Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Man Eat Man

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Waiting until Shao Qing got up and stretched out her waist, the woman was already stuck deep within the ground. Her entire body still faintly twitching.

“Next time make sure you inspect carefully.” Shao Qing got up and took a glimpse at the man who died tragically.

A lot of people apparently had those deeply rooted bad habits. I died, why are they still allowed to live? I’ve been bitten, what if by chance I don’t change into a zombie?

For instance, that woman had that exact same hopeful thinking. Ultimately when she died, her husband had died as well.

Or another example, she nearly caused the death of more than half the people in the base.

Gu Panpan and A Tu felt somewhat embarrassed. After all ,at that time, it was them two who had inspected the young couple. In particular, Gu Panpan felt especially embarrassed, her ashamed face turning red.

“I’m really sorry. We’ve allowed you to see something embarrassing.” Shao Qing smiled towards the boss. A dark gleam flashed within his eyes for a second, then he promptly replied. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. As long as you are guys are okay, it’s fine. Everyone can be dismissed now. We still have to wake up early tomorrow to hurry on with our journey.”

“Yes…” Shao QIng smiled. As the boss was passing by her side, she suddenly stuck her hand out. Her movement extremely fast in addition to the boss not guarding against her, all at once he was pinned against the wall by Shao Qing’s chopping knife.

The knife stabbing through his right chest, had him hanging on the wall. The two people that had followed him here stared blankly for a second, then immediately prepared to take action. Yan Hanqing in a moment’s notice had already grabbed a short dagger and ruthlessly stabbed it through a person’s eye socket.

Gu Chuan and the other two were shocked by Shao Qing’s sudden movements, in particular A Tu. However, Gu Chuan was able recover faster than the rest. Using his ice elemental, he created a blade made of ice and penetrated the third person’s throat.

This group of three superhumans, suddenly became two dead, one injured. Even though the boss was pinned against the wall, at least he still had not been killed. He angrily glared at Shao QIng, furiously asking: “What are you doing? I offered you shelter from the kindness of my heart, provided you with warm hospitality, how dare you guys….”

“You asked me what I’m doing?” Shao QIng picked up a dagger, pointing it towards the boss. “Those people that you ate also probably asked you the exact same question, what are you doing?”

Once those words left Shao Qing’s mouth, everyone present was stunned. Whether it was Gu Chuan’s group or the other survivors surrounding them.

“You…. you… what are you saying?” The boss seemed to be panicking, biting his teeth. “Why are you slandering me and lying to everyone? I really don’t understand. What does our group have that is so good that you have to conspire against us!”

“Then let me ask you. What does your eighteen plus people rely on as food since the beginning until today?” Shao Qing coldly asked him. The boss not lacking in confidence in the slightest bit retorted. “Naturally it’s food provisions! What we depend on is our granaries, so we’re not scared of having nothing to eat.”

“Those are all lies! That area had a speed variation zombie, you guys absolutely would not not dare to venture in there! Since I arrived here, I felt that something was wrong. Signs of fighting, corpses everywhere. If wild dogs ate a lot of corpses their body type would start to resemble a wild boar, looking at people with cold gloomy eyes. Since I came here, I’ve felt their glances. They were the same as man eating wild dogs.” Shao Qing then continued speaking in an indifferent manner. “Obviously with just those things I was unable to be certain that this was the case. At that time I just simply felt that something was odd. Until that night, the woman that I encountered when I first arrived was missing. That night there was also an additional meat dish, the quality of the meat dish was especially fresh and delicate,  compared to port it was completely two different things…”

Before Shao Qing could finish saying what she wanted to say, A Tu was already holding his stomach and throwing up because that meat she mentioned, he had a large amount of it.

“My suspicions then changed to certainty. After dinner, I was at the courtyard pacing around and the smell of blood hadn’t even dispersed yet. This probably wasn’t your guys first time eating human meat, right? The handling of the remains was definitely skillful.” Shao Qing coldly laughed.

“What if that’s the case?” Seeing that he was exposed, the boss was without the slightest scruple. “I rescued them. If they died for me, that’s something that ought to happen. Let alone those were just two sheeps that I was raising in my pen, being eaten is something completely normal…””

Before he could finish his words, at the end of his patience, Yan Hanqing used his knife to stab him from the cheek straight to the back of his head, penetrating his head. Even if he were to beg for forgiveness, that speech that he made without the slightest scruple, can only be resigned to his next life.

Shao Qing wrinkled her forehead then did a sweep of her surroundings. “Does anyone want to avenge them?”

“The surrounding people hurriedly shook their heads. No longer caring about the things on the ground or on the wall, Shao Qing carried Xiao Baozi and continued walking towards her room.

“Qing Jiejie, are you going back now?” Gu Panpan kicked the corpse on the ground out of dislike. She had no idea that the people here were unexpectedly relying on cannibalism to survive. How many people have they eaten thus far?

“Sleep, tomorrow we’ll depart.”

Shao Qing’s head didn’t turn as she replied. After all now that it was late at night, it wasn’t suitable for them to hurry on their journey.

Gu Panpan really didn’t even want to stay for one second longer here. Thinking about everyone in their surroundings have gotten used to eating meat, then thinking again back to their meal at dinner earlier and how she almost ate human meat, she felt nauseous and wanted to throw up.

“Let’s go.” Gu Chuan took one glimpse at the unconscious A Tu and also left. Gu Panpan followed closely behind.

Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing one in front and the other behind finally arrived at the entrance. Shao Qing paused in front of the door, smiling. “What, were you preparing to come to my room to sleep?”

Yan Hanqing’s face immediately blushed, then stammered. “No…. No, I was just following you… forgot…..”

Shao Qing opened the door, faintly smiling at Yan Hanqing. “Come on in. In any case, I don’t need to sleep anyways….”

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