Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Corpse transformation

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“A Qing, are you really pregnant with his child?” Mu Lin stared at Shao Qing in astonishment. She and Shao Qing had grown up together, nobody knew Shao Qing’s character as well as she did.

Shao Qing and her were abandoned when they were young. Although they were adopted into an orphanage, the majority of the people there were not as good as what people believed. On the contrary, that place was completely dark and evil. The old women there who took care of the children would often beat or scold them. Not being fed enough was also a common matter, not to mention the struggles between the children.

Shao Qing hated the people that abandoned her. As a result, she wouldn’t lightly consider having a child of her own. She was scared that she would be unable to support such a precious being, a newborn.

Further still, people like Shao Qing and her, how could they love a man? Even more, to love them enough that they are willing to give birth to a child for them?

“En.” Shao Qing gently caressed her bulging belly. Her eyes displayed a tenderness that would have been able to melt an iceberg. She had never anticipated that she would ever have a blood related child of her own, such a blessing.

Everyday she would pray a countless number of times for an early birth for this child. Afterwards, she would imagine their family of three and all the happiness they would have.

Mu Lin stirred the coffee within the glass, then filled her cup to the brim. After quite a while, in a low voice she spoke. “A Qing, you need to know that being in this line of work, how could one just quit whenever they want?”

“I’ve done enough for them. If they agree to let me withdraw from the organization, that would be the best and everybody will be delighted and satisfied. Besides… Xiao Lin, do you really think I am the type that wouldn’t prepare anything and I would just decide to do something randomly?” Shao Qing’s voice sounded slightly cold. She had once served military service before. Because of her particularly outstanding memory in addition to her five senses being acute and her physical attributes being of top quality, she was transferred to the special military brigade. However, she eventually retired due to injuries.

Shao Qing’s educational background isn’t regarded as high, not anything special. After her discharge from the military service, she did not change her profession. Just by chance at that time, Mu Lin, on account of being a super capable hacker, was recruited to join that organization and dragged Shao Qing into it as well.

Money laundering, deals with weapons and ammunition, Shao Qing’s contributions towards the organization was definitely not little. The only sole concern is that the organization doesn’t want to let her go since she was such a talented subordinate.

“A Qing, you need to be careful.” Mu Lin bit her lips. “I’m going back to the headquarters right now. I’ll try to contact the group leader, he should be able to help you out.”

“Thanks.” Shao Qing sincerely thanked her. Mu Lin pouted her lips, discontented. “What kind of relationship do the two of us have, why are you still saying thanks? You’re acting too courteous! However…” She hesitated a bit, then slipped a photograph over to Shao Qing. “Even though you are pregnant and shouldn’t have your emotions be unstable, I still think you should have a look at this!”

Shao Qing frowned and knitted her brows. Receiving the photo and merely taking one glance at it, she instantly turned rigid. The person in the photograph was none other than her lover, Lin Qifan!

A total of eighteen photographs, but the female in each of them was the same one. Short hair, charming appearance, but the most crucial point was that she looked incredibly familiar.

She had once seen this woman’s photo in Lin Qifan’s cell phone, but at that time Lin Qifan had said that she was only his superior at work. When they met during a dinner party for work, they had just chatted for a bit. Shao Qing had also, not thought much about it. Instead, she felt sorry that Lin Qifan, for the purpose of his project, was required to make time for these social niceties.

Lin Qifan wasn’t some rich second generation heir, the university he graduated from was also not anything special, thus if he wanted to be successful he had to naturally make up for it with hard work. Shao Qing had never thought that Lin Qifan would use a ‘shortcut’.

Looking at the intimacy between the two within the photo, Shao Qing felt her heart ache. This is your superior?

Mu Lin looked concerned: “A Qing, don’t feel too bad about it. It’s still better to clarify the situation before doing anything.”

“En.” Shao Qing qiuckly calmed herself down, stroking her belly. She still had a child, she couldn’t get too emotional or else it would potentially cause the child harm.

“I’m going to leave first, you take care of yourself okay.” Mu Lin lifted up her purse, her heart feeling heavy. If Shao Qing found a man who really loved her, even if Shao Qing withdrew from the organization for him, Mu Lin would feel happy that Shao Qing had a place to return to. But now…

“Be careful.” Shao Qing reluctantly said and walked Mu Lin out. After sitting down for a good while, she looked at the photographs over and over again.

Her and Lin Qifan’s love was straight from a fairy tale. Lin Qifan had saved her when she was injured and afterwards due to Lin Qifan’s gentle and tender attentiveness, she was touched and fell straight into the river of love. Marriage was just a matter of time.

However now, those past events seemed just like a joke.

Shao Qing continued sitting there until her mood became tranquil again. Then little by little, supporting her belly she stood up and left. No matter what, her child was the most important. It was almost the time of birth. No matter the issue, it would have to wait until after the child was born.

Shao Qing waved her hand to catch a taxi, preparing to go to the hospital for another examination. But before the taxi even arrived in front of her, an ear-piercing sound came from behind her. Shao Qing wanted to dodge, however with her pregnancy, how could she have dodged the speeding vehicle coming straight at her?

That split second of being hit by the car, Shao Qing attempted to protect the child in her stomach. My child, no!

That moment of falling towards the ground, Shao Qing saw it clearly. The female driver of that car, smiling without guilt, was the exact same as the face within the photographs in her bag.

