Chapter 31

Chapter 31 My cousin

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Er Dai stood there at a loss. He had no idea why Shao Qing suddenly got so angry. However seeing Shao Qing wanting to leave, he couldn’t help but follow her. Yet, Shao Qing immediately turned around frowning. “Go back, stop following me.”

Er Dai stopped his footsteps, standing there appearing rather pitiful. As he watched Shao Qing take a step little by little departing away from him, he abruptly made a really really soft whimper as if to detain her. Shao Qing had always believed herself to have a heart of steel but she couldn’t lift her legs up to continue walking any more.

She suddenly began calling into question whether her treating Er Dai well is good conduct or did it in fact harm Er Dai. In the end, she couldn’t resist turning around causing her to see Er Dai helplessly standing in a field of complete disorder, clothing all tattered, and covered in dust.

Shao Qing could roughly guess to why Er Dai was secretly following her. But the more she thought, the more Shao Qing felt sad. She felt that her decision would cause Er Dai harm, even if he was a zombie who didn’t understand anything.

Does a zombie have a heart? Have feelings? Shao Qing didn’t know, but Er Dai definitely does.

Shao Qing hesitated for a long time. Finally letting out a sigh she turned around. “Follow me and listen to what I say.”

The originally downcast Er Dai who was wailing, suddenly resembled the release of an arrow, and directly hung onto Shao Qing.

Shao Qing didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as she caught Er Dai, sighing. “You don’t even resemble a zombie at all. You’re more like a husky. Stupid and foolish, and also super clingy. Come down quickly.”

Probably scared that Shao Qing might change her mind, Er Dai hurriedly came down Shao Qing’s body. Following her from behind, he had a lovable appearance on.

“He’s changed……” Shao Qing sighed in admiration as she dragged Er Dai to the ravine in the vicinity. Connected to this ravine was a reservoir thus the ravine had not so shallow water. Directly peeling off Er Dai’s clothings until he was stark naked, she pushed him into the water. From head to toe, she washed him clean thoroughly.

Probably from being scared that Shao Qing might abandon him again, so although he loathed the water, he was especially obedient and didn’t move at all to cooperate with Shao Qing.

After cleaning Er Dai thoroughly, she found a somewhat clean… set of women clothes for Er Dai to put on. Not bad. It was women clothing because within Shao Qing’s storage apart from women clothing she only had children clothing.

Although it was women clothing, it was the neutral type of clothing. With Er Dai’s facial features being extremely delicate and pretty, even so much that you could call him refined and exquisite. Now after washing that chaotic mess of a hair so it became agreeable and obedient and changing into women clothing, unexpectedly nothing seemed out of sorts.

Shao Qing rubbed Er Dai’s dripping wet hair. His agreeable short hair immediately changing into a messy regiment. Specially taking out a black cloak from within her dimension, she allowed Er Dai to drape it over his shoulders. “In front of others, make sure you don’t remove it. You understand?”

After Er Dai earnestly nodded his head, Shao Qing pulled him along. By the time they got back, the flock of zombies had already started to slowly disperse. Pulling Er Dai along, they returned back to the house where the rest had gone into hiding.

When they climbed over the wall to enter, several people became on guard until they discovered it was Shao Qing and then let out a sigh of relief. Gu Panpan patted her chest. “Qing Jie Jie, you really scared me! You said you’re going to leave, and then you just left. There were so many zombies outside, just taking a glance at them left my whole body numb and full of goosebumps. Fortunately, you were able to safely return… wait, who are you?”

Gu Panpan let her gaze to fall on the good looking Er Dai who was standing on the side. After cleaning up and changing his entire outfit, if one didn’t look carefully, he did seem to be like a graceful and beautiful maiden.

“My cousin, he’s mute. When he was young he had a really high fever, so at the hospital he was given hormones and injections. After all that he ended up losing his voice and is a bit foolish. Just now when I went out, I discovered that he was inside the car that was being chased.” Shao Qing coughed, without even the slightest of pressure she began to fabricate her lie: “My cousin followed his family to J city. After the apocalypse began, we haven’t been in touch, who would have thought that we would see each other here.”

“So it was your Biao Di*… I thought it was your Biao Mei**….” Gu Panpan extended out her hand. “Nice to meet you Biao Di, my name’s Gu Panpan.”
*Biao Di = male cousin; everytime you see cousin, it actually says Biao Di. In Chinese, family relations usually have more specific titles in comparison to English.
**Biao Mei = female cousin

Er Dai secretly stole a glance over at Shao Qing, then took a look at his own claws. His ash gray fingernails were too conspicuous. After hurriedly retracting his fingernails, he stiffly reached out and shook Gu Panpan’s hand for moment then quickly pulled back.

“Your cousin is really shy….” Gu Panpan looked at Er Dai then coughed. “But the way he dresses seems the exact opposite.”

“His clothes ripped, so I gave him mine to wear.” Shao Qing coughed into her fists, her confidence very lacking.

Luckily, Xiao Baozi who was currently in Yan Hanqing’s embrace struggled out, then…. scuttled over to Er Dai’s bosom.

Er Dai at once caught Xiao Baozi. After all at that time, he had repeatedly taken over the role of being a nanny, so Xiao Baozi was extremely familiar with Er Dai.

It should be actually said that Xiao Baozi is extremely proficient in bullying Er Dai.

After arriving within Er Dai’s embrace, he proficiently occupied Er Dai’s bosom. When Xiao Baozi interrupted the moment, the atmosphere immediately eased up and the rest of the group also accepted Er Dai.

Shao Qing let out a breath of relief, then turned her head to see Yan Hanqing standing behind her with gentle eyes. “You’ve returned.”

Just when Shao Qing was preparing to reply, a shadow flashed in front of her. She could only see that Er Dai was standing in front of her as if protecting his food, giving ferocious stares at Yan Hanqing.

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