PMMB Chapter 62

Chapter 62 The perfect partner

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After leisurely eating their meal, the group of people once again set out on their journey. Now that they didn’t have Team Gale, Shao Qing and the rest took out their crystals. They all had their roles. Er Dai had moderated his odour and was crouched on top of the room, he was in charge of support and to collect crystals. Gu Panpan was in charge of driving, occasionally she would see zombies gathered ahead, which is when Shao Qing uses her vines to pull the zombies closer. Finally Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing would be in charge of using their abilities to finish off the resisting zombies.

Maintaining this pattern the entire afternoon, Er Dai had collected a bag full of crystals. Once the sky became a bit more dim, Shao Qing and the rest decided to find a place to stop and rest.

After clearing up an open area and setting up a camp, they began to divy up the gains. The majority of the crystals were first placed in Shao Qing’s space, the rest was then split in equal proportions for absorption during emergencies.

After travelling the entire morning, Shao Qing and the team had arrived at the first concentrated area of zombies, a school. Driving by the entrance, you could see zombies dressed in security or school uniforms wandering all around the school.

With a rough estimate, the school most likely had at least over a thousand zombies. But don’t forget that before the apocalypse, this was a central high school that had over two thousand students on top of staff members, the total approaching three thousand people. Eliminating the ones that escaped, the ones that were eaten completely, and the zombies that had left the school, there should be at least a thousand left.

Shao Qing looked at the school covettingly. How many sparkling, shining crystals are there? Currently, Yan Hanqing had just turned into a rank 2 superhuman, while the rest were hovering between rank 2 and 3. This was precisely the time where they needed a large amount of energy to fill the gap. Even she was accumulating energy little by little.

Once the energy has been accumulated until it is impossible to raise anymore, that is when it’s time to make a breakthrough.

At present, an average zombie’s crystal had very little use to Shao Qing. A pile of zombie crystals could still supply a bit of energy, thus it was for this reason that she required a high ranked zombie crystal.

With the school this big, with this many zombies, there had to be quite a few rank 2 or 3 zombies.

They were all high ranked crystals!

Yan Hanqing looked at Shao Qing’s expressionless face, but sparkling eyes and couldn’t help but say: “We aren’t in a rush, they will definitely be a lot later than us to arrive at the city centre building. Even if we are to arrive a bit later, it shouldn’t matter.”

Shao Qing’s eyes that were originally shining directly became like two bright light bulbs. Looking at the wandering zombies within the metal gate was like looking at sparkling crystals.

“Should we go in for a look?”

Gu Panpan also quickly caught on: “Ok, perhaps there will be a lot of high ranked crystals. Raking up a pile of crystals, it’ll easily push me to a rank 3.”

Seeing everyone unified, the decision was easily made. Fastening Xiao Baozi on her back, Shao Qing found a safe place to park the car and brought the rest of them to go in.

Before entering, Shao Qing warned them a thousand times: “If at any time you encounter danger, you must not be stubborn and fight. The right decision would be to retreat. No matter what, it is not worth it to get injured.”

Rubbing her fingers, Gu Panpan replied: “We know Qing Jiejie. Which side should we start from?”

Weighing the pros and cons, Shao Qing replied “The dorms.” The group of them then headed towards the dormitories. The male and female dormitories were located one in front of the other, very close showing promise for quite a few zombies to be wandering nearby.

An average zombie didn’t have any intellect, the only thing that was controlling them was their hunger. However, they do not know the feeling of being full. If there was enough food, they would continuously eat even if they were to burst open their stomach, they still wouldn’t have the feeling of being full.

The slightly higher ranking zombies were a lot more intelligent, Although hunger still dominated their decisions, they still had the ability to make decisions. A zombie around rank three would even be able to round up a group of zombies to lie in ambush.

Shao Qing had no interest in the normal zombies whatsoever, but all the high ranking zombies were hidden within them. Even if you searched carefully within the group, you wouldn’t be able to make out anything. It is only when they made a move would one be able to tell which ones were the higher ranking ones.

Therefore they immediately started disposing of them block by block. Yan Hanqing’s lightning ability was especially useful. At the present he was currently working on tempering his own ability to control his strength. Attempting to use the least amount of energy to paralyze the zombies, afterwards Gu Panpan would be in charge of finishing them.

With this teamwork, they would be able to save a lot of super power and physical strength. After all there are limits to their superpowers. If they use it all up it’ll be all gone, then they would have to wait until they recover before continuing. Furthermore Yan Hanqing is just a rank two, how much superpower could he possibly have?

This is just like being a poor person calculating every single thing they buy, each single coin must be used for crucial moments.

“Over here” The group of them were in groups of two and one, killing zombies not too far from one another. So in case any of them discovered a high ranking zombie, they would call out to surround the fellow.

Just at that moment, Shao Tong was displaying her immense ability. Don’t look at her usual quietness, her melancholy method of eating or playing with Xiao Baozi, but she would incessantly train in using her mental superpower, especially the controlling aspect.

Everytime she discovers a high ranking zombie, Shao Tong would be in charge of creating a barrier so that all the unrelated zombies would be reflected back. Leaving only the high ranked zombie, the others would gather to attack, it couldn’t work any better.

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