Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Heart’s Worry

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After removing the puppet seal, this trip could be described as successful. 

Ye Yunlan intended to go down the mountain and leave the secret realm.

However, the road in the crypt was too complicated. If he wanted to go down the mountain, he had to go through the Fuyou Palace and return to the mountain road in front. 

After erasing the formation’s traces on the ground, Ye Yunlan looked at the bottomless abyss on the edge of the cliff. 

He turned his head and saw Shen Shu standing beside him, staring into the abyss. Suddenly, something strange emerged in his heart. 

While in a trance, the black cloud above his head seemed to morph into a bloody color. 

He fell next to the stone tablet. Blood dripped from his forehead, blurring his vision. 

In his sight, Shen Shu stood on the edge of the cliff with scars covering his hands and body. 

The blood dyed Shen Shu’s clothes red, and the other party threw the Afterglow sword at his feet. He was speaking directly to him. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t hear what he said. 

He only saw the youth, who had finished speaking, look deeply at him. He seemed to want to completely brandish him within his eyes. He then moved backward —— his pupils rapidly shrunk, and he subconsciously yelled: “…Shen Shu!” 

Beside him, Shen Shu suddenly heard Ye Yunlan call him out of the blue. He suspiciously turned his head around. 


But he found that Ye Yunlan’s eyes were distracted, drenched with cold sweat, and not knowing where to look. He hurriedly stretched out his arms to take the person into his arms. 

“How is Master? Did arranging the formation method consume too much energy?” 

Ye Yunlan woke up like he was just in a dream, lifting his long eyelashes. He looked at Shen Shu in confusion. 

Just now…was it an illusion?

He had an illusion because he was thinking too much a little earlier?

Suddenly, a needle-piercing pain appeared in his soul. It was the Seven Emotion Needles that had inexplicably moved again. Ye Yunlan groaned, then grasped Shen Shu’s arm tightly. His fingertips turned white from exerting his strength, and his body was slightly trembling in pain. 

Shen Shu also let him grasp him. His warm palm pressed on his back and transferred spiritual power into Ye Yunlan’s body, hoping that he could relieve the pain. 

When Ye Yunlan’s trembling finally subsided, even his white clothes were wet with sweat. The lips that the kiss moisturized became pale again, and his face had lost some blood. 

He kept on holding Shen Shu’s arm and didn’t look at the heart-wrenching abyss anymore. He only said hoarsely: “Go, let’s get out of here.” 

Shen Shu worriedly wanted to ask him about his situation, but he was grabbed by the arm and had to speed up to follow forward.

After walking through the deserted black land, they came to a garden. 

The garden was full of plants scorched by lightning; there was no trace of life. Withered vines were wound on the palace wall, while Fuyou Palace stood at the end of the garden. Black whirlpools condensed in the sky above. 

The dreary light from the birth of the treasure had disappeared. The treasure called the Huanyou Ling had fallen into someone’s hands. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t care about the treasures. He has achieved his purpose. In his heart, he only wanted Shen Shu to leave the secret realm safely——Since earlier, his thoughts became more and more urgent. 

It seemed that if he didn’t leave, something would happen. 

While he was walking in the garden, the surrounding desolate scenery and scorched trees emitted a strange familiarity. 

Additionally, the dark and desolate land he walked past and the quiet and deserted palace in the distance. 

Where had he seen these familiar scenes? 

Soon, Ye Yunlan recalled that he had seen a similar scene in the dream of the ancient city shaped like the heavenly phoenix after going into a coma during the Tianchi Mountain movement.

They were the same flowers, leaves and trees destroyed by thunder, a dark land, and a deserted city. 

Ye Yunlan quickened his pace. 

Ye Yunlan’s arm grasped Shen Shu like a parent leading away their child. However, Shen Shu’s stature was so lofty that it didn’t fit. 

However, Shen Shu enjoyed it and wished it was a long journey that could go on forever.

“Master, slow down; it will be bad for your body and cause injuries.” Shen Shu said. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t listen. 

“Look, Master, the ancient tree is shaped like an ash-gray pine, but its branches are as elegant as clouds. It should be the extinct ‘Cloud Willow’ recorded in ancient books. Why don’t we slow down and take a closer look.” Shen Shu said again. 

Ye Yunlan moved faster. 

He had just gone through the pain of the Seven Emotion Needles and walked hurriedly with his face as pale as paper. Sweat was flowing along his lower jaw, and his whole figure was like a pool of snow that was about to melt. One couldn’t see a trace of blood. 

Shen Shu only felt distracted and pained. He finally saw his master’s stubbornness in certain things. 

He had to sigh and said aggrievedly: “Master, you’re walking too fast. I’m hurting a bit.” 

