PMMB Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Parting Ways

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When it was midday, it was time to eat. After great difficulty, they finally found a safe place to rest. Bringing the people from the car, Shao Qing led her team. A tall skinny member of Team Gale with a crew cut suddenly kicked the metal gate.

Bang! The loud sound gave Shao Qing and the rest a scare, especially the unprepared Xiao Baozi who was resting on Shao Qing’s chest.

Shao Qing stopped her footsteps. Her gaze becoming colder by the second, her fingernails lengthened, but before she could make any moves she was held back by Yan Hanqing.

Facing Shao Qing, Yan Hanqing shook his head. This wasn’t the time for them to have a falling out. Even if they were confident enough to handle Team Gale, the casualties involved wouldn’t be worth it.

Although Shao Qing restrained herself, her expression was the same as before, icy cold. Standing at the entrance, she didn’t enter, speaking indifferently: “Captain Lin, why don’t we part ways.”

Lin Xiaofeng’s face became rather unsightly. His team members had not listened to him and had gone over to Shao Qing and the rest to show off their strength. If his expression was still good then it would be strange.

“Captain Shao, splitting up now would be too dangerous. If we stick together, if we ever encounter anything tricky, we would still be able to help each other out…” Lin Xiaofeng was still trying to remedy the situation.

All of a sudden, Shao Qing laughed. “Help each other? Captain Lin must be joking. I don’t want to be forceful, but I’m afraid if we stay any longer, I wouldn’t be able to endure and might do something to your teammates. In all likelihood, your teammates are probably thinking the exact same thing. Parting ways will be the best. It’ll be good for you, good for me, good for everybody.”

Cheng Jiao looked at the team members of Team Gale, all ready to rebel. To pacify everyone, she hurriedly spoke: “Since Captain Shao has already spoken, then let’s part ways.”

Lin Xiaofeng was now really making an unsightly face, but he didn’t speak any longer. Silent for a moment, then he spoke: “Whatever the case, let’s discuss this after we finish eating.”

Shao Qing shook her head and brought Yan Hanqing and the rest to turn around and leave. When they were departing, they could still hear the members of Team Gale not suppressing their emotions at all, cheering a loud.

“Qing Jiejie, you’re going to leave just like that?” Gu PanPan’s eyes opened wide, unsatisfied. These group of people being able to reach the steps to become a rank 3 superhuman squad, the heavens have no eyes.

“If we’re not leaving then are we going to stay for the meal?” Shao Qing gave Er Dai a glance. Er Dai immediately understanding Shao Qing’s intentions, distanced himself and howled.

Between zombies, they had a method of exchanging communication. The howl that Er Dai just made was to gather all the zombies in the vicinity. How could they just leave like this? In the least they should give them a ‘parting gift’, letting them to show off their martial arts.

This time Gu Panpan was covering hand over mouth secretly laughing. Getting in the car, Shao Qing brought Gu Panpan and the rest went back on the road advancing towards the shortest route which was also the more dangerous path.

On the other side, they were practically celebrating; one more excited than the other. Exploiting this chance, Cheng Jiao spoke softly: “They all had grievances and complaints. Letting them to restrain their thoughts wouldn’t have worked, don’t be so angry….”

Lin Xiaofeng didn’t say anything, sitting in a corner by himself sulking. There were two reasons why he was angry. In fact, for a long time, he had also found that his own teammates were becoming more and more arrogant, but some words were unpleasant to say. He could only take an indirect approach to remind them, however to this day, there was still no effect. They won’t learn until they suffer.

Secondly, Shao Qing’s matter. The members of Team Gale had completely ignored his words, causing him endless embarrassment. When all is said and done, the captain had no authority at all.

Not even mentioning his members had treated Shao Qing’s side as if they had committed an offence.

While they were discussing when Shao Qing and the rest would be surrounded by zombies, Shao Qing and the rest had already found a supermarket to prepare lunch. After entering the supermarket, they quickly cleared it of zombies and started to eat.

The supermarkets near the city gates were already plundered. Not believing that everything was taken, Gu Panpan searched those markets but was only able to find a bag of preserved plums, a bag of ham sausages, and a few umbrellas. Everything else was swept away to point it could not be anymore clean.

“Qing Jiejie, if we’re going to the city centre, should we also stop by the several big shopping centres there to see if there are anything we could take away?” Gu Panpan couldn’t help but ask.

Shao Qing was sitting on the ground looking at the map. The reason the shortest path was also the most dangerous one was because in the middle of the route were several big shopping centres, a high school and too many small neighbourhoods to count.

Shao Qing replied as she looked at the map: “There are too many zombies in those shopping centres. The average investigation squad even the average superhuman squad wouldn’t dare enter. So, in my opinion, most of the items in the shopping centre should be fairly intact.”

Basically what Shao Qing meant was that if they wanted to go then they could go, it’s along the way anyways. After they plundered the shopping centre and have arrived at the city centre building, Team Gale would only be half way there.

“This time our harvest definitely won’t be little!” Gu Panpan made a vow. She could already imagine the scene of resources rolling out.

“Don’t lower your guard. Even though the common zombie wouldn’t attack us, at this large city, there definitely are quite a few variation zombies. We still need to be careful to prevent any ambushes.” said Shao Qing as she still kept her head down.

The greatest advantage of their superhuman squad was that once Shao Qing had issued out an order or command, it would easily agreed upon and implemented. It would definitely not be agreed overtly but opposed in secret.

There is a saying, you shouldn’t be afraid of a god like opponent but be afraid of a pig like teammate. Obstructing and holding one back, definitely more dreadful than anything else.

“We’ll remember.” Gu Panpan sincerely nodded her head. They had followed Shao Qing for such a long time, they had naturally understood.

Shao Qing nodded her head. Then taking a pencil, she circled a few areas where she believed there was a chance of high ranked variation zombies.

Although she said she wasn’t scared, but if there was any damages so much that a member was harmed, she was unwilling to see this happen. Naturally the safer the better.

The rest of them had sat down to begin eating. Since they had discovered that Shao Qing doesn’t eat, they have gotten used to eating by themselves while Shao Qing watched.

“Waagh!” From far away a zombie’s shout could be heard. Closing the map, Shao Qing lifted her head in that direction to take a look, the corners of her mouth lifting.

It seems that over at Team Gale’s side, once they had finished their meal and left they had been surrounded by zombies.

That group of zombies would already be enough to take away most of their energy, at least enough so that they wouldn’t have the energy to scheme against Shao Qing and the rest.

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