Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Apocalypse

Uploading another translated chapter! This novel seems interesting so far and I’m already counting down for the male leads to appear haha

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When the elevator doors opened, a dried up greenish blue claw suddenly reached in. Long, long fingernails tainted with bloody flesh, holding what seemed to be incomplete remains of brains. For what reason was it incomplete? Well that’s because that thing’s head had a piece of it chopped off. You could even see from the opening, brains coloured black squirming within.

Shao Qing was startled, subconsciously with her fist, she pushed the head away. Unexpectedly, the damaged head was exactly like a ripe apple, it fell to the ground with a splat.

Her strength… was really great…

Unable to manage her own amazement, Shao Qing continued walking down the hallway. A floor covered with filth, minced meat, destroyed limbs, and badly damaged carcasses that looked like it was torn apart by a beast could be seen.

If speaking of these things could make Shao Qing amazed, then the other things would make her terrified. Besides the place full of corpses’, there were still animated things. Each and every one of them, across their face and body,  were rotten flesh. With rigid limbs, these things wandered in the hallway. Some of them wore patient garments while some wore nurse outfits, it clearly hinted that previously when they were alive they must have been the hospital’s patients and staff.

Could this be… the apocalypse?

Shao Qing immediately recalled the blood rain she saw prior to her death. That idea of the heavens crying for her was not the case, rather it was the heaven’s punishment to this world.

Shao Qing tightly carried the child in her bosom, singlehandedly smashed the glass, then from within she grabbed the fire extinguisher. Holding it as if it were a hammer, she was constantly on guard against the group of monsters.

“Darling, don’t be afraid.” Quietly comforting Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing discovered, those zombies didn’t resemble the ones similar to a biochemistry crisis. Seeing a living person, they wouldn’t approach them to tear them apart, rather it was like they were figuring out why they were wandering around. It was as if she did not exist, or perhaps it was as if she was one of their own.

Shao Qing felt her chest, not sensing any throbbing or pulsing from her heart, she bitterly laughed. She is definitely not a living person, perhaps she might even be the exact same freaks as those things.

No longer caring what had happened, Shao Qing carrying Xiao Baozi, headed outside. She wanted to see whether if it was only the hospital that was like this or if the entire world had changed as well.

Lying on Shao Qing’s shoulders, Xiao Baozi’s eyes were spinning around and around in all different directions, yet he was not the least bit scared. The mother and child soon arrived at the hospital’s entrance.

Just as Shao Qing forecasted, the outside world has already been occupied by zombies. It seems like it really is the apocalypse.

“Darling, are you scared?” Shao Qing lightly petted Xiao Baozi’s back, then immediately found that her son had been bare naked the entire time. Obedient Xiao Baozi gave Shao Qing a kiss and childishly said. “If Mama’s here then there’s nothing to be scared of!”

Shao Qing’s heart fluttered. Carrying Xiao Baozi, she then went and sought out a family owned clothing store. Choosing a lot of toddler clothes, she gave it to Xiao Baozi to wear. However, there were too many things. Shao Qing could not possibly be able to bring all this stuff. If only she had a bag then that would have been perfect. Wishing that, suddenly the clothes in her hand vanished into thin air. Unexpected, she was alarmed and pleased. Could it be that it was just like a novel, that she has a space dimension?

Shao Qing closed her eyes, attempting to see if she could feel the existence of the so called space dimension, and she was able to. But, the only thing was that it was only 1 cubic meter. The big pile of clothes she had chosen for her Xiao Baozi had already taken up half of the space available.

Although it wasn’t the typical boundless space dimension where it could cultivate different plants and vegetation, or the space dimension capable of bringing people inside, it was still able to contain some of their daily necessities. Shao Qing was already plenty satisfied.

Putting away some clothes for herself, some things to eat, and powdered milk, she then departed with Xiao Baozi.

“Mama, where are we going?” Blinking his large eyes, Xiao Baozi asked.

Shao Qing had caught a glimpse of a mirror earlier. Although the woman inside had extremely pale complexions, she did not show any signs of transforming into those zombies. As long as they didn’t allow anyone to come into close contact, she ought to be safe from people discovering her special features. Now feeling a bit relieved, she announced. “We are going to the capital!”

