PMMB Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Monster

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Shao Qing thought that thing wasn’t a person and it wasn’t a monster, it was just rotting flesh. After just one punch, it crumbled into a pile of meat.

However, when Gu Panpan had probed it out, it was evident that it wasn’t just rotting flesh, rather it was a piece of difficult to gnaw on bones.

In fact, it was a really ugly bone.

Shao Qing saw that thing sway back and forth as it stood back up, using a vicious cruel gaze to stare at them. Afterwards, it rushed over at them.

His speed was too fast. One second everyone was staring at him swaying back and forth on the spot and the next second, he had already appeared in front of Shao Qing.

Spinning the military knife within her hand, Shao Qing rapidly inserted it into the thing’s stomach. However, it acted as if it felt nothing. It continued to rush forwards, nearly crashing into Shao Qing.

Luckily, Yan Hanqing had reacted and kicked out his leg at that things body. Yan Hanqing was quite strong causing that thing to fall backwards. Shao Qing who had already pulled out the knife, ruthlessly tried to plunge the blade into its throat.

At that time, Shao Qing was already certain that it was a monster. This was because his throat had already been penetrated, yet he showed no reaction at all and instead reached out to grab Shao Qing.

Gu Panpan already rapidly took over to handle it, turning it into a one-sided battle. That thing was beaten up by Gu Panpan like a sandbag, being hit everywhere. It’s arms, legs, and the flesh on its body were thrown all over the place almost like snow falling down and revealing the bone beneath the bright red flesh.

Finally Gu Panpan swung her hands and that thing was thrown ruthlessly to the ground. Gu Panpan slapped her hands. “It simply couldn’t withstand a single hit…”

After that she suddenly became alarmed. The already non-human shaped monster was slowly rising up again. When it was slowly getting up, the burnt skin and flesh on its body was falling off incessantly.

So much that his stomach had developed a hole and through that hole you could see its complete mess of internal organs along with its movement and its intestines slowly trickling out.

Like a ball of strings, the intestines were hanging out of the stomach. However it didn’t feel anything at all and continued to throw itself towards Gu Panpan.

Speaking honestly, Gu Panpan had seen bloodier even more disgusting scenes, however she just couldn’t take it. Gu Panpan couldn’t help retreating backwards, not wanting to touch that monster at all.

Gu Chuan came to her rescue. Forming spikes of ice he continuously threw them at the monster’s body.

This is when Shao discovered that its skin and flesh were like cooked ribs, it would fall off the bones easily. However, the skeleton were still particularly durable. Gu Chuans spikes of ice weren’t able to even leave a scratch.

“Something’s wrong!” Gu Panpan’s face suddenly changed colour. She quickly grasped her right hand, and saw her right hand coming towards her head. Gu Panpan slashed it with a knife and black blood spewed out: ” Don’t touch it! It’s poisonous!”

Shao Qing couldn’t help but feel scared. You must know that she had almost ’embraced’ it just now. If she had actually hugged it who knows whether she would have been poisoned or not.

Feeling a headache she released her summon. That man eating flower was hungry and thirsty. Right when it came out it opened up its petals and in one bite, swallowed the monster down.
Afterwards just when everyone had let out a sigh of relief, the man eating flower opened up its petals and just like a regular person vomiting, it coughed up the monster.

The big tender red petals were all withering, and the huge corolla was shaking. It spat out blackish red chunks of meat and broken pieces of stamen.

Those stamens that can secrete the liquids to digest humans were all eroded black, and besides the ones located at its brain almost all of the remaining ones were on the monsters internal organs and bones as it stood up.

The skin and flesh on its face was falling off piece by piece. Particularly its eyelids, there were only two pitch black eyeballs left rolling around, looking extremely frightening.

Not taking another step, it’s internal organs came crashing out. Resulting in the entire thing to be outside of its body.

Gu Panpan couldn’t take it anymore, shrieking out loud. “Kill it quick! God this is too dreadful!”

But, no one knew what this thing was exactly. Close combat wasn’t an option and fighting it from a distance didn’t work since they couldn’t penetrate the bones. This was very tricky.

The only lucky thing was that it had basically no combat power.

Just when this thought had flashed in Shao Qing’s mind, she suddenly saw the monster that was ugly to an extreme extent open its mouth. A green mist like gas was being spouted out of its mouth.

This kind of gaseous substance travelled extremely quickly. Within a few seconds, it had enveloped everyone. Suddenly blackness covered her eyes and she had fallen limp onto the floor. Gu Chuan and the rest were even worse, they had already begun oozing out black blood from their mouths.

Shao Qing’s mind suddenly lighted up. In that moment she had finally figure it out. This monster was most likely a superhuman when it was alive! In fact it was a poison elemental superhuman!

Due to yesterday’s unforeseen misfortunes, he didn’t know what had happened; thus, turning into this strange state!

Waiting for the monster to draw near, Shao Qing had discovered the second horrifying fact. The meat and flesh was only falling away so easily was because that wasn’t in fact it’s skin and flesh!

That is… skin and flesh peeled from living or dead people…

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