PMMB Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The base that disappeared

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The apocalypse had always been cruel, no matter if it was the ethics between people or the liberation of human nature as well as the existence of zombies.

Shao Qing was bringing her squad to depart, however the base’s line of resistance had already been overcome. Countless zombies were currently throwing themselves into crowds, using their teeth or claws, they would tear live people to shreds.

Shao Qing understood well that she was powerless. Even protecting herself was challenging, not to mention rescuing an entire base.

“Go.” Shao Qing was calm as she carried Xiao Baozi and dragged Er Dai along. Early on, she had already chosen the direction to head towards. At this moment the base was already an ocean of corpses. At the beginning there were still one or two superhumans who would want to resist, but now they’ve already all hurriedly fled for their lives. The only ones that were still tenaciously fighting was unexpectedly the ordinary folks.

This was because the ordinary folks clearly understood that a superhuman was immune to become a zombie even if they were injured by them while they were escaping the odds of survival was still quite high. But, what about them? Just being clawed a bit, a tiny miniscule amount, they would transform into a creature like those zombies It’s better off to be dead.

When Shao Qing and the rest were departing they were able to see the executives of the basehad already started a car and was violently rushing through in attempts to leave the base.

“They should still… stay behind and be buried with the rest.” Shao Qing’s eyes revealed a cold layer. Extracting out the gun on Yan Hanqing’s waist, without even looking she fired two shots.

The gunshot was submerged within the screaming of the zombies, thus it wasn’t heard clearly. Only the explosion of the tires and the despair and wrath of the people inside the cars could faintly be audible.

Shao Qing didn’t even have a thread of sympathy. From seeing those girls prostitute themselves on that narrow street, she had already loathed them.

Now, no matter if they were good people, bad people, innocent people, or people who deserved to die they are all on the verge of dying there. That’s why those people should also stay behind.

Shao Qing personally looked at the entire base as it was completely submerged by zombies. After quite a while, did she finally bring Yan Hanqing and the rest to leave. Releasing her wriggling vines, as long as any zombie wanted to approach them she would tie them together.

However, for who knows what reason, there weren’t any zombies that took the initiative to approach them. After leaving quite a distance, did Shao Qing realize that within most of the zombie’s eyes, Er Dai and her were considered high level zombie and Yan Hanqing and the rest were probably their prey.

High level zombies carrying their prey, an average zombie naturally wouldn’t approach them.

Therefore they would leave the base as if they were taking a stroll. There was only one variation zombie that had attempted to approach them, but was instead scared off by Shao Qing who released her man eating flower.

“Let’s rest over there for a night first.” Shao Qing saw a house out ahead and released one of her vines to investigate. Afterwards, she led Yan Hanqing and the rest inside.

The result of a night of overusing their mentality, once they began to relax, several of them couldn’t resist anymore. One after another they all fell asleep leaving only Shao Qing sitting on the sofa wiping her military blade clean.

Several brats were also unable to sleep. Er Dai was sitting by Shao Qing’s side impatiently looking at her, Xiao Baozi was all along in Shao Qing’s bosom, and even Shao Tong was using Shao Qing’s thigh as a pillow unwilling to go to her room.

At that moment, Yan Hanqing came out carrying a blanket and saw the situation. Silently placing the blanket on the ground, he spoke to Shao Qing. “I came to be the first night watch, you should go sleep.”

“I’ll sleep in a little bit.” Expressionless, Shao Qing continued to wipe her military blade. Actually her military blade had already been wiped until it was shining, however she was still slowly stroking it.

Yan Hanqing was still for a while, then stood up to pour a cup of water for Shao Qing. Feeling awkward, he didn’t know what to say to comfort her. He could only feel that Shao Qing wasn’t feeling the best.

Someone who had chosen to enter the army and moreover have been in the army for so long, now looking at all those people that they have protected for so long, just die one by one in front of their eyes, how could she not feel sad.

“Thanks.” Shao Qing’s voice seemed somewhat hoarse. Receiving the cup, after she drank it all, she brought her whole body including the things clinging on to her into the house.

The place they were sleeping in was the masters bedroom. A big king sized bed, there was more than enough space and even some more to spare for the four people. Shao Qing allowed Xiao Baozi to sleep on her chest, Er Dai on her left and Shao Tong on her right.

Even when both sides were asleep, she was still thinking. Tomorrow she had to return to the base to burn the bodies of the people who still haven’t changed into a zombie yet.

At her chest, Xiao Baozi was snuggling his face into it. Shao Qing lowered her head and only saw that Xiao Baozi’s eyes had a dark red smoky look to it that had still not vanished. Hugging Shao Qing, he used a very quiet voice to ask. “Mama, my head hurts. Does this mean I’m dying…”

Shao Qing kissed his forehead and lightly rubbed Xiao Baozi. Xiao Baozi grabbed onto Shao Qing’s clothing and spoke like he was being wronged. “Baby doesn’t want to die. If I’m gone, Mama will definitely feel sad. I want to live and when Mama gets old, I’ll protect Mama…”

Shao Qing couldn’t resist laughing. “You’re over thinking things…. You won’t die. You’ll be better by tomorrow.”

“Really?” Xiao Baozi acting like a caterpillar sneakily dug into Shao Qing’s chest, but got patted on the bum by Shao Qing to get him to behave.

“Behave and go to sleep. Don’t think about nonsense.”

Becoming well behaved, he suddenly asked. “Then Mama, where’s my father?”

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