PMMB Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Successfully joining

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It is said that nature is cruel, survival of the fittest. It was like a short neck giraffe. Because it isn’t able to eat enough as well as it unable to find a mate, it would gradually become eliminated. Now in nature, the thing being eliminated are humans.

Zombies were slowly evolving, superhumans were slowly evolving, nut only normal humans have stayed where they are currently. These kind of ordinary people will sooner or later because of various reasons would probably gradually decrease in population.

Afterwards in order to adapt to the environment, the majority of the newly born babies would be superhumans. It could be the case that in this world there will be only superhumans left.

Shao Qing was scared by her own thought. But, she felt increasingly sure that her brain was on the right track. If everything continues like this, they can’t say for sure that one day, the world might just really become like how Shao Qing thought it would.

The return journey went by smoothly and quickly even though they were hunting zombies majority of the time, they still returned a lot earlier than estimated.

Approaching the base, Shao Qing became increasingly anxious. Er Dai’s gap was too large. Trying to pretend he was a normal person and entering the base is too hard. But she couldn’t just abandon Er Dai outside. The more she thought about it, the more she worried about it.

They were an investigation squad from outside, so the superhumans didn’t require an examination. However, superhumans from outside needed to.

Let alone Er Dai had no way of disguising himself as a superhuman. Even if he was really to pretend, it would be to disguise as a speed based or strength based superhuman.

But during the physical examination, Er Dai could still be easily exposed. Shao Qing could begin to feel her head ache. She didn’t dare to voluntarily bring Er Dai there, just in case he was discovered. That would be like walking into a trap and setting yourself as an easy target.

Intentionally allowing Er Dai to wait outside first, Shao Qing looked at Er Dai’s confused expression. Unable to say anything, just placing Er Dai outside, what’s the difference between that and abandoning him?

Thinking over the past and future, Shao Qing finally thought of a plan when she arrived at the base.

Within the vicinity, this survivor base was the largest. That’s why everyday there would be a lot of people coming to seek shelter, thus long lines were already formed outside.

Outside the gate, they exit the car and gave their car to the inspector. Afterwards, they headed towards the gate. Being a superhuman, Shao Qing and the rest naturally did not have to line up, a flash of their emblem and they were able to directly enter.

However, Yan Hanqing still needed to go through an inspection. “Qing Jie, you guys have returned?”, a youngster working at admittance enthusiastically called out. His superhuman ability was enhanced smell. In regards to battle, it had no use thus he was arranged to receive superhumans.

“En, one of my teammates amidst battle awakened his superhuman ability. I even brought back two of my relatives who are also superhumans.” Shao Qing said. “Where should we go to test them?”

The youngster immediately had a face of envy. There were some regular people that would awaken during dangerous circumstances. These late-comers usually have useful powers unlike him.

“Inside there should be fine.”

Shao Qing nodded her head. Bringing the group inside, just like, *My Fair Princess’s Xiao Yanzi they’ll pass through and be reborn.
* Chinese TV Show

The youngster saw that there were two girls following behind Shao Qing. They didn’t appear too old, timid, and were pretty good looking.

One was a bit on the tall and lanky side with a foolish expression, while the other looked younger with a frightened expression.

The person in charge of making a record was a man around thirty. His superhuman ability was rather unique, which was being able to capturing people’s’ power undulations and analyze its rank and classification.

This was why he was assigned to make records of superhuman abilities.

“New person?” Lifting his head up, the first thing the man saw was Shao Qing. Right away his eyes turned a lot gentler. After all, a young beautiful women superhuman was rather rare. As far as its concerned someone with Shao Qing’s youth, appearance and most crucial point of being a single woman superhuman; as a man, to be forgiving and tolerant was a must.

“During our battle, my teammate had awakened their ability. That’s why we’re here to get it recorded. Also, I have two Biao Mei….” Shao Qing first allowed Yan Hanqing forward, the man was astonished and said: “Release your power.”

When Yan Hanqing lifted his hand up, a small lightning briefly flashed within his palm.

“Lightning elemental with rank 1 strength, not bad.” The man quickly wrote down Yan Hanqing’s information then handed him a Rank 1 badge.

Yan Hanqing then went to stand off to the side. Shao Qing then pulled Shao Tong up. “This is my Biao Mei, Shao Tong. She’s turning twenty this year. She is a spiritual superhuman. Ah Tong.”

Hearing her name being called, Shao Tong released her power. Shao Tong wasn’t familiar with controlling her power yet, but releasing a bit of it was still something within her limits.

“Rank 1 spiritual superhuman. That class is quite rare, even less common than a lightning elemental user.” The man’s eyes was filled with surprise and once again was recording down the information.

Finally, the last person to step forward was Er Dai. Wearing a skirt that didn’t cover his knees and intricate makeup, he was tightly gripping Shao Qing’s hand. He appeared extremely scared.

Shao Qing had no choice but to explain. “This is my Biao Di, Shao Yang. His mind is not in the right state. Because a previous experience… sigh, that kind of bad thing, afterwards something became wrong with his mind. He would always think he’s a woman and unable to come in contact with strangers.

The man’s gaze turned sympathetic as he looked at Er Dai. Afterwards, he suddenly displayed an astonished expression. Shao Qing continued speaking: “He’s a strength superhuman. He just awakened not long ago.” While speaking Shao Qing used her chin to indicate to Er Dai to demonstrate his abilities for the man.

Er Dai extended his finger out and poked a hole through the marble table…

Yes, he poked through and made a hole. The man was struck dumb. He had seen quite a few strength superhumans just like Er Dai, but one that would use pure strength to stab a hole through a marble table, this was his first.

“That… his movement was too quick. I couldn’t even capture any of the energy undulations…”

“He’s a rank 1 superhuman. Release your power one more time okay?” Shao Qing lowered her voice and gently asked. Er Dai immediately took on a bashful stance and hid behind Shao Qing.

Feeling embarrassed, Shao Qing said: “He’s too shy, you see…”

“That’s fine.” The man waved his hand and quickly wrote down Er Dai’s information. From one aspect, how could normal people be able to stab out and create a hole? Secondly, a beautiful girl always has to be given special treatment. Especially a woman as beautiful as Shao Qing. They always had some preferential treatment, maybe…. cough cough Shao Qing might even think that he’s not too bad and even give herself to him.

“Thank you. If I have time, I will definitely treat you to dinner.” Shao Qing smiled and pulled the group along to leave the examination area. As soon as they left, Shao Qing finally let out a sigh of relief. This could be counted as muddled entry.

As long as Er Dai is recorded as a superhuman from the base, he will have free entry and wouldn’t have to worry that they will be discovered.

Going a bit smoother than what Shao Qing had imagined it, she felt a lot better: “Panpan, you guys stay here and wait for news. Once the investigation is done, come inside. Hanqing and I will return and make dinner first. Tonight, let’s eat dinner together.”

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