PMMB Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Adorkable

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Exquisite fingers identical to porcelain, smooth and icy cold lightly landed on top of his eyelids causing his whole body to shudder.

A fragrant breath came sweeping by his ear from behind. Yan Hanqing didn’t dare move. When those long wonderful fingers left his eyes, Yan Hanqing still didn’t move. It was only when Shao Qing had already moved quite a distance did Yan Hanqing’s ear finally process the joyful yet ambiguous statement Shao Qing had said: “Have I ever told you, your eyes…. are really gorgeous?”

When Yan Hanqing finally snapped out of it, he didn’t even need to touch his ears and face to know that they were scalding hot. Lifting his head up, Shao Qing had already gone quite a distance.

Yan Hanqing rushed to catch up. Looking over at the person by his side who was tranquil, could it be that everything that just happened was just his imagination? Letting out a sigh, Yan Hanqing felt a bit disappointed.

When the three people finally arrived back to the car, Gu Panpan and the rest were already asleep while Gu Chuan was being look out. When he saw them return, he relaxed and lowered his voice: “You guys have finally returned.”

“Did anything happen these past two days?” Shao Qing looked at the others who were asleep, also whispering. Gu Chuan shook his head. “Nothing, in this area there are barely any footprints of people, thus we haven’t seen any zombies either. You guys rest first. Tomorrow, we’ll head out.”

“You guys can go to sleep. Leave night vigil to Er Dai and me.” Shao Qing whispered. Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing’s first reaction was to shake their heads. They were both big men, how could they let Shao Qing and Er Dai do night watch.

Unperturbed, Shao Qing explained: “Er Dai and I don’t feel exhausted, so we’re most suitable for night vigil. You guys rest up properly. Tomorrow we will have to go back on our journey and who knows what we’ll encounter on the road. If you guys don’t rest properly, our fighting strength will greatly decrease.”

Everything that was spoken was indeed true. The two men looked at one another, then thinking about the groups benefit, they could only go back into the car to sleep leaving Shao Qing and Er Dai sitting beside the weak bonfire.

Fire was capable of driving away wild beasts, but it was also able to lure in some unknown elements. With regards to Shao Qing and Er Dai, the bonfire didn’t have much use; so Shao Qing didn’t add more firewood and just slowly watched as the fire died out.

Er Dai watched her for a long time, sitting cross-legged on the side. After staring at her for a long time, he suddenly reached out and took Shao Qing’s hand and placed it on his face.

Shao distracted for a moment was about to say something but she saw that Er Dai looked like he felt like he was wronged. It seemed that he learned that ignoring Shao Qing wouldn’t allow him to ‘share in the profits’. With this way of thinking Shao Qing couldn’t help but laugh.

Remaining calm, she went and pinched Er Dai’s cheeks. A zombie was basically a corpse. Corpses did not have any temperature, so Er Dai’s face was clod and soft. Touching it was like jello. Shao Qing wondered if Er Dai hadn’t become a zombie, what would he be like?

Maybe he would be a university student, skipping optional electives and required courses, living those happy days.

Actually, he could even be a senior high school student. Perhaps he was in Grade 12, every day burning the midnight oil to prepare for his college entrance exams.

In brief, their lives would have never crossed paths. However because of the apocalypse, her turning into a non-dead non-living thing and him turning into a zombie, the originally parallel lines unexpectedly overlapped allowing them to meet.

Probably because Shao Qing became absent-minded, Er Dai felt like he was wronged again. Bending his head down, he bit Shao Qing’s finger. Using his razor sharp canines, he didn’t use any strength at all and lightly nipped it.

It didn’t hurt, on the contrary it tickled.

Er Dai couldn’t resist licking it. After a second, Shao Qing drew back her finger. She felt that her finger was getting tickled and his lips and his cold tongue making contact with her felt strange. Her heart shivering a bit.

Er Dai still had a vacant expression on his face, looking extremely adorkable. Shao Qing rubbed her own face and was unable to feel any temperature whatsoever. But just now…. Was Er Dai just now being a bit of a rogue?

In the end, Er Dai was unable to comprehend a human’s complicated heart. Thinking that Shao Qing was mad that he had bit her, he worriedly looked at Shao Qing. As a result from his glance, Shao Qing had shifted her eyes away. This made Er Dai’s heart explode, he became desperately frenetic.

He didn’t mean to… he really didn’t want to bite Shao Qing. Why would Shao Qing be mad?

Er Dai felt wronged and aggrieved. Slowly approaching Shao Qing, he placed his head onto Shao Qing’s chest, giving her a fright.

Shao Qing attempted to push Er Dai away, but Er Dai just hugged onto Shao Qing’s waist. Sticking his face onto Shao Qing’s lower abdomen, his strength especially strong, Shao Qing was just forced to stroke Er Dai’s foolish hair. Giving up on lifting him up, she gently rubbed his back.

Curling up into a ball, he placed his entire body against Shao Qing’s chest, unwilling to come out no matter what.

Shao Qing immediately thought of a story she had seen before. It was about a cat that had been thrown away once. If it was taken in again, then it would be especially loveable because they were scared it would be abandoned again.

Er Dai, is it because she had abandoned you once before that you lack a sense of security?

The more Shao Qing thought about it, the more her heart melted. Her mind couldn’t help but repeatedly replay the first moment her and Er Dai had separated. Er Dai had stood at the entrance, completely helpless. He had no idea what he had done wrong to be abandoned and he also didn’t know why Shao Qing had to leave. Even when he wanted to follow her, he didn’t dare to. So he merely trailed behind secretly. Thinking about how pitiful he was, Shao Qing’s heart ached.

At that time, why was she willing to abandon Er Dai?

“I won’t throw you away again.” Shao Qing gently caressed Er Dai’s back.

A night of silence, early the next morning Gu Panpan and the rest awaoke. Making a simple breakfast, the group then began their return journey.

Right when Xiao Baozi saw Shao Qing, feeling wronged, he burrowed himself into Shao Qing’s chest. No matter what he wouldn’t let go. Shao Qing hurriedly squeezed Xiao Baozi and then took out a crystal to feed him.

The return journey compared to heading out was a lot more relaxed. On one hand they would be hunting zombies, while on the other hand they would be travelling along. When they encountered survivor bases, they would go in to exchange for fresh supplies, but would not stay for long.

Moreover, Shao Qing and the rest had discovered that people have already discovered about the crystals within a zombies brain. They’ve even started utilizing those crystals for training. Now they wouldn’t be at an advantage any longer.

“Although the crystals have been discovered, they still discovered a step after us. Our advantage still exists, it’s just not the same as before. Currently, we just need to take that advantage while the margin hasn’t been narrowed to collect more crystals.” Shao Qing was completely calm. After all,from the beginning, she had guessed that this day would come.

Now that the day had finally arrived, she thought that it was even a bit later than what she had expected.

At the same time, zombies were also having evolutions. The most elementary, low ranked zombies who were sluggish and rigid that appeared frightening and in high numbers but could be easily murdered by even a frail girl with a weapon are different.

The majority of them have now gone through an evolution. They are becoming more and more nimble and agile. Compared to the beginning of the apocalypse, they’ve made a massive improvement.

Shao Qing could foresee that the survival of humans have become increasingly difficult.

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