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The body’s neck was forcefully torn apart, one could even see the damaged throat with warm blood spouting out. As the blood drops fell onto the ground, there was still heat coming off the person; yet, there was already no life in the body just some twitching limbs.

Everyone’s heart froze. They didn’t even see what the murderer looked like not to mention when he had murdered. Nobody knew when he even left.

This was practically a taunt in their face. It made those Team Gale members who thought so highly of themselves feel as if they just got slapped on their face.

Even more than that, they felt sorrow because one of their own had died.

After quite a while, still no one talked. Finally one of the Team Gale members stepped forward and lifted up the corpse: “This is one of our brothers, we have to bring him home.”

Still unperturbed, Shao Qing said: “The smell of blood will lure out even more zombies.”

“The person who died wasn’t your people so of course you don’t feel anything!” yelled one of the Team Gale members, his eyes red with rage: “That was my brother!”

“So because of him, you are going to let the rest of your brothers die too?” Shao Qing calmly replied: “I don’t think that is a smart decision.”

“You don’t know Sh*t!” Another Team Gale member also rushed forward wanting to make a move: “How did you even open up a path?! Did you guys do this on purpose? You don’t see us eye to eye so you let a zombie come our way? I knew you were a snake of a woman!”

Before he could make a move, Yan Hanqing had already taken a step forward and with one kick sent the man flying. Flying straight into the air, he fell into a pile with the corpse, blood smeared all across his face.

Right when they saw Yan Hanqing make a move, the other remaining members were unable to hold back and all rushed forward. Lin Xiaofeng’s angry shouts was as if he didn’t shout at all.

But those people still had a brain, so although they did make moves, they didn’t utilize their superhuman powers. Handing Xiao Baozi to Yan Hanqing she calmly said: “You guys step back, just me is enough.”

Filled with confidence towards their leader, they all simultaneously stepped back. Shao Tong even took out some peanuts to eat.

To deal with those three people, Shao Qing just needed a minute. Afterwards, all three of them were on the ground unable to get up. Three grown men were beaten black and blue by a woman with no weapons, this was not a splendid thing for them.

Not even speaking about the people watching, but even they themselves felt that they lost face.

Finally it was Lin Xiaofeng who stepped forward: “Now can you guys calm down? Are you awake now?” The three men including the one who climbed up off the corpse lowered their heads.

They understood the argument. It was just the heat of the moment. After being beaten by Shao Qing they were all smacked awake. Lin Xiaofeng quickly apologized to Shao Qing: “I’m really sorry that I’ve troubled you.”

Shao Qing shook her head: “Quickly deal with the body. We can’t have any more internal strife. After all there is still a hidden ‘murderer’ in our midst right now.”

This caused them to wake up. Currently this was not the right time to have internal strife. A few of the members sorrowfully burnt the body and kept the ashes in their bags.

This time when they set off, all of them were on high alert. After all there was already one example of what would happen, even if they were any more stupid they wouldn’t relax again like before.

The hidden ‘murderer’ probably knew that they were alert. Going straight to the fifth floor and that thing still hadn’t made it’s move.

When they finally arrived at the sixth floor their guard was even higher. “I originally wanted everyone to seperate to go search, which would have made things quicker, but with this hidden creature it’s a little different. It’s speed and strength must be high, so we definitely can’t separate and allow it to attack us one by one.” Lin Xiaofeng pondered on this then continued to speak; “How about we search together? Even though it might be a bit slower, at least it will be a lot safer.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “Or maybe we can split into our teams. This way it’d make it quicker.”

“I still think it would be the safest traveling together.” Lin Xiaofeng spoke in a sorrowful manner: “I don’t want to sacrifice another brother.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “Then let’s start from here. We’ll go along the hallway to search the rooms. When we reach the end then we can come back the other side to look at the rooms on the other side.

Lin Xiaofeng said: “This would be the safest, I agree.”

“There’s another point. Are there any defensive earth users here? Later when we open the path, we need to prepare for anything that might throw itself at us to be safe.” Shao Qing first expressed: “Our side doesn’t have any.”

“I am.” The guy who was kicked by Yan Hanqing raised his hand. “I’m a rank 2 earth user, I have earth armour and earth shield. Let me open the door!”

“Then it’ll be up to you Xiao Liu” Lin Xiaofeng nodded his head: “Be safe.”

Equipping himself with earth armour and solidifying an earth shield in his hand, then did he open the first door on his left.

Fortunately after opening the door, nothing strange came flying out. However they didn’t lower their guard. Taking the lead, Xiao Liu slowly entered followed by Yan Hanqing then a fire user from Team Gale.

Both their superpowers were offensive abilities. If they were to encounter any danger, they would be able quickly respond and assist Xiao Liu.

The remaining people then successively entered the room, leaving three people to guard the entrance to prevent a pincer attack.

But there wasn’t anything within the room. After circling one round, they didn’t find any information or encounter any zombies.

Using the same method, they opened the second door. This room was completely messy, there were even bloodstains but no signs of any information or zombies.

Finally reaching the end, Xiao Liu attempted to open the doors but they were locked. They had also previously encountered two rooms that were locked that didn’t contain anything. Gently opening it a bit, he handed an earth shield over to Gu Panpan.

Taking a deep breath, in a flash Gu Panpan turned into a golden barbie. With one kick, she sent the door flying. Yes, directly breaking it apart.

In that split second of the door shattering into pieces, a black shadow came flying out. At this time, one could make out Gu Panpan’s reaction. Extremely calm and composed, she planted her feet on the ground and then smashed her fist into that thing’s head.

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