PMMB Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Accumulated wrath

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“It’s nothing, I understand.” Shao Qing smiled lightly and slowly supported Yan Hanqing and Er Dai up. The sibling duo not choosing to attack them was already giving them face for their past relationship.

“No, Qing Jiejie.” Gu Panpan suddenly climbed up. Originally her hands and legs were soft like jelly, but now they persevered to bring herself over to help Shao Qing support Yan Hanqing. Even Gu Chuan went over to help support Xiao Baozi and Shao Tong.

Gu Panpan revealed a massive grin exposing all her white teeth. “Qing Jiejie, I’ve thought about it. Even though we have discovered that you and Er Dai are zombies, it’s not something that we can’t accept. Even.. even if …. any accident happens later on, it doesn’t matter. My brother and I are both superhumans, we aren’t afraid of getting bitten!”

“You guys…” Shao Qing couldn’t help turning towards the two siblings. From their eyes she could tell that they were sincere, they weren’t exaggerating or forcing themselves.

Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan actually felt that even if they were zombies they could accept that. This was only because it was them and not some stranger.

This kind of trust and care, was it still necessary to get them to prove their friendship?

Shao Qing thought about how before she had Mu Lin and now she had Gu Panpan and the rest. She really was content. The heavens had snatched away too many good things from her, a good childhood, healthy living parents, and a complete family, but it had also given her a lot of things.

Shao Qing truly felt content and that she didn’t need anything else.

Lifting the wounded people into the car, Shao Qing immediately started to drive back to where they temporarily stayed the night before

In the car, Yan Hanqing was already on the point of dying. His skin had already turned purple. The lightning elemental crystal was just too overbearing, even if it was the exact same ranked earth crystal, its strength was gradually forced out of his body.

At the moment, Yan Hanqing’s body was like a flashing lightning. In addition there were cracked skins resembling cobwebs that were too horrible to even look at forming scars all over.

Numerously densely packed fine scars covered Yan Hanqing’s bare skin causing blood to ooze out as it dyed his clothes red. Through those wounds, Shao Qing could even see flesh bursting out.

Don’t look at how severe Er Dai’s injuries might look because in fact Yan Hanqing’s was the one who was hanging onto his life by a string. Er Dai was fortunate since he didn’t have a human’s body so his ability to recover was comparatively stronger. Unless the injury was a heavy wound to its head, he wouldn’t have his life in danger.

But, Yan Hanqing wasn’t like that. He was just a regular person who didn’t even have superhuman powers. Just from not exploding immediately after swallowing a rank two lightning elemental crystal already showed how tough and durable his flesh was. Yet, he probably couldn’t persevere any longer.

Shao Qing bit her lips. She was basically driving like a madman, the tires blazing through the ground.

“Just a little more, just a little more….” Shao Qing didn’t know if she was saying this to Yan Hanqing or saying it to herself, but the heavens had never been accustomed to seeing everything going too smoothly. Just when Shao Qing was turning the corner, she saw a black limousine rushing over at top speed.

She immediately tried to steer the car in the other direction, but she didn’t expect that the other car also wanted to avoid them. Probably because they were too nervous, and they had both turned the wheel towards the same direction, just like the suspense in a movie they crashed into each other. Luckily both sides had already pressed on the brakes so the speed had decreased by quite a bit, otherwise it wouldn’t be just a scrape of the car.

Shao Qing almost had her face fly towards the glass window. Turning her head to check on Yan Hanqing, she saw that because of the violent movements, two streams of blood was starting to trickle down from his nose.

He was already at his limit. But an idea flashed into Shao Qing’s mind. This won’t do, they had to find a safe place immediately to settle Yan Hanqing down and think of a good plan.

But at this time, from the car came five to six aggressive men who came over with steel pipes to knock on Shao Qing’s window.

Shao Qing wasn’t willing to waste time with them. Bringing down the window she expressionlessly looked out. “Sorry, what do you guys want for compensation?”

One of the thinner men who just happened to look into the window saw that the car was filled with wounded people. His eyes lighting up, he nodded his head in that direction and whispered: “Boss, look.” He pointed over to the window.

The boss’s eyes lighted up and laughed in an excessive manner. “What do we want for compensation? That’s easy… I want your car and everything inside. I won’t touch the people, they can go, but….”

He pointed his finger at Shao Qing and Gu Panpan: “You two need to stay behind and accompany us brothers. Don’t be in a rush to reject us, all six of us are superhumans!”

Shao Qing’s eyes became more and more red. Gu Panpan had originally thought of going down to teach them a lesson but was obstructed by Shao Qing. Opening the car door, she hopped out herself.

Slightly tilting her head, she gave them an icy smile. “Say it again, what do you guys want?”

“Didn’t I just tell you what I want? I want… “ Before the leader’s words could be finished, his eyes widened into full round circles. The last thing he saw was Shao Qing’s sinister face as it got splashed by blood.

The people behind could only see that a pale hand had pierced through his back and immediately following that, the leader’s body had been torn into two. That elegant woman walked through the rain of blood completely resembling an asura emerging from hell.

Everyone there was frightened. They had experienced wandering around during the apocalypse and have seen many things, but they were still scared by Shao Qing.

The first one to react was a chubby man wearing glasses. He rapidly condensed an earth shield out in front of him, but in the next second that earth shield was easily shattered by that snow white fist. Reeking of blood from head to toe, Shao Qing had a strange smiling expression on her face as she appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the neck.

Then in the next moment, his head was separated from his body. In fact, his head was pinched off while he was still alive.

That head wearing the glasses rolled around the floor and then stopped moving. The remaining four people were all about to pee themselves from fright, all of them immediately breaking out into a run.

When the skinny man turned around to look, the only thing he saw was a gigantic flower head behind him opening up its flower petals and swallowing him whole…

Down he went…

Once seeing this the other three at once set off in three different directions. Their idea was simple. There was only one person, how could she be able to catch all three?

One of them while running noticed that in front of him was an extra pair of legs. After there was no more because he had already received a punch causing his neck bone to be shattered.

Finally the last two were extra pitiful. Because they had ran the furthest, they were dragged back alive by the vines. One of the men looking at his partner saw that he had already been torn to shreds.

At that moment, he had peed his pants. His legs shaking, he kept on begging. “Please let me go, please let me go. It was my mistake, please….”

Shao Qing was already tired of hearing him talk and stomped on his head causing it to burst apart. A field of bodies, none of the bodies were intact. If someone came upon this scene, it would most likely cause them to feel nauseous.

But Shao Qing was expressionless. This could only be blamed on their bad luck and encountering the current Shao Qing. Even if they died it wouldn’t be an injustice.

“Shao Qing!” Gu Chuan gripped the edge of the window, a grave expression on his face. Shao Qing’s body received a jolt, the redness within her eye slowly starting to retreat, she took a deep breath in. She was feeling quite irritable still but she quickly headed towards the car.

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