PMMB Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Sudden Change

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After visiting the exchange market again, Yan Hanqing’s hand had a machine gun and a type 54 pistol. The majority of police officers within the country used a 9mm revolver pistol. The killing ability of this kind of gun was practically a pain in the butt. It had an effective firing range of fifty metres. People struck from five metres or more basically would not fear any deadly wounds, not even mentioning firing it against zombies.

Compared to a type 54 pistol, a 9mm revolving pistol was basically pistol suited for a daughter from an influential family. After walking around in a circle, did Yan Hanqing fish out a type 54 pistol from within a pile of 9mm revolver pistols.

Actually, Yan Hanqing was very dissatisfied. He was accustomed to using guns like the m500 where they had tremendous firing power. Now having to change to a type 54 pistol he really wasn’t able to adapt to it. However under these circumstances, just having a gun for self protection concerning people with no superpowers, was already pretty fortunate.

Besides, Yan Hanqing and Gu Panpan were able to find a battlefield blade. Gu Chuan was able to exchange back a clasp knife, but the one who had the largest harvest was Shao Qing. She was able to exchange back a ‘mad dog’. This was a sabre that every country’s special military forces would try to obtain. Shao Qing had also possessed one before, but since crawling out from the hospital’s morgue, the set of things that she had on her body were all missing.

Therefore, this time being able to find the mad dog, Shao Qing was simply ecstatic. At that moment she immediately attached the scabbard to her outer thigh to carry it on her body.

Besides weapons, they were also able to exchange for some fresh fruits and vegetables and so on. After all, since they have been out for so many days, they have been eating rations every single day. No one would be able to stand it.

Finally, Shao Qing also bought Shao Tong an outfit suitable for a young lady. A skirt with flowers all over it and suspenders to match. It was extremely cute.

Shao Qing wasn’t able to give much to Shao Tong. The only things she could possible offer her that was within her capabilities was to treat her better. To speak callously, if they did encounter any dangers, if it was up to Shao Qing’s choice, she would choose to abandon Shao Tong.

Just as what she said at the beginning, she really couldn’t give much to Shao Tong. Besides the things within her capability, there was just the ability to die with dignity, that’s it.

Returning back to their residence, Shao Qing saw Shao Tong wearing an apron and doing some housework. Her movements were awkward, but she was very earnest. Her delicate countenance was brimming with indescribable happiness.

Within Shao Tong’s eyes, Shao Qing was a good person. She had saved her, didn’t mistreat her, gave her things to eat, and had also given her a name.

Afterwards, she had also gained a family. Everyone here had treated her nicely and gently. This was literally taking her from hell to heaven in one night.

She didn’t know how to express her own happiness. The only thing she knew she could do was to just clean up the place.

Once seeing Shao Qing and the rest return, Shao Tong’s eyes immediately brightened. But since she rarely interacted with others, as a result, her cheeks turned a bright red and she wasn’t able to say a single word.

“Ah Tong is really good.” Shao Qing rubbed Shao Tong’s head. Pulling Shao Tong over to the where they stayed, when she pulled out the skirt out, Shao Tong’s eyes were gleaming with delight and excitement.

Every girl had that dream of being a princess, even if they were a masculine woman. They would all yearn for that flowered tutu skirt and for Shao Tong, since she was young all her nicest clothing were made from her mother’s old clothes thus, she had always thirsted for new clothing, but if she mentioned that she would only be beaten and scolded.

“Try it on to see if it fits.” Shao Qing spread the skirt out. Shao Tong very carefully went over and touched it, her eyes continuously sneaking looks over at Shao Qing.

“I’m giving it to you, wear it.” Shao Qing couldn’t help but let out a soft comment. After quite a while, Shao Tong finally built up the courage to take off her old clothes to try on the new skirt. Shao Qing’s eyes immediately widened. She saw that from head to toe on Shao Yong’s body, there was no single piece of skin that didn’t carry a scar. Numerous densely packed old scars covered her frail pale body. From the back to her chest, from her arms to her legs it was a ghastly sight.

Shao Tong joyously changed into the pink t-shirt and the suspender skirt. Letting her sit down, Shao Qing helped tie her long hair into two braided pigtails.

The happy Shao Tong looked very pretty. Shao Qing softly stroked her head, her heart feeling pained, all of a sudden she bubbled forth: “Just like a princess.”

She could imagine how bitter and hard Shao Tong’s childhood was. Just like when she was at the orphanage, just for a small piece of pastry, a bowl of congee, she would always be covered all over with cuts and bruises.

Yet for Shao Tong, she didn’t even have the ability to rebel. Instead she was treated as a plaything for venting one’s anger, something that can be sold at anytime.

Her life was simply a tragedy.

