PMMB Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Bizarre Zombie

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After changing five wheels of bullets, the majority of the bullets were used up. The units composed of ordinary people climbed back down from the top of the walls. Currently, a third of the zombies had been disposed of.

This was a really good military accomplishment. The only thing was that the cost of this success was all the bullets in the base.

Shao Qing also discovered that secretly there were always a few zombies who were stealthily eating the crystals of their own kind.

Everytime a zombie was killed, they would secretly eat the crystal. Seeing this, Shao Qing felt somewhat anxious. Would those crystals be enough for her to raise a rank?

It was pressing but Shao Qing still behaved appropriately. She only calculated that she could probably sneak out at midnight to gather together some of the crystals so she won’t be discovered.

Afterwards a few of the base’s superhumans came over informing Shao Qing and the rest that all the superhumans have been organized into groups of five. Each squad would alternate patrolling the area every two hours, taking responsibility to exterminate the zombies near the perimeter walls.

Shao Qing and the rest were coincidently organized from midnight until 2am. People during that time were usually relatively tired. Shao Qing thought about it, it should be rather safe.

After calculating it a bit, she looked outside where the eyes of the zombie were all sparkling.

After the superhumans within the base were warned to be careful of the variation zombies, one squadron remained while the others went to rest.

Tents were set up within the base, near the perimeter walls, allowing the superhumans to rest. It was convenient and if anything happens, they would be able to respond quickly.

When they entered to take their breaks, the squad leader gave them some encouraging words. “We just need to endure tonight. When the dawn breaks, everything will be alright.”

Shao Qing and the others as a team was nested together in the tent whispering to each other. “After midnight let’s see how the situation is. If there’s any opportunities, we should try to collect some crystals. Even though an average zombie crystal wouldn’t really affect us much, the amount of crystals out there is just too much.” Shao Qing carefully calculated it. If they were able to get hold of some of these crystals, it would definitely upgrade their strengths by quite a bit.

A rank 2 superhuman and a rank 3 superhuman had a massive disparity. It was basically like how one is smaller than ten. Nine is also smaller than ten, but the disparity between nine and one is massive, that one would automatically be crushed.

The few of them didn’t say a word. After all trying to stuff their mouths full within a pile of zombies, isn’t an easy matter. Shao Qing spoke in a natural manner, letting loose a lie. “I have a special ability, allowing the zombies to briefly think that I am it’s companions. I won’t get attacked. Let’s wait until after midnight, then when we are patrolling, I could go out and take a look.”

Having seen Shao Qing infiltrate a zombie tide before and return safely, moreover she had brought back Er Dai as well, everyone had absolute trust for her. “Then at that time, you make sure you be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” Shao Qing gave him the okay sign. It was almost midnight. Real soon, it would be time for them to be on night duty. Putting the people in groups, they were not separated and was still grouped together. They were located at the corner looking outside the walls. Whenever any zombie approached, Yan Hanqing would serve as the bait to tempt it over. Followed by Gu Chuan freezing the zombie’s legs and Shao Qing tying it up. Finally Gu Panpan would rush over with her knife to scoop out the crystal and then mercilessly throw aside the dead body.

Just when it was almost 1am when there was temporarily no one approaching them, Shao Qing would dashingly jump over the perimeter walls.

Choosing an area with a large number of zombie carcass, after looking left and right, she began to search for crystals. The more she looked, the more she realized that the zombies were getting more and more intelligent. The majority of the zombie carcasses on the ground have already had their skulls emptied out, the crystal taken away.

Just as she thought. Humans were evolving and zombies were also evolving! In fact their evolution seemed to be a hundred times faster,.o matter if it was their strength, speed, or intelligence.

If they continued to evolve like this, there might be a day where zombies would be able to wear western style clothing and infiltrate into crowds, picking out tasty humans.

At that time, they wouldn’t be able to distinguish between people and zombies. They would only rely on their assumptions…

After coming over, on one hand she was collecting crystals and on the other continuously surveying her surroundings. Of course she was watching out for the variation zombies within the crowd of zombies as well.

There was a female zombie who unexpectedly had a beautiful flower from who knows where attached to her head. Trembling, pairing that with her extremely rotted face and body, it was especially horrific.

There was also another lolita zombie around 130/140 centimetres tall. The degree of her rot was comparatively less, therefore she still looked somewhat cute and had skin resembling human skin. Calmly staring at this lolita zombie, preparing to study it, it seemed very similar to her Er Dai, a special existence.

After the zombie bared her fangs, giving Shao Qing a fierce stare.

Shao Qing’s main task was the crystals. Deciding not to waste time, when she was about to lower her head to collect more crystals, the lolita zombie suddenly let out a piercing scream. It seemed like she was warning Shao Qing that this was her territory.

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