PMMB Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Bad luck

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Tumbling to the ground, Er Dai’s state seemed abnormal. His pale skin was changing to a mild pink at a visible rate, and it was even starting to become a dark red.

Even more scary was that Er Dai’s veins and arteries were all starting to surface all over his body. Although it was separated by a layer of skin, you could still clearly see the distinction of the greenish black veins and arteries. Seeing them continue to pulse, it was as if you were viewing earthworms wriggling around incessantly.

Shao Qing could sense that there was some kind of energy fluctuation coming from Er Dai’s head that was starting to spread throughout his entire body. The feeling this kind of energy gave Shao Qing was like…. a sweet fragrant smell being emitted, bringing an indescribable enticement.

This caused Shao Qing to have an urge to extend her fingers to pry open Er Dai’s skull, digging out the resonating crystal within.

Fortunately, Shao Qing’s willpower has always been firm and steady and the influence she suffered from the full moon was comparatively small to Er Dai’s. However, Xiao Baozi was going through something similar to Er Dai and had already shrunken into a tiny ball in the corner of the bed against the wall.

Slowly, Shao Qing saw that Er Dai’s blackish gray fingernails that were dozens of centimetres long become razor sharp, increasingly thin and long, and taking on an ink like colour.

With a simple bend of his finger, Er Dai’s finger inserted itself into the bedding and the bed boards like tofu. His eyes were beginning to turn increasingly red, Er Dai powerlessly started to try to curl up like a shrimp, his bare skin turning crimson.

The vein pattern created by his sinister looking veins appeared to be greenish black tattoos. Accompanied by Er Dai’s continuous struggles and loose clothes slipping off, he appeared… quite sexual.

Shao Qing slapped her own head. She probably had a fever and became stupid, how could she suddenly think that a zombie was sexy. So much that she had the urge to bite Er Dai’s neck.

After roughly an hour going by, Er Dai had a short duration where he calmed down then did Shao Qing let out a sigh of relief. She looked at the tiny Xiao Baozi then looked at Er Dai, her heart that was extremely panicked started to relax.

But before she could fully feel calm, Gu Panpan suddenly starting knocking on the door. “Qing Jiejie, the zombies have started raiding the city!”

Shao Qing knitted her eyebrows and touched Er Dai’s hair. “Help me look after my son, I’ll be back soon.”

Afterwards, Shao Qing pulled open the door and left. She didn’t know that when her feet just started to leave, Er Dai’s legs started to become rash and irritable and it was even worse for Xiao Baozi.

Even though Xiao Baozi had always seemed to be more intelligent than ordinary kids, he was still a little wise but immature Xiao Baozi. Thus in terms of restraining himself, he can’t be compared to Er Dai.

The biggest reason for the zombie’s insurrection during the full moon was flesh. Er Dai stood out from the masses, but he was still a zombie. Xiao Baozi was considered half zombie and half human therefore when it was the full moon, both of them started to have a primitive craving for meat and flesh.

The full moon was when zombies could evolve the most easily. Therefore, frequently after a full moon occurs, investigations squad that were sent out would discover that the zombies have once again increased their strength.

Xiao Baozi completely shrunk into a ball, his one eye that visibly classified him as a zombie was already becoming a dim red while his normal eye was also being covered with visible veins.

He needed fresh flesh, he thirsted for fresh flesh.

Once midnight approached, the moon was suspended right in the middle of the sky, this was the time when the effects of the moon was the strongest. Xiao Baozi who was already suffering and was rolling around on the bed. Right at this moment, footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door.

Apparently the people outside the door were able to hear the sounds inside the house. Attempting to open the door, they discovered that the door was locked from the inside.

In an instant, a flame was ignited burning down the door of the room into ashes. The wretched face of the Mediterranean walked right in. Carrying a vulgar smile on his face, with a glance he immediately noticed Er Dai who was currently facing the wall.

Er Dai’s clothing were in complete disorder, his smooth shoulders were surrounded by a mist like red clouds and was exposed. It looked utterly alluring.

The Mediterranean man was originally planning to come find Shao Tong during the confusion since all the superhumans were currently resisting the zombies. Since Shao Tong didn’t have any superhuman abilities and barely had the strength to truss a chicken, when Shao Qing and the rest went to resist the zombies they definitely wouldn’t bring Shao Tong. Calculating this out, only then did the Mediterranean man decide to sneak over.

But, he didn’t expect to not find Shao Tong and instead find an item of the highest quality. The Mediterranean man slowly places his hand on Er Dai’s scalding skin. The scalding skin immediately burnt the palm of his hand.

However, before waiting for the Mediterranean to do anything, the person before him abruptly flipped his body over and actually pressed him down beneath him on the bed.

A pair of berserk red eyes, canines and razor sharp fingernails. Although the person in front of him wasn’t rotting, the Mediterranean man was able to recognize him from a glance. “Oh god, a zombie!”

From being excessively alarmed, it indirectly caused his voice to break. How would he know that when he was coming over to look for the little girl that he would suddenly encounter a zombie. Using his brain, it was obvious that this zombie was domestic.

Facing this domestically raised Er Dai, the Mediterranean man was scared stupid. Extending his hand out to push Er Dai off, Er Dai instead used a claw to press his wrist down. The razor sharp fingernail immediately punctured through the man’s wrist causing fresh blood to rush forth. A fragrant sweet smell caused Er Dai’s eyes to turn even more red, even Xiao Baozi who was in the corner also crawled over following the smell.

Mediterranean man: Oh My God!

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  1. Exactly how long has it been since the apocalypse? They keep mentioning these rules like the bloody moon. How would you know this if the apocalypse hasn’t even been on that long. To have a full moon it takes a month. For them to have experienced this before it should be around the 2nd month of the apocalypse or more. So did our MC not revive until a few months after she died? But then how did she hear the voices of the people at the morgue?

    Also, not a bad plan by that guy but… shame. Those two are going to get indigestion eating such trash.

  2. Thank God, that despicable trash is going to die!
    Hopefully Er Dai and Xiao Baozi won’t get indigestion though.
    (How F*CKING perverted and disgusting do you have to be to go rape someone while your base could be overrun every moment?!) (Kind of retorical, because that is just how things are (especially during apocalypses and the like).)

    • A. Pretty sure the lights weren’t on in the room, and the moon, although bright enough to see, would not be bright enough (or give off the right hue) to tell someone has flushed skin.

      B. Unless his skin is flashing like a strobelight, how would someone know he has “color-changing skin”? For one thing, everyone’s skin will change color depending upon circumstances (being too hot or too cold, or as in this case having either an excess or lack of blood flow). But unless you’re familiar with how they normally look, you can only tell if it’s an extreme condition (which, granted, this is, but again kind of hard to tell under the moonlight).


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