PMMB Chapter 52

Chapter 52 The strange curiosity

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“It’s nothing.” Shao Qing’s lips pouted out. When she looked at the interior of the house a cold light flashed by. Narrowing her eyes, she gave a fake smile and asked: “Do you… want to go take a look?”

The woman swallowed her saliva. Her woman’s intuition told her that if she nodded her head, then she would face an enormous danger.

Just when the man was about to agree, the woman held him back forcing a smile: “It’s already pretty late. We won’t bother you guys anymore!”

The man wasn’t able to make a head or tail of it, but after being given a glare by the woman, they both smiled and left. When they were leaving they covered their hands on their bags, afraid that Shao Qing and the rest may come over and take away the food they have gotten.

“Pah, what was that joke!” Gu Panpan couldn’t hold back her anger anymore. But after saying that she turned blank and then embarrassingly looked towards Yan Hanqing. “I…. I don’t… no I mean…..”

Yan Hanqing shook his head: “I know what sort of person they are.”

“At that time when my father had passed away, my uncle was worried that my mother would take the compensation money and remarry, so he wanted my mother give him all the money. Luckily the village head was understanding and didn’t allow him to prevail. Afterwards they would always make a big disturbance to try to get the compensation money. They even attempted to take over our property.” Yan Hanqing lowered his voice: “They did indeed give material assistance to our family, a bowl of moldy rice. I wasn’t willing to acknowledge them, but they are the village’s last survivors….”

Yan Hanqing rarely spoke so much. This was probably due to returning back home to bury his mother and father together, so even though he was a man made of iron, he still had the average person’s tender sentiments.

Shao Qing patted Yan Hanqing’s shoulders. “You rest for the next few days and let Er Dai look after your parent’s grave during the night. During the day, we’ll take turns, so don’t let them get to you.”

“En….” Yan Hanqing felt that he was too weak, he needed to adjust his emotions. He disliked sharing his feelings with others, but in front of his eyes besides the person he loved, they were all people he had fought death together. Rather than saying everything, it would be better for Yan Hanqing to narrate the facts.

He was just worried that Shao Qing and the rest would really believe those two that he gave little regard to friendships and would just exploit others. That’s why he decided to speak the truth.

Once more making dinner, after they ate Er Dai was then sent to guard the cemetery. Shao Qing also went to the cemetery once Xiao Baozi was tucked into bed.

During the night, it was incomparably more dangerous than the day. Not only was it due to the zombies that were active at this time, but also the variation animals that were hidden within the dark.

Arriving in front of the cemetery, she first went to the neighbouring cemetery. She looked at the grave that was dug out. During the day they had rushed to leave, so she didn’t get a clear look at it. But now that she was carefully examining it, she found that a lot of things didn’t look right.

First of all, the grave that was dug out did not look like the works of wild beasts, instead it looked like some kind of instrument was used and all those bones that were sprinkled around, some pieces resembled the pieces you would find, but not enough to form an entire skeleton.

Those bones did have some bite marks, but because of many reasons, it was already faded. But, it could be fully confirmed that it wasn’t large wild beasts that had chewed on them.

It couldn’t have been zombies that had dug out the dead bodies.

After searching around a bit more, Shao Qing discovered a few other graves that also had the trace of being dug out and then reburied. In brief there was something really strange going on. The only thing that Shao Qing was sure of was that it was not wild beasts that had dug out the graves and had eaten the corpses and buried the bones again.

After her investigation, Shao Qing left the cemetery and returned to the other cemetery. Arriving, she saw Er Dai squatting underneath the tree feeling aggrieved. He was wearing camouflage clothes and in the den of yellow under brushes. Without blinking he stared at the cemetery appearing serious yet adorable.

When Shao Qing walked over, Er Dai’s eyes brightened up. He looked as if he wanted to throw himself on to her, but after thinking it over for a second, Er Dai silently turned his head to express his discontent.

Why does he have to do night vigil when everyone else gets to sleep! The crucial point was why couldn’t he sleep with Shao Qing! He was not happy at all!

Shao Qing looked at Er Dai’s uncomfortable appearance, then went over to squat beside Er Dai’s side. “Turn your face over here, who are you peeved at?”

Er Dai didn’t utter a word, he didn’t even turn his head. He was resolute in conveying his upset, until he heard Shao Qing’s voice that seemed to last for ages: “Turn over here and I’ll give you a kiss.”

At the speed of light, Er Dai immediately turned his face over. He also specially turned his head so that his cheek that hadn’t been moistened by the juice of the grass to face Shao Qing. Shao Qing couldn’t hold back and laughed, then kissed Er Dai right on his lips beaming. “Let’s not be at odds with each other, okay?”

Er Dai burrowed himself into Shao Qing, making an embarrassedembarrased face.

If it comes to IQ, besides being strongly attached, Er Dai was like a child. Shao Qing sometimes would feel like she was raising three children: Xiao Baozi, Er Dai and Shao Tong.

Luckily Shao Tong was particularly well behaved and Xiao Baozi ordinarily was good as well. It was only Er Dai who would often require her pampering.

However the Er Dai who needed pampering was still super adorable.

“I feel like it’s still a bit long. When we return let me measure you so we could make some clothes for you.” Shao Qing tugged at the clothing Er Dai was wearing. This set of clothing was something Yan Hanqing lended him. Yan Hanqing was taller than Er Dai by a head and more, you didn’t even have to mention how much more muscular he was. Having his clothes worn by Er Dai had a similar feel to a child wearing an adults clothing. That’s why Shao Qing had altered the clothing a bit before she gave it to Er Dai but it still seemed to baggy.

However, right now Er Dai had no clothes of his own, only Gu Chuans’ or Yan Hanqings’. Rotating between the two, when one gets dirty he would wash it and change into the other one, once that one was dirty then he would wash that one.

He was extremely pitiful.

“Actually… if you wear my clothing it should be just right.” Shao Qing suddenly touched Er Dai’s waist. Er Dai had no idea he was being taken advantage at all, especially since it was Shao Qing who was touching and pinching him.

After using her hands to measure Er Dai’s body, Shao Qing spoke in a serious manner: “How could you only be bigger than me by just a bit… where did all those crystals that you ate went?”

Er Dai opened his big pair of eyes and confusedly looked at Shao Qing. Everytime he blinked, his lashes resembled the wings of a butterfly, long and luscious.

After all this touching everywhere, Shao Qing suddenly had a thought: “Er Dai, I want to ask you something. Does your small Jiji… have any sensation?”
* Jiji = you know what ?

Er Dai was at a complete loss. He didn’t understand what a Jiji was, sensations or those rather naughty things.

Shao Qing was very curious. After all a zombie was already a dead person. Then could a zombie… be able …. Cough cough, get that thing to stand up?

Shao Qing took a quick glimpse to the area between Er Dai’s two legs, and hesitated somewhat. Should she make a move, should she, should she make the move?

This was extremely hard to decide.

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