PMMB Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Shao Qing’s Guess

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Actually Shao Qing’s hand had already extended forward. It was just that when she made eye contact with the confused Er Dai, in that moment she had a type of wretched feeling of a cougar preying on a cute young boy. Lightly coughing, she retracted her hand back.

However, Er Dai wasn’t willing. He apparently thought that Shao Qing had turned her back on him. Taking Shao Qing’s hand he directly placed it on his thigh.

Shao Qing had a feeling that Er Dai was being corrupted.

Seeing Shao Qing once again retracting her hand back, Er Dai slightly bowed his head down. Hid eyelids dropping, his lashes were glittering; that made him look extremely pitiful.

Shao Qing’s heart immediately melted. Going over, she hugged Er Dai to show him that she liked him, then did he feel a bit better.

The entire night nothing happened. When Shao Qing was bringing Er Dai back, it just so happened that she saw that husband and wife duo at the entrance, being blocked off by the man-eating flower she had placed there.

Once the couple saw Shao Qing, they excitedly spoke: “Nephew’s wife, quickly do something with this strange flower…”

However, Shao Qing and Er Dai didn’t even glance at them and directly entered the house. This caused the couple to angrily stomp their feet.

The few of them stayed there for three days, but they never saw any wild beasts. On the contrary, they saw the couple every day shouting that they wanted to see Yan Hanqing, but no one paid any attention to them.

When the fourth day arrived, Shao Qing spoke: “Let’s go. I need to verify something.” Since Shao Qing spoke, it was natural that no one opposed. Packing up their things, when they were about to head out, the husband and wife duo appeared once again.

“If you need to leave, bring us as well! Even if you don’t bring us, at least leave behind some provisions. Yan Hanqing you can’t be heartless!” The woman was jumping and screaming.

Lowering the window, Shao Qing stuck her head out: “What did you guys…. just say?” Her eyes had suddenly become red and were somewhat seductively devilish looking. The angle of her smile was a bit strange, especially on her pale face, it appeared particularly frightening.

Xiao Baozi also came out to investigate from behind Shao Qing’s shoulders. One eyeball completely like a normal person, the other was completely black like a dark hole. Giving off a big grin, sharp canines were revealed.

The sum of the mother and child’s strangeness suddenly shot up, the husband and wife couldn’t help shuddering. Looking over at Shao Qing again, their eyes were filled with dread.

Finally satisfied, Shao Qing withdrew back into the car and stepped on the gas pedal. After leaving the village and traveling for quite a distance, Shao Qing stopped the car within the forest. “When night time arrives, I and… Hanqing will go out together to take a look. Panpan, you’re in charge of watching the children.”

Gu Panpan spoke in a concerned manner: “Do you need to bring my brother?”

“No it’s fine. This time there shouldn’t be anything dangerous, it’ll just take a little longer. I estimate that I will be over there for around three days. On the contrary, you guys taking care of the children might be a bit more troublesome.” Shao Qing shook her head. Closing her eyes and resting within the car for a bit, once the sun set, she brought Yan Hanqing out of the car. Er Dai insisted to follow along, and with no alternative, the two-man operation became a three-man operation.

Near the cemetery was a forest, thus it was easy to hide their bodies while they sneaked back into the cemetery. Sitting on a branch, Shao Qing spoke to Yan Hanqing: “Let’s wait. At most three days. The conclusions I want will be revealed then.”

Yan Hanqing didn’t say anything. He felt that his life already belonged to Shao Qing, so no matter what Shao Qing said, he would not challenge it.

Even if there was a day where Shao Qing wanted to murder him, he would just willingly extend his neck.

Just when Yan Hanqing was in the middle of his thoughts, he was suddenly pushed to the side. Afterward, he saw Er Dai giving him a vicious smirk as he squeezed himself between him and Shao Qing.

The fork of the tree was rather thick, so sitting two people was simple. However, three people were a bit too crowded, so in a moment Yan Hanqing was pushed to a rather small space.

With no other alternative, Shao Qing decided to hug Er Dai to her chest. Er Dai’s body was rather tall but he was still pretty skinny, so when he was hugged by Shao Qing it was just right with his thighs dropping in the air.

Originally Er Dai had a fierce expression on his face, but once he was taken into Shao Qing’s arms, the zombie became completely lovable and gentle. If it weren’t for the fact that he was a zombie, he probably would have been blushing red from ear to ear.

“Don’t move. Otherwise, both of us might fall down.” Shao Qing couldn’t help but tightly seize Er Dai’s waist. Touching his small waist had a nice sensation to it, except it was a bit on the thin side.

Shao Qing couldn’t help but let out a sigh. If Er Dai was a typical youngster, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hold back and would’ve become a beast. In fact, she would definitely nurture Er Dai, keeping him nice and plump and pressing him down every day onto the bed and eating him up.

After all, this youngster was obedient, handsome, and was dead set on her. The keyword was youngster. That’s right, being a shotacon in this way there were no principles.

Er Dai had absolutely no idea what Shao Qing was thinking about. If he knew he probably would have washed clean and stripped himself down nude and crawled into Shao Qing’s bed all by himself.

Feeling that she still had some integrity left, Shao Qing suddenly remembered that Yan Hanqing was right beside her. Coughing lightly she pretended to be serious: “We have to be constantly alert to be aware of any movements in the surroundings.”

Yan Hanqing nodded his head and looked at the sky. The sun was rather quick to set, at present, there was already no trace of sunshine. A deep heavy layer of cloud resembling a black curtain covered up the moon entirely.

“I’ll keep guard. You…. guys should rest.”

“No, I’ll do it. I’m not feeling sleepy or tired, so you rest up. There shouldn’t be anything happening tonight.” Due to the blessing of her abnormal physique, Shao Qing’s night vision had become way better. Sitting on top of the tree branch, she was capable of seeing the words engraved on the tombstone.

However, any further and she wouldn’t be able to see it clearly.

Yan Hanqing continued to insist: “No, let me. I’ve rested way more than enough these past two nights. Now during the night, I don’t feel like sleeping.”

Shao Qing contemplated it for a moment. “How about we do it like this then. I will be in charge of the first half of the night and you’ll do the second half.”

Dissatisfied, Er Dai pulled on Shao Qing’s sleeve making Shao Qing correct herself. “Er Dai and I will be the lookout for the first half of the night and you can do the second half.” Then, was Er Dai satisfied.

Yan Hanqing knew from Shao Qing’s personality, she definitely would not let him guard the entire night by himself. Hence, he nodded his head and leaned against the tree to rest up to wait until he switched off with Shao Qing.

As expected, nothing happened for the next two days. However, on the third night, within the cemetery appeared two shadows.

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