out from the door.

“If you aren’t guilty, why do you wear a mask all day long? Now that you’ve revealed your true nature today, you truly were hiding your evil intent…” 

“Kill him! A life for a life!” 

The disciple that rushed in knocked him to the ground. They vented their anger on his body. Vicious verbal abuse and ridicule formed together, buzzing in his ears. It made him dizzy. 

At that time, he curled up on the ground thinking: if someone could say a word for him, or as long as one person was willing to listen to him say a word, it would be fine. 

Only, no one wanted to stand up for him. 


And at this moment. 

Ye Yunlan only felt that it was noisy as he listened to the noise and scolding around him. 

So he drew his sword and stood in front of Shen Shu. 

He said: “Whoever wants to make a move against him today will have to go through the sword in my hand first.” 

The clamor and scolding suddenly quieted down. 

A group of disciples, eyes flushed with anger, watched him. 

Someone said, “Junior Brother Ye, it’s none of your business!” 

“Back then, you saved many of your fellow disciples in the divine fire. Even if you lose all your cultivation, we still respect you very much. We don’t blame you as the Master for this matter; we only want to hold Shen Shu responsible. We also ask you to please avoid suspicion.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I am his master, and he is my disciple. A Master taking care of their disciple is only natural, so what should I avoid?”

After saying that, he raised the Queying sword in his hand, and a burst of cold light poured out. Ye Yunlan’s eyes were colder than the sword. 

With him in front of Shen Shu, no one wanted to make the first move.

They looked at each other, and the anger and excitement cooled by two points. 

Only Gong Ze and the other disciple beside him were still red in the eye. 

Gong Ze’s hand that was holding the recording stone shook. He angrily said, “Shen Shu killed his fellow sect members and tried to steal the treasure but failed. Junior Brother Ye, how can you protect such a scum because of your selfishness!” 

Ye Yunlan: “Since entering the third level of the Secret Realm, Shen Shu has been in the same place with me, and we’ve never separated. If you say that Shen Shu killed all the people here, how can I not know that?” 

“The evidence is conclusive. It’s clear that you’re deliberately protecting him!” The disciple beside Gong Ze angrily said.

He had a delicate face, flushed with anger just like Gong Ze, with a piece of sapphire on his waist. 

Ye Yunlan glanced at this person, Gong Ze, then slowly at the many Sky Sect disciples surrounding this hall with different faces. 

He asked: “The evidence is conclusive?” 

The delicate-looking disciple said: “Brother Gong Ze and I are both witnesses, and Brother Gong Ze’s recording stones are actual physical evidence. Now that there are human witnesses and physical evidence, why are you still helping your disciple and refusing to admit it?” 

Ye Yunlan sneered: “I didn’t know that the dead can be used as witnesses.” 

The disciple was shocked, then reacted furiously: “You want to kill me?” 

All the other disciples also heard this and pulled out their swords one by one. They aimed their sword points at both Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu. 

Everyone thought Ye Yunlan was crazy. 

If you weren’t crazy, how could you say such absurd things? 

Ye Yunlan’s expression was still quite cold. He said: “I want to ask, how can I kill you guys again if you two are already dead?” 

Hearing this, Gong Ze was stunned, and so was the delicate disciple and everyone else. 

“A bunch of nonsense!” The delicate disciple flushed, “If I was dead, how can I stand here alive and talk to you?”

Ye Yunlan: “You died with sixteen swords in your body, and your face was ruined after death, unable to rest in peace.” He turned to Gong Ze, “You suffered less. One sword in the chest, the other in the waist. Each sword was vital. After death, your face was also ruined, and you also couldn’t rest in peace.” 

Their complexions turned pale. Gong Ze angrily laughed, “Junior Brother Ye, are you hysterical? Otherwise, why would you say such ridiculous things in front of me?” 

Ye Yunlan’s complexion was calm. He didn’t understand many things in his previous life, but he connected them one by one afterward. He calmly said: “The Great Emperor Netherworld founded the Underworld in the past and left three kinds of secret treasures. They were the sin mirror, the book of life and death, and the Huan Youling.” 

Gong Ze: “We’re arguing about Shen Shu’s homicides and stealing treasures. Why are you talking about those things?” 

Ye Yunlan ignored his interruption and continued: “The sin mirror can reflect a life’s former karma. The book of life and death can determine a person’s life and death, and the Huan Youling can call back the soul of the dead, condensing the soul into the body to stay for three days. The cultivator’s appearance would be the same as the living’s. And this time, the treasure born in the secret realm happens to be the Huan Youling.” 

“You guys are already dead. I already saw the corpses. What exists now is only the soul brought back by the Huan Youling.” He remembered that when he had just turned around the corner, he had seen these two blurred corpses. He could remember every inch of the corpses clearly, including the wounds on their flesh and blood, the folds of their clothes, and the sapphire worn on his waist. “Even though the murderer has already destroyed your face, there are still traces left. If you don’t believe me, come with me.”

The disciples looked at each other. They had all heard the legend of the three strange treasures left by Emperor Netherworld, but they could only rely on their guesses to determine the treasures’ uses. It couldn’t be as detailed as Ye Yunlan’s words. 

It didn’t rule out that what Ye Yunlan said was all fabricated, but what if it was true?

If Gong Ze, the two, were really controlled called-back ghosts, and the two vowed to say that Shen Shu was the murderer——although many people didn’t believe in such ridiculous claims in their hearts, they felt their blood run cold. 

“Don’t listen to their denials anymore! Why Huan Youling and the corpse? I only know that the recording stone would never be fake. The murderer’s images and aura recorded are clearly Shen Shu’s.” Gong Ze angrily said. He rushed up with his sword. 

But, he heard a cold snort. 

Shen Shu, who hadn’t spoken behind Ye Yunlan, acted. 

The Afterglow sword blatantly split the long sword in Gong Ze’s hand like a meteor, then brushed past Gong Ze’s cheek and landed on the ground behind him, forming a deep sword mark. 

Gong Ze fell in a sorry state. He raised his head and saw Shen Shu point his sword in his hand at him. He lowered his eyes and stared at him indifferently. “If I wanted to kill you guys, even if more than ten of you dispersed to escape, none of you would be able to.”

Gong Ze’s face flushed: “You!” 

Everyone was shocked by this scene, and they started whispering. 

Finally, a reasonable disciple stood up. 

This person was named Cheng Xu. Except for Senior Brother He Lanze, he was one of the members with the highest cultivation and prestige among the Sky Sect disciples. Before the Sect Master ordered Rong Ran to lead the team, he was also a powerful contestant to be the leader for the Netherworld Secret Realm trip.

“Junior Brother Ye, if what you said is real, we would also like to know the truth.” Cheng Xu cupped his hands towards Ye Yunlan, “Please show the way to where you said the corpse is located.” 

Ye Yunlan nodded slightly. When he turned around to walk through the passage, he saw someone step back secretly among the crowd, seemingly wanting to leave through the door on the other side. 

Queying sword came out at once! 

The biting sword light was like a shimmering shadow, like the moon bursting out of the cloud. It broke through the crowd and fell in front of a figure, blocking its path. 

Ye Yunlan’s voice was cold. 

“Rong Ran, where do you want to go?”

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