Lifting her skirt up a bit to show it off, she merrily twirled around in front of Shao Qing. After finishing her twirls, she suddenly became expressionless again and unwillingly was about to change into her old clothes again.

Her mood was clearly written on her face, thus Shao Qing couldn’t help but toss her old clothes to the side. “Don’t be scared to get it dirty. If it does get dirty, I’ll just buy you a new one. Wear it, I think it looks good. I like it.”

Shao Tong’s face started to light up again, she was too easy to please.

When Shao Qing pulled Shao Tong out, Yan Hanqing was already making dinner. Er Dai was carrying Xiao Baozi on the sofa while Xiao Baozi kept on trying to crawl out from Er Dai’s hold to crawl onto the table to grab some grapes.

Bright green grapes that still had some water droplets on it. It appeared fresh, green and tasty. On the side there were also a few bright red apples though the skin was a bit wrinkly.

Gu Panpan was in the midst of using her new knife to slice the apples into slices, then placed it onto the plate to resemble a flower.

In brief, the atmosphere within the living room was extremely good. No one would be able to tell that they were about to welcome the bloody moon which stood for the full moon.

The reason why they called the full moon as the bloody moon was because a few small bases during the full moon time were breached by zombies. The entire base became a massacre leaving nothing behind.

After two days people would investigate those bases to discover that the breached bases, besides the zombies, there were only skeletal remains of the corpses.

Therefore gradually, the full moon slowly became referred to as the bloody moon.

At present, the base that Shao Qing and the rest were at couldn’t be counted as a large bse. Adding up the entire base, there was probably around a thousand people, probably around the same as a medium sized village.

The only thing that was a bit better was that the base was quite far from the cities that were densely populated with zombies. Thus even if there were a bloody moon and the zombies would launch an insurrection, there still wouldn’t be too many zombies that would approach the base.

However it was better safe than sorry, the higher ups of the base didn’t do much. Just early in the morning, they allowed the members of the base to start strengthening the perimeter walls.

By the time Shao Qing and the rest came back after going to buy some items, they could see that quite a few base members were lifting wire nettings and were adding it to the outside of the base as another defensive line.

Yan Hanqing made four dishes and one soup. His cooking skill was pretty good, everyone was happy and content. After dinner, the entire group ate some fruit, on one hand chatting while on the other they were waiting for the bloody moon to arrive.

No matter if it was during the day or during the night, the skies were dark. It was only when the round disk like moon lifted up, that there was a eccentricity coloured haze giving off a dull red glow, no wonder it was called the bloody moon.

From a far there were zombies that were howling that could be vaguely heard. Shao Qing was sitting on the sofa and had Xiao Baozi confined between her legs. When the moon had risen, Shao Qing could feel that the blood within her body was flaring up, the only thing was that the extent of the flaring up was not that big, thus she was able to endure it.

While Xiao Baozi was rubbing against her leg, it was probably because he could feel the influence as well. However, the one who felt it’s influence the most was probably Er Dai. Having his head lowered, he was curled up on the sofa, completely silent. But, occasionally you would be able to see his back slightly shudder.

Shao Qing took a look at the time, it was already 9pm. “Er Dai seems like he’s not feeling too well, I think I’m going to take him to our room. If there’s anything you need from me, just call me.”

Lifting up Xiao Baozi onto her back, she directly princess carried Er Dai. Shao Tong also wanted to come along, but was held back by Gu Panpan. Gu Panpan stuffed a slice of apple into her mouth, not allowing Shao Tong to bother Shao Qing.

Once Shao Qing lifted up Er Dai, she was able to see Er Dai had an extremely pale face, a pair of dark black pupils appearing as if it was being contaminated by the blood moon.

Er Dai curled up against Shao Qing’s chest. A pair of canines coming out from his upper lip. Er Dai’s fangs were different from a zombies fangs that shredded meat. He only had two small canine like fangs. It didn’t look the least bit scary, on the contrary it looked quite adorable.

After bringing Er Dai into the room, Er Dai let out a sigh of relief, unable to resist burying himself against Shao Qing’s embrace.

His skin temperature was already changing. Normally, a zombie was like a dead corpse, therefore their bodies would be icy cold and wouldn’t feel warm at all. Er Dai was like this as well, however at this moment, Er Dai’s skin was slowly becoming feverish.

Even more was that Shao Qing could hear that something within Er Dai’s body which could be either the flaring of his blood or the throbbing of his pulse.

Once again she was aware that perhaps zombies were constantly evolving. Later on they might become more and more human like with both their intelligence and their appearance.

In that way, her, Xiao Baozi, Er Dai might sooner or later have a day where they could become something like a regular person with no difference at all.

Right when she was indulging in her own imagination, Er Dai unexpectedly tumbled out of her embrace. Sharp fingernails began to grow out, almost creating a hole in the bed.

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