PMMB Chapter 48

Chapter 48 The Last Tender Request

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Shao Qing knew that earlier her mind was quite irritable causing her blood-thirsty side to appear. But, she didn’t feel any regrets towards her actions. She was just scared that Gu Panpan and the rest would have regrets now.

Shao Qing didn’t try to cover up, since this was the real her. Rather than waiting for it to be revealed later on in front of the siblings and cause them to leave in fright, why not reveal it all now so they can freely decide.

Shao Qing originally thought that once she returned to the car, she would see the siblings would look at her differently but that wasn’t the case. On the contrary, Gu Panpan actually whispered. “Qing Jiejie, are you okay? Do you have any injuries?!”

Shao Qing’s regrets and shame immediately surfaced up. She was still secretly planning on feeling out Gu Chuan and Gu Panpan, but Gu Panpan was only concerned about how her body was doing.

“I’m fine.” Shao Qing laughed, not minding that her entire body reeked of blood. Stepping on the gas, she used the shortest amount of time necessary to go back to yesterday night’s lodging.

After carrying Yan Hanqing down, Gu Panpan and the rest didn’t have the heart to look at him because the place that Yan Hanqing was originally lying was now covered in blood which just so happens to take the shape of a person.

The bloodstain started to seep out, causing the blanket on the ground to be soaked.

Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan cautiously carried Yan Hanqing inside to a room and placed him on yesterday’s bed on the floor.

After that they then brought the rest of the injured people inside. Shao Qing was kneeling by his side, trying to help Yan Hanqing take off his clothing. But as she was doing this, she had realized that the clothing were already soaked with blood causing it to stick together with his skin and flesh. Having no other options, she wiped her military blade and started to cut away his clothing. Using warm water to soak it a bit, then was she able to remove all the clothing fragments.

Shao Qing had no time to even think about the differences between men and women. After taking off all Yan Hanqing’s clothes, the exposed skin was a shock to one’s eyes.

Those originally small cuts had little by little split open. It was as if his body just couldn’t take it anymore and it would just burst apart with a bang and become a floor of blood.

“Hanqing…” Shao Qing had no idea how to save Yan Hanqing. Just from seeing that body dripping with blood, she already had no idea how to set about doing anything.

Yan Hanqing was still somewhat conscious, gradually opening his eyes and gripping onto Shao Qing’s hand. “Help me… bury my mother… bury us.,.. together….”

Always feeling that she was a cold heartless woman, but at that moment she had an urge to break down in tears. Yet, even if she wanted to cry, she didn’t even have one single tear drop available to let out.

“You won’t die…. Trust me…”

Yan Hanqing just smiled, his face covered with blood and massive cuts, looking extremely frightening. The tough guy who would usually never smile was now on his deathbed and giving a lifetime’s worth of smile all to Shao Qing. “I trust you.”

At that moment, Shao Qing felt like she was going to fall apart, her eyes becoming scarlet. She couldn’t help grasping onto Yan Hanqing’s bloody palm that was oozing viscous blood. “Are you dumb? No wonder people call you a blockhead, you really are one. Taking my things. If I took out the crystals, I naturally would have a certain assurance that after absorbing it I wouldn’t die…”

Shao Qing still wanted to continue to talk, but seeing the tenderness within Yan Hanqing’s eyes, she couldn’t utter another word. She didn’t have any confidence in succeeding, Yan Hanqing had known that. That was why Yan Hanqing had chosen to risk his life in exchange for hers.

He wasn’t willing to gamble on that slight change, therefore he would rather die.

Shao Qing felt that her eyes become a bit fuzzy, but she was a zombie. Zombies aren’t capable of crying….

Before Shao Qing’s eyes was a vision of blood. She already couldn’t see Yan Hanqing’s face. The only thing that she was still able to see was Yan Hanqing’s eyes getting more and more intense and overflowing with tenderness,

She heard Yan Hanqing spoke with the same tenderness. “I owed you a life….”

Shao Qing wanted to curse at him, but she just held onto him and spoke. “But I’m even more reluctant to see you in danger…”

His entire life he had never loved anyone, but at the end of his life he had discovered that he had already given his heart away to a woman named Shao Qing. It was like how he originally thought that him taking the crystal was just paying a debt of gratitude. But in this moment, he finally realized that his heart actually felt this way.

He didn’t want her to be hurt and even more, didn’t want her to die. If it was possible, then him dying is fine… because he loved her.

He didn’t have any superhuman powers and wasn’t able to protect her at dangerous times. The only thing he was able to do was just this.

A drop of moisture slid down from the corner of Shao Qing’s eyes leaving a long red trace on her face. Lowering her head to look at the weakening Yan Hanqing, she suddenly used a murderous icy tone. “Your life is mine.”

“Yes…” Yan Hanqing fought to keep his eyes open, to see Shao Qing one last time. Yet, the heaviness of his eyelids were telling him, he… was at his limits.

But at this moment, Shao Qing suddenly leaned over. Pinching Yan Hanqing’s chin, she bit into Yan Hanqing’s neck.

Warm blood filled Shao Qing’s mouth. She hated this disgusting taste of rust that brought along a fishy aftertaste.

Shao Qing knew she couldn’t save Yan Hanqing. She already knew before coming back. Therefore she had decided from the beginning that she had to be selfish for once.

After a good while, did Shao Qing finally lift up her head. “I told you, your life is mine…”

No one stopped Shao Qing. They looked at the blood covered Shao Qing reach out with the tip of her tongue to lick the blood on the corner of her lips. It was obvious that blood was covering Shao Qing’s entire face making her seem sinister but at that moment, it made others feel like she was a beautiful, bewitching demoness.

“If you turn into a zombie, then I’ll take care of you.” Shao Qing once again recovered her wooden expression and looked at Yan Hanqing on the ground. She had always been a selfish person, therefore she didn’t even ask Yan Hanqing if he was willing to live in a different form and helped him to decide.

Looking at Yan Hanqing’s body, the wounds had gradually stopped cracking open and even the blood no longer flowed out. It was just his body getting stiffer and turning into a terrible blue color. Shao Qing didn’t speak any longer and didn’t even want to look at it again. She simply walked straight to Shao Tong and Er Dai’s side.

Er Dai’s injuries were easier to handle. After absorbing a few more crystals he would slowly recover. However, Shao Tong’s injuries was damage to her spirit. The spirit was illusory and there weren’t any other spirit superhumans that Shao Qing could reference.

Thinking about it, she took out the crystal of the baby zombie that her and Er Dai had worked together to kill and gave it to Shao Tong to absorb.

“Since everyone is injured, we should stay here for a couple of days to rest up.” Shao Qing lifted up Xiao Baozi and prepared to bring him inside the house.

Although Gu Panpan was a carefree girl, Gu Chuan was extremely mindful and careful. Giving Gu Panpan a look, Gu Panpan promptly chased after Shao Qing. “Qing Jiejie, if I was in the same scenario, I would have made the exact same decision.”

Shao Qing’s body stiffened for a long time, then she quietly replied. “Thanks.”

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