Shao Qing tenaciously glared at this woman, but she could only follow with her eye’s as the woman sped off. Waves of pain started to surface from her abdomen. She opened her mouth wide, a faint sound like a mosquito sounded out. “Help… my child… help”

The people passing by all had eyes of pity, yet no one stopped to help her. On the contrary, as if fearing they would get inconvenienced, they sped up and left the area.

Shao Qing loathed. She loathed Lin Qifan, loathed that girl, and loathed all those ruthless people who passed by without helping. Her death didn’t matter to her, but her child.. he hasn’t even see the world once…

Her vision became more and more fuzzy, she clearly felt blood coming from between her own thighs unceasingly spill out. Unexpectedly, a drop of water fell into the rim of her eye. She then lost consciousness, a vision of red and a cry of alarm.

“Ah, the rain is red!”

“I have never seen red rain before!”

It must be the heavens, they must be crying tears of blood for her. She slowly closed her eyes, if there was a next life, she must kill that cheating couple!

At the basement of most hospitals, usually lies a morgue. Generally, the mysterious events that occur in hospitals were associated with the morgue. The reason is because that place was too sinister and a corpse tends to have something to do with it.

“It is truly tragic, one corpse two lives!”

“Has the offender been caught yet?”

“Who knows, take a look, even the corpse hasn’t been collected by anyone…”

Voices gradually drifted into Shao Qing’s ears seeming as if a wind was dispersing. She tried to open her eyes. A vision of red, Shao Qing remembered it. She had died right?

That car crash, her child… right! Her child! Shao Qing stiffened and extended her hand, stroking frost when she intended to touch her belly, when her large bulge of a stomach started to have movements of its own.

Summoning up her courage, it seemed as if something in her stomach was hitting her belly. Without enough time to think things over on reasons why she hasn’t died yet, her heart was filled with joy. Was that movement her child? Is he still alive?

Shao Qing tore open her clothes only to see a gray ash-coloured plump belly emerge, the skin continuously wiggling. It must be the child, it must be her child!

Shao Qing wanted to cry, yet no tears came falling out. She somewhat panicked, how could I get the child out? Her child! Within that narrow space, it must be so scared right now!

Shao Qing stroked her belly as she thought.

It was at that time that she discovered her fingernails had grew long and the colour had also changed into a greenish, blueish black. One look and you might almost think it was a sharp blade.

Expressionless, looking at her own fingernails, she unexpectedly reached her hand out to her stomach and lightly cut at the skin, opening up a wound. Yet, no blood flowed out. Instead, a plump white hand reached out from the opening.

“My child…” Shao Qing was pleasantly surprised. Waiting anxiously, she watched as that tiny hand pried open the wound on her belly and a chubby doll like child climbed out with difficulty.

That child did not look one bit as if it had just been born. On the contrary, he had nice ivory skin, cheeks with a tint of blush, and besides his eyes resembling a black hole, he completely resembled the average child.

He tilted his head, his eyes reflected Shao Qing’s sorry figure, biting her fingers. Then immediately rushed over to Shao Qing and called out, “Mama!”

“Baby, my baby!” Shao Qing embraced her Xiao Baozi, completely not discovering that the big gash on her stomach has slowly healed back up.
[Xiao Baozi = an endearing nickname for someone’s own baby, especially pointing out how cute they are]

She eagerly kissed her Xiao Baozi’s face. The happiness she felt was that of losing something and then regaining it, the light after the despair. She was in complete bliss.

Her Xiao Baozi was also well behaved. Hugging onto his Mama’s neck, his bottom in the middle of Shao Qing’s palm twisting about. Mama’s kisses are so ticklish!

After kissing Xiao Baozi and pacifying her frame of mind, she then discovered that not only has her wound healed, but all her past scars have disappeared as well.

This is absolutely fishy. Could it be that she has already become a ghost? Or a corpse?

“This place is cold, but don’t worry darling. Mother will bring you out of this place.” Shao Qing pushed down the suspicions in her heart. Exerting all her strength, she pushed open the space she was laid down. As soon as she carried her baby out, she discovered that the place that she was laid down was a freezer for containing corpses.

As expected, she has already died. But no matter the cause, she is now standing here breathing and carrying her precious baby in her arms. Everything she has to be grateful for is entirely because of the heavens.

It must be the case that god was taking pity on her, thus allowing her to return to this ice-cold world and giving her the opportunity to take revenge!

“Mama, baby is hungry…” Xiao Baozi pouted his lips, miserably staring at Shao Qing. Seeing her sad darling baby, Shao Qing’s heart immediately melted. Kissing Xiao Baozi’s face again: “Darling, be obedient. Just wait until we leave this place then there will be things for you to eat.”

It was because she did not know the current situation with her body and if it would even be able to produce milk. If it wasn’t able to, then it will become much more inconvenient.
Not knowing the current situation of her body and if it would even be able to produce milk. If there isn’t any, then it will become extremely troublesome.

Leaving the morgue, Shao Qing made another discovery. Her strength has increased by a lot and her body seems to be a lot more graceful. These changes all came too abruptly. It would be perfect if there was a mirror right now to allow her to view her own reflection, to check whether anything else has changed.

By the time Shao Qing arrived at the ground floor, she realized that the change wasn’t just limited to her. In fact this entire world, during the time she has closed her eyes, in a split second had thoroughly transformed. The sky and earth has turned upside down [everything is in complete confusion and entirely different]!

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