PMMB Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Survivor

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Shao Qing hesitated for a moment then calmly rubbed Xiao Baozi’s head: “Why did you suddenly mention your dad?”

“Because everyone has a dad. Tongtong’s dad even wanted to sell her off….” With an unhappy face, Xiao Baozi began to roll around within Shao Qing’s chest. “Does daddy not want me? Is that why Mama took me and left….”

“No. It’s us that doesn’t want him.” Shao Qing took Xiao Baozi and gave him a tight squeeze. “Darling, before you ask a question you have to first make a conjecture. For instance, for your question earlier, are you handsome? Are you adorable?”

Xiao Baozi opened his eyes seriously. “I’m extremely adorable!”

“That’s right so who would be willing to throw you away?” Shao Qing didn’t think her son was narcissistic at all because she also thought that her son was very, very adorable.

Xiao Baozi immediately started to contemplate and nodded his head. “You’re right. Who would be willing to leave me! So what about Daddy? Did Daddy die?”

Shao Qing wasn’t planning to lie to Xiao Baozi. She felt that her son had the right to know the truth. Moreover, her son wasn’t like the average child.

Thinking a bit, with that man’s methods even if he was in the apocalypse he wouldn’t die off that easily. “He probably didn’t die, but it doesn’t matter. Mama will personally kill him.”

Xiao Baozi was startled. “Daddy must be a real bad guy.”

“Yes, he is a real bad guy.” Shao Qing patted Xiao Baozi’s bum. “Go to bed quickly now ok.” On one hand she was coaxing Xiao Baozi to sleep, on the other she was thinking that she had overlooked a huge problem!

It’s said that the child of single parent families are easily skewed, turning into drug addicted youngsters. Those youngsters who have lost their footing. In fact the ones who are lacking in fatherly love are more vulnerable in becoming a bad child.

The child would crave for fatherly love. Shao Qing rubbed her chim. Speaking honestly, she had originally thought that being single for the rest of her life would be pretty good, but now that she thought about it, even if its just for Xiao Baozi, she should go out and find him a dad.

If she did look, she needed to make sure she found one that would treat Xiao Baozi right. Someone who wouldn’t mind that Xiao Baozi and her weren’t human… this point seemed rather difficult though.

“Mama you sleep first.” Xiao Baozi exploited the opportunity and kissed Shao Qing on the mouth. Afterwards, in a serious voice he said: “If you sleep too late you’ll become a yellow faced granny….”

This caused Shao Qing to smile. Holding Xiao Baozi, she joined him into the land of dreams. When the next day finally arrived and she had woken up, Xiao Baozi and Shao Tong were still sleeping. Whereas Er Dai had woken up a long time ago and was watching her all along.

Feeling a bit awkward, Shao Qing rubbed her face. Afterwards she carefully placed Xiao Baozi on the bed and prepared to brush her teeth and wash her face. Happily following Shao Qing, during this time Shao Qing also helped him brush his teeth and wash his face.

Shao Qing was preparing to go and take a look. She was planning on burning the bodies that haven’t turned into a zombie yet or had only converted half way. She didn’t want those people who were alive that were fairly decent people to become disgusting freaks hated by everyone. She wanted to allow them to go back to the earth.

She couldn’t save them or help them. The only thing she was capable of doing was helping them get rid of their bodies.

Moreover, Yan Hanqing’s mother’s body was also still at the base.

After eating breakfast, the group all headed toward the base. From afar, they could smell the violent smell of blood, it was so strong it assailed their nostrils.

In the surroundings there were still some scattered zombies wandering around and have not retreated. Most likely they were attracted by the smell of blood. Gu Panpan was in charge of opening up the road. Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing were to tidy up the sides while Shao Qing was in charge of leading the rest in a stroll like manner.

Arriving at the entrance of the base, everyone involuntarily stopped their footsteps. This was because the scene that they saw was a ghastly sight.

You could corpses or zombies and humans everywhere. Actually no. What should be said is that there were bones of zombies and humans everywhere.

Every single corpse that belonged to a human, the majority had been nibbled and gnawed on until there were a bit of remaining shredded meat on the bones and the remnants of tiny limbs. The ground was covered in blood.

Seeing this, Shao Qing thought that there probably won’t be many people turning into zombies since most of them were consumed by those zombies who didn’t know the meaning of the word bloated.

When they entered the base, it had the feeling of entering an Asura battlefield. Comparing to the ordinary citizens the superhumans had it even worse. Since the superhumans wouldn’t contract the infection from zombies, they were all bitten to death or eaten alive.

While for normal people, since their bodies aren’t as resistant, their deaths would be rather quick and a lot less painful.

Going past the residential area, they started to discover scattered scraps of zombies. Those crippled legs or missings arms of the zombies, the majority were probably humans who had received an injury thus they went to hid inside the house where they began to endure the flaring of the poison.

Besides those, there was little chance that the others had become zombies. Only a few had not been completely eaten up.

Shao Qing found the off road vehicle that carried Yan Hanqing’s mother. After letting Yan Hanqing start it up, she then led the rest to look around the surroundings. Finally confirming that there isn’t a single living person within the base, they started lighting everything up on fire.

The majority of the base were tents or wooden houses so it was quite easy to light everything on fire. The very first thing that was ignited was the tent area.

Retreating out of the base, they stood outside at a high slope and watched as the entire base including the badly damaged zombies and the skeletal remains become shrouded by the raging flames.

”Let’s go.” Shao Qing took a glance and from within the off road vehicle she took out an axe. She had taken it out to chop down the trees surrounding the base since they would have easily caught on fire.

Before they got down, there was a sudden snarl coming from the base. Turning around, Shao Qing saw a body covered in flames running out like a mad man.

He looked extremely tall. As he rushed towards them he easily struck a car, removing it from his path.

In that instant, Shao Qing became alert. Her instincts told her that thing was not human.

That person covered in flames who had rushed out of the base started to charge over towards Shao Qing and the rest. Stomping her feet, Gu Panpan caused the entire high slope to shake. Using the following stomp, she shot out like a bullet and landed a punch on that person.

At that moment, if was as if that person became a canon and flew backwards, rolling on the ground a few times causing all the fire to be put out.

“So hot!” Gu Panpan shook her hands and incessantly blew on the back of her hand. Shao Qing continued to stare at the person that started to slowly get up.

No, definitely not human. His skin and flesh had already been burnt black revealing red flesh, a pair of thoroughly red eyes that ferociously glared at Shao Qing and the rest. His gaze resembled a starving wolf looking for food.

Saliva started to drip out from the corners or his mouth.

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