PMMB Chapter 45

Chapter 45 The Challenging Counterattack

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In a split second, an indescribable chill spread through their bodies. This was because of the obvious insatiable greed within the monster’s eyes.

Towards their skin and flesh, their bodies, he had an insatiable craving.

Shao Qing clenched her fist. This powerlessness caused her to become dispirited. Since the apocalypse, it was true that she had been sailing through effortlessly. No matter if it was the early discovery of the crystals allowing her to advance ahead of others or her unique physique that allowed her to blend within the midst of zombies, this had all made her unconsciously drop her guard.

Otherwise, how else would she have been so easily poisoned?

Watching that monster step closer and closer, Shao Qing’s guilt and shame increased more and more.

She tried to move her body, however since her body wasn’t that of a living person this made it so the poison dissipated slowly, incapable of circulating the blood faster.

If she was given another ten minutes, she should be able to recover. But, the monster was already in front of her eyes, Shao Qing started to feel despair.

Yet, at this moment, the monster had suddenly run into something, ricocheting out like a bullet.

Looking out blearily, Shao Qing seemed to see a transparent covering that had just perfectly encased the few of them in the center. After standing back up, the monster once again came back. Then just as Shao Qing anticipated, he blasted off again.

Following the energy fluctuations, Shao Qing looked in the directions of the source. Yet, she only saw Shao Tong tightly hugging onto Xiao Baozi with her two large eyes widened in fear. Seeing her face grow increasingly pale, it showed that she was fiercely consuming up her physical strength.

This sort of faintly discernable power undulations was unexpectedly coming from Shao Tong’s body.

Shao Tong had a large change of being a superhuman and moreover on the spiritual side. Shao Qing’s first reaction was to accelerate her recover pace. She knew that no matter what Shao Tong’s circumstances were, she wouldn’t last long.

Every time that weak protective screen was rammed into, the protective screen shuddered severely. After the monster flew off again abruptly, the protective screen had become even more see through.

After the fifth hit, Shao Tong was already curled up on the ground. She had grown up getting beaten and was good at tolerating pain, but at this moment she still couldn’t resist letting out a low groan.

The streams of tears that had fallen had slowly mixed into a diluted blood colour. Finally, the last few drops were actually bloody tears.

This was the result of excessive use of her spiritual powers. If the seven apertures* of the human head started to bleed then there would be only two results, either her brain would explode or she would really become mentally disabled.
* Seven apertures = 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth

Shao Qing was starting to be able to move her arm again. Originally she hated the idea of herself not being aware of when she was tired and the lack of feeling to her body, however at that moment she was rejoicing that she was different from others.

When the monster had once again rushed over, Shao Qing abruptly stood up. In an instant, a green vine had wound itself up her body, wrapping her up like a green seed.

After that, Shao Qing shot out like a canon, bringing the strange creature down. This time she had made sufficient preparations. The vines had blocked any contact between her body and the strange creatures. Only the poisonous smoke that could cause people to fall just through contact of the skin, did she have no countermeasures

Merely Shao Qing felt that that kind of move couldn’t be freely used.

Thus, Shao Qing decided to risk it.

Probably from using too much strength, Shao Qing and the strange creature was sent rolling on the ground. Displaying her ruthlessness, the hand wrapped within the vines incessantly beat on it until the juice was splattered everywhere.

That strange creature’s face was also beaten until rotting flesh went flying. Finally, there was only a small piece of meat still stuck on its bones and its eyeball dangling out of its socket.

With a final crack, the neck bone snapped. The entire head had snapped backward making a ninety-degree angle.

Shao Qing was gasping for air. But she suddenly saw that the monster was slowly using its hand to push its head back in place. With another snap, its head was back in place.

Drawing back the corners of its mouth to grin, some of the skin and flesh at the corner of his mouth came falling out. Immediately Shao Qing sent another fist flying at him.

The seemingly rotten and damaged body of the creature started to tremble, the skin and flesh on its entire body was beginning to dissolve turning into a pond of blackish red liquid. Accidentally touching the liquid, Shao Qing’s vines that were wrapped around her body suddenly began to rapidly corrode.

The only thing Shao Qing could do was to leave the vines and retreat to the side. Just from the liquid dripping off the monster’s body, it had already corroded the ground at a rapid pace creating a massive hole. Moving its fleshless finger, it let out some cracking sounds, then its entire body was only of bones except for its one remaining eyeball within the socket and the other eyeball hanging out of the socket.

Originally the bones that remained on its face wouldn’t express any emotions, however, Shao Qing weirdly sensed that it was laughing. It was then at the next second, it appeared in front of Shao Qing. Shao Qing was only able to make a cross out in front of her chest as its fingers clawed towards her, piercing her arm and tearing away a large chunk of flesh.

At the side, Er Dai snarled and charged over, becoming like a canon as it smashed into the monster.

“Watch out!” Shao Qing’s pupil widened in fright, but it was too late. She had no other choice but helplessly watch as that skeletal claw penetrated through Er Dai’s stomach and out his back.

Even though this was the case, Er Dai as before was still fiercely holding onto its body. Using his razor sharp nails he ruthlessly stabbed into its nape.

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