Chapter 12

Chapter 12: You’re mine!

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It’s no surprise that when Xiao Baozi drank the powdered milk he made a complete mess and barfed everywhere. Shao Qing had only taken one bite, but was already ready to tear out her stomach. Li Jing seeing her reaction promptly asked: “Is my cooking really bad?”

“No, it’s just that recently my stomach hasn’t been feeling too well.” Shao Qing was unable to elaborate more. Li Jing narrowed his eyes then lightly laughed. “Even if your stomach isn’t feeling well, you should should still eat some stuff. If you don’t eat, how could your body get better?”

“No.” At this moment, Shao Qing only had one thought in her mind and that was to puke out everything in her stomach. “Sorry for the bother today. It’s not your cooking skills, I just really can’t eat anymore. Another day, invite me to try your cooking skills again.”

Watching Shao Qing want to leave, Li Jing hurriedly replied. “If you don’t want to eat these things, how about eating some fruit? I have a lot of fresh apples here, you can wait here. I’ll bring you some.”

Not waiting for Shao Qing’s rejections, he went inside to go grab it. Shao Qing without any other option sat down once again. Her stomach churning, she really just wanted to puke.

Holding two bright red apples in his hand and a cluster of bright green grapes, he handed Shao Qing an apple. “You can bring the grapes for the baby to eat.”

“Originally, Shao Qing was going to reject his offer, but her stomach was too difficult to bear so she received them. “I’m really not feeling well right now. Another day I’ll invite you out to eat.”

Li Jing’s eyes flashed with a hidden gleam of happiness. He thought that the medicine that he had secretly served to Shao Qing had worked, thus he continuously urged Shao Qing to stay.

Shao Qing was soon about to throw up on his face, even her smiling expression couldn’t be maintained any longer. “I’m leaving first.” Ignoring Li Jing’s obstruction of her to leave she quickly left a few words and departed.

Once departed, Shao Qing immediately felt Li Jing following from behind. Not saying a word she quickly increased her pace, using her pursuing technique that she had trained for many years, she easily threw off Li Jing.

Once she threw off Li Jing, Shao Qing immediately found a corner and puked everything out, whatever amount she ate was whatever amount she threw up. After vomiting, Shao Qing began to worry about the quilt covered Xiao Baozi. Wiping her mouth and taking some mineral spring water to rinse out her mouth, she prepared to set off.

After walking a few steps, she saw a familiar figure walking out from a tent. As before, his well built back was visible and showed off his powerful lower back.

He also discovered Shao Qing, his body becoming rigid. Looking at his body, she realized there were quite a few new wounds.

There were even more bruises on his body.

Shao Qing was originally planning on leaving, but when her gaze met the deep pair of eyes of the man, she stopped her steps. The man seemed to hesitate a bit, after a long while did he let out a low voice asking: “Da ren, do you still need some able-bodied workers?”

[Da ren = title of respect towards superiors]

Shao Qing faintly knitted her eyebrows. Her eyes falling onto the man’s bruised and scarred chest, sneering: “Asking a single woman if they need some able-bodied worker in the middle of the night, aren’t you scared I’ll let my imaginations run wild and really want you to do some ‘extra labour’?”

The man evidently felt somewhat helpless. Expressionless for a while, the moonlight from above enveloped his cheeks revealing the new layer of pink. His lips quivering: “I…. I didn’t have those thoughts….”

“I know, I was just joking with you.” Shao Qing spurned herself for her nasty sense of taste in humour. She patted the man’s shoulder. “Are you able to tell me what you need?”

“Medicine… to reduce fever.” His eyes shined for an instant, then in a blink of an eye dimmed down. Medicine in the apocalypse was extremely scarce, majority of the medicine was secured by the base and provided to injured superhumans. The remaining portion could be exchanged with points but these points were achieved through the exchange of food and other supplies. Not to mention the points required to exchange for medicine is extremely high.

Men without superpowers could only count on their own strength. Even if they had joined the normal human investigation teams, the things they earned through that were just barely able to meet their daily needs. It is basically impossible for them to have a surplus of goods to exchange for points.

Even if they lived in the most frugal manner, the gathered points still wouldn’t be enough to exchange for the most common medicine.

Therefore since arriving at the apocalypse, normal humans that became sick really couldn’t afford to be sick.

“I do have some.” Shao Qing had plundered quite a few medicine, it’s a pity though that she had found out her and Xiao Baozi had a physique that wouldn’t fall ill. Now these medicine she plundered had no use at all, fortunately she had still not thrown it away yet.

“Could you give me some? I could help you with some manual labour….” Saying this, his cheeks turned red. He naturally knew that if this deal went down, he would be taking advantage of Shao Qing too much.   

“Sure, but I have a question I would like to ask you.” Nodding her head she asked. “What did you do before?”

“I was a soldier, but I retired due to an injury…”

Shao Qing’s impression of the man rose significantly. She had also retired from being a military personnel. Thus in regards to military personnel, she had a somewhat favorable opinion of them.

Not to mention this man had retired due to an injury which was the exact same situation as Shao Qing. “How much do you need?”

“I’m not too sure….”  Wrinkling his brows, he pushed open the tent’s curtain revealing a woman lying on a worn out quilt.

The woman looked around fifty to sixty of age. Malnourished and sickly in appearance, a deep wound looking as if it was split open on her exposed thigh could be seen. As there was no immediate treatment, the wound had pus and blood oozing out causing the air to have a grotesque smell. Feeling a bit embarrassed, he explained his situation. “My mom’s wound has become inflamed for quite some time. The smell is quite unpleasant, you might not want to stand too close.”

“It’s nothing.” Shao Qing did not increase her distance from the tent. “Come to my place tomorrow, I don’t have any medicine with me right now.”

“Ok. But I don’t have anything I can give you….”   

Shao Qing’s gaze sweeped over the man’s well built muscles on his chest, with intentions to take advantage of him as she touched his chest smiling. “No worries, from now on you’ll just be mine.”

This honest man pulled back a bit, his face turning so red it could bleed blood. It was evident that he had never been teased like this before and had no experience at all. His whole body turned as stiff as a board.

Until Shao Qing’s voice drifted into his ears. “What’s your name?”

“Yan Hanqing,” He reflexively answered.

“I’m Shao Qing. Remember to come find me tomorrow.”

When Shao Qing saw this upright man still having such a blank face, she couldn’t hold back her smile and turned to leave.

Yan Hanqing waited until Shao Qing was far away, then did he realize his forehead was covered in sweat. Just now… just now what did she say?

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    • She’s completely different tho. She’s just teasing him. She didn’t drug him to bang him or something. And I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t force him either.

  1. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with flirting with someone (at leadt, until they tell you to stop or that you are bothering them).

    Although time, place, and target all play a factor. A girl flirting with a guy of similar age can be cute; an old man (or woman) flirting with a young girl (or guy) can be sick and creepy. And flirting with somone in an inappropriate atmosphere or manner is also creepy.

    And touching without consent (unless you already have a close enough relationship) is also a no-no.


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