PMMB Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Zombies besieging the city

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The red eyed Xiao Baozi’s speed that fell just short of the speed of thunder, flew himself over onto the Mediterranean man’s body. Xiao Baozi couldn’t help being super adorable. Snowy white delicate skin, massive eyes with long lashes. If it weren’t for the fact that his eyes were as red as blood, he would absolutely cause everyone from a little girl to an old grandma to burst forth their maternal love.

However, at this moment his eyes were scarlet, fingernails incredibly pointed, and he was staring at the Mediterranean man with a rather distinct cold gaze.

The Mediterranean man who was originally unceasingly howling because of the injury on his wrist, immediately became mute. Opening his eyes wide open, he stared at Xiao Baozi in fright.

Subconsciously wanting to use his superhuman powers, Xiao Baozi had already drawn back the corners of his mouth and was approaching the Mediterranean man’s throat. Just one bite and he would be able to tear off the Mediterranean man’s throat allowing the warm fragrant blood to spill out.

Speedily, Er Dai made a move and grabbed Xiao Baozi, tearing Xiao Baozi off the Mediterranean man’s body. Since he tore him off, the Mediterranean’s man piece of clothing on his chest was torn apart leaving a few bloody scars.

Subsequently, Xiao Baozi was thrown onto the bed, bouncing off the soft bedding. However not content he jumped back up. But in the next second he was pressed down on the ground by Er Dai.

The eyes of the mad evolving Xiao Baozi started to have fresh blood dripping down. Grabbing onto Er Dai’s arms, his fingernails plunged into his flesh. His little body was unceasingly struggling, his throat continuously making an angry sound.

Er Dai was determined not to let Xiao Baozi be polluted by blood. Being a zombie, he understood better than anyone else. A zombie resembling Xiao Baozi who had never bitten anyone before, once they have gotten a taste of blood, they would become like a heroine addict.

They would be unable to stop. A brief amount of time of not allowing him to eat flesh or drink blood would cause him to weaken, resembling the sufferings of a person with a drug addition.

Shao Qing had told him to take care of Xiao Baozi. Therefore he would never allow Xiao Baozi to degenerate to that.

Taking advantage to the fact that Er Dai was suppressing Xiao Baozi, the Mediterranean man stumbled up and tried to get away. He was already scared out of his mind and didn’t even take advantage of the confusion to take care of Er Dai and Xiao Baozi. Instead he broke into a run.

Er Dai powerlessly let out a snarl. On one hand he wanted to kill the Mediterranean man but on the other he didn’t want to let Xiao Baozi go because if the Mediterranean man was able to escape then he would definitely expose him and Xiao Baozi’s identity. This would cause difficulties to Shao Qing.

Just when Er Dai didn’t know what to do, the Mediterranean man had already run all the way to the door let out a blood-curdling screech. From Er Dai’s position, he wasn’t able to see anything but the Mediterranean man’s skin on his chest had suddenly swelled out a bulge. Not even two seconds later, numerous vines came pouring out. The vines were covered with bloodstain and fragments of internal organs.

Soon, the Mediterranean man’s body was drilled through by countless slender vines. Those snake like vines, easily riddled him full of holes.

The Mediterranean man laid limp at the doorway, with his pool of blood gradually expanding bigger. The originally deranged Xiao Baozi suddenly violently stormed off…

On the other side, Shao Qing was already at the perimeter walls. Through the fence, she was able to see that outside the layer after layer of wire netting was a dense pack of zombies. They were currently continuously ramming at the wire netting.

In some places, the wire netting was getting close to being broken. After all even the robust wire netting wouldn’t be able to stand against a pile of insensible zombies who didn’t care about their lives knocking against them continuously.

At present, there were already quite a few people at the perimeter walls. Each and every one of them showing concerned faces. According to their past experiences, once daybreak arrived, the majority of the zombies would disperse and the remaining portion wouldn’t be much of a threat. Therefore as long as they were able to defend against them until midnight, then everything will be ok.

However the zombies outside were too many. Even if it were a squad of elite superhumans who were veterans would probably look at this scene and feel numb.

A few people beside Shao Qing and the rest had closed their eyes, their fingers trembling.

Shao Qing looked carefully outside at the group of ugly zombies. It was clear that within this group of zombies, there was an evolved zombie.

A zombie that had gone through evolution compared to the average zombie was a lot stronger. Just from Shao Qing’s observation, the amount of evolved zombies outside was definitely not just a few, in fact there were some rather unique zombies.

Generally speaking, within zombies, the most difficult to deal with wasn’t those that appeared to be strong and robust but instead like a little child. The little child’s body was weak, a portion was turned into a zombie at the very beginning of the apocalypse. However, a child’s body was able to evolve the quickest, just like the baby zombie she saw the previous time.

Shao Qing was able to see quite a few zombies that shouldn’t be trifled with, within the pile. Her heart gradually became more and more concerned.

The first wave that advanced weren’t superhumans but normal people. Each holding a gun, they ascended to the top of the wall and started to shoot towards the outside.

Even though zombies would only die if they were shot in the head, however, unable to resist and believing that they had a lot of bullets, they just fired head, hoping that they would luckily shoot a head.

If they were able to kill a few, then they would kill a few. After the first round, Shao Qing saw that quite a few zombies were shot down. It was evident that they had cleared out a large chunk, but that group compared to the total was incomparable.

“Add bullets.” After the order was sent out, a group of people rapidly stuffed the guns with bullets and fired outside again giving off a burst of bangs.

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