PMMB Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Penetrating through the mission grounds

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Lin Xiaofeng felt that Shao Qing had already accommodated to them enough. Waiting for them for so long, offering them food and bandages, no matter the reason, they have already given them a lot of face.

If they were to still put up a front and to continue to exhibit such looks, then the hatred will really be formed.

Therefore Lin Xiaofeng immediately replied: “Actually these are all small wounds. But for safety purposes, we should rest for just a little bit then we can go in and investigate.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “Our side have already set up the tents, you guys can rest up for a bit then once you guys have recovered enough we can all go investigate.”

Lin Xiaofeng definitely felt sorry. Hurriedly he ordered his team members to set up the tents. Yet those members were all procrastinating, they were all probably thinking that there’s already tents set up, why couldn’t they just sleep there. Why do they still have to set up their own? What a hassle.

Bringing some people over, Shao Qing helped them set up their tents. Afterwards, they each went their own way to rest up. Over on their side, they were certainly resting up while Shao Qing’s side were all energetic and was just lying on their side chatting.

Shao Qing calmly spoke to each person especially the weaker Shao Tong: “During the critical moment, do not use your feelings to think, just rush behind them and use them as coverage. If there isn’t any danger then that’s fine. But, if there ever is a problem, I hope that each and every one of us can make it out of the city. As for them, you don’t need to save them or care for them.”

No one thought that Shao Qing was unfeeling. Isn’t the apocalypse supposed to be like this? Having a group of morally standing people, would it be even certain that they would support each other at desperate times like this? This kind of act, if you wanted to die there then you can die there, who cares.

Each and every single member expressed that they will remember her words.

By the time it was midday, both sides have rested quite a bit. Yan Hanqing made a lot of food that was easy to carry around and handed it out. Afterall during their time within the city hall, they definitely won’t have time to make food.

“It’s nearly time, let’s go in.” Lin Xiaofeng looked at the tall building and spoke. With this it was time to enter. If there was no problems then they should be out by midnight.

If they do encounter any sort of obstacle, then they could find an empty room to rest with someone on night vigil.

Both sides were discussing. This time the ones who were in charge of opening up a path was Shao Qing and them. Originally, Lin Xiaofeng intended for them to open up a path, after all the ones to open the path would be facing more pressure. Since they owed Shao Qing’s side quite a bit, it only made sense for them to take on that responsibility.

However his team members weren’t willing. All of them were pointing out that last time they were the ones to open up the path, so why should they do it this time as well? It should be Shao Qing’s side’s responsibility.

Seeing that Lin Xiaofeng was caught in an awkward position, Shao Qing gave him a way out: “What your teammates said is correct. After all you guys opened the path the first time, this time it should be us. Moreover your teammates are carrying injuries, so you should bring up the rear to save your energy.

Lin Xiaofeng’s gratefulness towards Shao Qing increased another two points. After all this entire time, Shao Qing had given him face. Compared to his own teammates who don’t even put his words to heart, he has nothing more to say.

Lin Xiaofeng already made a decision. Once they returned to the base, he will definitely have a big exchange of blood. At the least he wants to get some members who aren’t blind and would avoid offending everyone and creating an enemy out of them.

Shao Qing’s fomation had Shao Qing carrying her son in the middle. On the left was Er Dai and on the right Shao Tong. The one in charge of opening up the path was Gu Panpan with Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing as support.

To not allow Team Gale to notice anything, Shao Qing told Er Dai to be a bit more low-key and to not scare away all the zombies.

During the entire journey, Shao Qing and the rest didn’t even make a move. The only one who did was Gu Panpan causing Lin Xiaofeng to frown.

From just one look, it was obvious that Gu Panpan was a strength user which wasn’t that strange. Gu Chuan’s power was a bit more rare. As an ice user it was a type of mutation of the water type. Within thousands of water users, you would only be able to find a handful.

If Gu Chuan’s was rare then Yan Hanqing’s was completely uncommon. At present, who knew how many thunder users were out there. Yan Hanqing was probably the third thunder elemental superhuman recorded down.

This third position doesn’t mean that within the base there are already two thunder users. Instead it is referring to the entire world’s record of thunder users.

That is how uncommon it is.

The movements of the three were very concise, there were no big magnificent moves. If a zombie came out, either Gu Chuan would freeze it or Yan Hanqing would shock it, then the zombie that can’t budge would be easily finished off by Gu Panpan.

“That’s nothing….” Team Gale were all mumbling to themselves: “Each and everyone of them holding it in their own mouth, I thought they would be so awesome.”

Lin Xiaofeng was so angry that he didn’t want to talk. How could his members have no eyes? How could they have no brain! Otherwise why wouldn’t they use their brains to think. They had both opened paths. When they were in front, a variety of superpowers would go flying everywhere. Appearance wise they would look super powerful, but it was just a waste of powers and their speed couldn’t even be compared.

These members must be removed. Actually he was also blind at that time, otherwise how could he be so moronic to find this superhuman squad.

Cheng Jiao and Lin Xiaofeng were childhood friends, so what Lin Xiaofeng was thinking was something Cheng Jiao could tell immediately. Patting his shoulders she said: “Feng Ge, don’t be too angry. We have all been doing missions together for so long, we already knew what kind of people they were. They just want to let off some steam with their words, but they still believe and trust you.”

Lin Xiaofeng didn’t say anything, he had already made his decision.

Shao Qing and them were indeed efficient. From the first floor to the second floor, it only took them a few minutes. From the mission, it was clearly stated that the resources was located on the sixth floor resource room. This also meant that they wouldn’t need to climb all the way up to the top floor, just going to the resource room on the sixth floor would be sufficient.

The city hall was rather spacious and void. This was most likely because the majority of them were staff and leaders. So when the army came to assist, the first people they helped were from the city hall building. During the apocalypse, the city hall was swept clean by the army.

Now there were only zombies left which were all the ‘survivors’ and the ones that came later on.

The difficulty of this mission lied within the fact that they had to penetrate deep into the zombie reigned city, therefore the award was high.

Shao Qing and her group led the people straight to the fourth floor without encountering any big troubles. A lot of people couldn’t help but relax a bit especially Team Gale members who were bringing up the rear. They could be said to be free and unconstrained the entire journey, not having to move a muscle at all.

It’s no wonder that they let their guard loose.

Merely facts told them letting your guard loose in these environments would result in offering up your life.

When Shao Qing’s group was preparing to tackle the fifth floor, a sudden scream came from behind. Turning her head around, at the very back of the group there was a body with its neck torn apart.

Yet Team Gale didn’t even see the murderer.

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