Ye Yunlan stopped suddenly and turned to look at him. Shen Shu stood behind him, a white cloth wrapped around the shoulder of the hand he grasped, blood already oozing out at this time. 

——He was too anxious just now and accidentally grabbed Shen Shu’s injured arm. 

Ye Yunlan let go of his hand and pursed his lips. 

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” 

Shen Shu: “Disciple actually wasn’t hurt in the beginning.” 

Ye Yunlan: “The wound opened. How could it not hurt?” 

Shen Shu blinked and replied: “It really didn’t hurt.” 

“I only feel pain for Master.” 

Ye Yunlan was startled. 

Shen Shu: “Every time I see Master’s injury, my heart hurts. I will also feel heartache seeing Master’s exhaustion, rushing the journey.” 

He sighed and said, “When my heart hurts, my shoulders also feel hurt as well.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Glib mouth. Who taught you to talk like this?” 

Shen Shu’s face turned red. 

As soon as he uttered his words, he knew that his other “self” had influenced him, but he had to brazenly say: “These words are all true and what Disciple feels, there is no falsehood.”

“I still have a lot of words I want to say to Master.” 

Ye Yunlan suddenly turned his head and didn’t look at him anymore. He only said indifferently: “This place is dangerous. We can’t stay any longer. If you have anything to say, go out and say it.” 

Even so, Shen Shu had sharp eyes and saw that the tips of his master’s ears were already red. 

Ye Yunlan finally agreed to Shen Shu’s request to rest for a while. 

Shen Shu took out a silk towel to wipe his sweat. Ye Yunlan checked Shen Shu’s wound, then bandaged it again. Afterward, the two continued to move forward. 

Going through the garden, they arrived at the back of Fuyou Palace. 

The towering gate wasn’t as magnificent as looking at the front gate on the mountain road before, but the patterns on the gate were still complex and gorgeous, full of ancient charm. 

Shen Shu stepped forward to push. 

He thought the door wouldn’t open this easy, but unexpectedly, the door that was ten feet high opened slowly with a creak. 

The light shone into the gloomy palace, forming a fan-shaped light gap, which slowly expanded. 

A strong smell of blood pounced on his face. 

When the two walked in, they saw a long and deep passage leading to the depths of the palace. There were many disorderly bloody footprints on the ground in the distance, but they stopped before they reached the door. 

The smell of blood was still very fresh. 

Ye Yunlan’s complexion didn’t change: “We were delayed for too long in the killing array. A lot of people are probably in the Fuyou Palace already. This is the back palace. We need to go to the front palace’s mountain road. Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu nodded. The two walked into the passage where the bloody footprints stopped. It was a cross-shaped corner. In the dark corner, two corpses were lying quietly. 

The corpses were wearing the clothes of Sky Sect disciples, with many sword wounds on their bodies and faces ruined by sword qi. It looked like it would be difficult to recognize who they were. 

Ye Yunlan glanced at the two corpses, then took Shen Shu to keep on walking through the palace. 

Very soon, they could vaguely hear voices.

When the two came to a hall, they saw dozens of corpses laid out in the center of the hall,  and all of them looked like Sky Sect disciples. Surprise, resentment, and unwillingness filled most of their faces, and they were all dead. 

Then, the sound of complicated footsteps came. 

A group of Sky Sect disciples stepped in mightily. The one who walked in the forefront saw Shen Shu and his eyes widened. He screamed: “Shen Shu! You still dare to stay here? Just because of the treasure, you are actually willing to be this cruel and murder your fellow sect brothers? Senior Brother Xu, Junior Brother Chen, and Senior Sister Zhuang are all dead because of you! I, Gong Ze, will avenge them today and kill you!” 

Shen Shu: “?” 

Gong Ze raised his sword. He wanted to attack Shen Shu, but the fellow sect members beside him caught him. 

“Junior Brother Gong, be calm. There is no evidence. Don’t do anything to fellow sect members at will.” 

The speaker had a gentle voice, a soft and beautiful face, and was dressed in white. They had a long jade-like body that was seemingly not exposed to the vicissitudes of life. 

It was Rong Ran, who had fallen into the pool. 

Judging from his appearance, it seemed that the snakes hadn’t affected him, and even the sword wound on his cheek had healed. 

Gong Ze’s eye sockets were about to burst: “Evidence? Isn’t what Senior Brother Cen and I saw enough evidence?”

He took out a recording stone from his arms and opened it, “Is this enough as evidence?” 

The recording stone projected a complete picture. 

It was the scene where Shen Shu swung his sword to kill his fellow disciple. After the sword light, Shen Shu stood among the corpses on the ground, unexpectedly laughing. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes suddenly sank. 

This farce was too similar to his previous life.

Only, the person framed by slander became “Shen Shu.”

The author has something to say: 

Shen Shu: Bluntly being the scapegoat

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