Being Country Z’s capital, there was a big population, but most importantly, the leaders and the army was located there. Even if it was the apocalypse, there should be some sort of order there.

Shao Qing also still had a child to raise and going to that place ought to be a little bit easier.

Currently they were located at S City. Even though S City isn’t that far from the capital,  without airplanes and trains and under these circumstances, it will be quite inconvenient and troublesome.

Fortunately, Shao Qing didn’t have to worry about the zombies mounting a sneak attack. This made the journey a whole lot safer.

However, after walking for not that long, Shao Qing was stunned. In the beginning, she had only occasionally heard some light grumbling sounds and did not think much of it. Until now, she discovered that the rumbling sounds were coming from the only thing in her bosom, her darling baby. “Darling, are you hungry?”

Xiao Baozi immediately blushed and softly replied. “I’m not that hungry, Mama.” As soon as those words were spoken, his stomach giving him no respect at all immediately growled out loud.

“Sorry darling, I have totally overlooked this…” Without delay, Shao Qing found a private house. Searching for hot water, she mixed it with the powdered milk. As soon as Xiao Baozi took a big gulp of the milk, he immediately spat everything out and rolled about on Shao Qing’s bosom. “Mama, my stomach hurts… so painful…”

“Darling…” Anxious, her eyes turned completely red. How could this be?

Xiao Baozi was in so much pain, he continuously cried. But on account of his physique problem, no tears flowed out. After he had vomited all the powdered milk out, then did he feel a bit better.

Shao Qing was exceedingly distressed. Blaming herself incessantly, she kept apologizing. “Darling….. darling… it’s all mom’s fault….”

“Mama, don’t cry.” Xiao Baozi consoled Shao Qing with a kiss. It was at this time that Shao Qing knew her baby stood out from the masses and could not be raised like the average child.

But seeing her darling starve, how could she not try to think of a plan?

Shao Qing tried to find meat for Xiao Baozi to eat, but once Xiao Baozi ate a bit, he once again continuously vomited out everything. Seeing her baby vomiting, Shao Qing’s heart twisted. If it were possible, she would be willing to sacrifice her own meat to feed her baby.

“What’s to be done…” The usual steel blooded women that Shao Qing revealed to others was now currently so anxious she was about to cry. Her baby, her treasure, it’s all that wretched cheating couple’s fault. They caused her baby to be neither a human or a ghost….

“Mother will find a solution.” Leaving aside her grudges, she carried Xiao Baozi. She needed to find those zombies to do some investigation. She believed that Xiao Baozi’s physique ought to be somewhat similar to those zombies.

Before she could go even go catch a few zombies, she heard a loud gunshot from outside. Narrowing her eyes, she stared out from the window and saw a car violently speeding towards the downstairs of her private home. Within the car sat several people. Right when one of them reached out their hands, they emitted a regiment of flames, causing the zombies who were chasing the car to all burn to death.

Perhaps, she also needs a car.

Just when she was pondering this thought, someone from inside the car waved at her. “Are you a survivor?”

Thinking for a bit, Shao Qing responded: “Yes, are you guys here to rescue us?”

“Yes, we are here to rescue people.” Parking downstairs, five people came out and quickly arrived on the second floor. Shao Qing opened the door. Parking downstairs, five people came out and quickly arrived on the second floor. Shao Qing opened the door. The first person who entered was a middle aged man. With a majestic appearance, but eyes displaying indecency, he made a quick sweep around the room. When it landed on Shao Qing’s body, he was somewhat breath taken. “Are you by yourself?”

“Yes.” Shao Qing’s complexion was pale as if she was extremely startled. “What happened outside, how could…. how could this happen…”

“You don’t have to be scared. Us few are superhumans, capable of protecting you. Outside of the city there is a survivor base. Once you have arrived there, everything will be alright.” As that person spoke, he silently hinted for the others to close the door on the other.

One youngster with yellow dyed hair sinisterly laughed. “Boss, stop being such a hypocrite. It’s the apocalypse anyways, just quickly do it. Us brothers are all waiting in line. We all haven’t touched a woman in quite a while.


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