PMMB Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Beyond Belief

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Xiao Liu’s body was completely split in half with his organs splayed all over the floor. Another two bodies were all mutilated on the floor and the fire user had his thoracic cavity torn out, exposing his bones and all his innards.

But even worse was the youth Yan Hanqing had sent flying. His entire lower half had only a few bones left.

Every single corpse was a spectacle too horrible to endure. The only one who was still alive… was Lin Xiaofeng. His left hand was broken, his arm dangling helplessly on the floor. His entire body was blood stained as he was on his last breath. Seeing Shao Qing, he hoarsely called out: Jiao Jiao… Jiao Jiao has been taken…”

“What kind of thing was it?”” Shao Qing calmly took out some medicine and helped stop the bleeding of Lin Xiaofeng’s injuries. Using his still moveable right arm, he grabbed onto Shao Qing’s arm and eagerly said: “It was a variation zombie who was extremely strong. It could easily rip apart a living person into two. By its side was also a zombie hound. Captain Shao, please…. I’m begging you. Please save Jiao Jiao….”

Shao Qing was expressionless, but she also had no intention of making any moves. She only slowly applied medicine to Lin Xiaofeng. Lin Xiaofeng anxiously begged:”If you just save Jiao Jiao, then the reward for this entire mission will be yours!”

“If you die here, then when we return, the rewards will definitely be all ours.” Shao Qing expressionlessly replied.

“Not just that. If you just save Jiao Jiao, all my resources and assets, I’ll give it to you!” Lin Xiaofeng’s tears were already streaming down his face. It wasn’t just his teammates, he had also overestimated himself.

Therefore now that they had fallen, it was especially disastrous.

Cheng Jiao was his childhood friend and also his lover, Since the apocalypse they had been together to now, supporting each other. But fighting here, his brothers had died and even Cheng Jiao’s life or death was unknown.

“Why?” Shao Qing asked suspiciously: “I thought that you would beg me to take you away from this city. After all she had been taken away by a zombie. Even if she wasn’t dead she’s probably a zombie by now.”

“I love her….” Lin Xiaofeng’s glasses were already lost somewhere. Desperately grabbing at Shao Qing’s arms, his voice was very hoarse.

“Hanqing, you guys bring Captain Lin back to the car, I will search around and see if I can find Cheng Jiao.” After loosening Lin Xiaofeng’s grip, she prepared to investigate. Personally she didn’t believe that Cheng Jiao was still alive, After all, not all zombies were like her and Er Dai who would capture people and take care of them instead of eat them. Just from searching for a while, it would make Lin Xiaofeng owe her a favour which would be rather useful. If she was able to find Cheng Jiao’s corpse that would be even better, then they would be able to live up to Lin Xiaofeng’s plead.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Without saying anything, Er Dai just followed behind Shao Qing. He had already become Shao Qing’s tail. Wherever Shao Qing went, he also had to go there. He didn’t want to be separated with her for even a second.

So much that if Shao Qing even disappeared for a certain time, he would became rash.

Knowing Er Dai’s character, Shao Qing brought Er Dai along. Following Lin Xiaofeng’s direction he pointed out, they quickly found a clue because they saw that the ground had a paw print covered with blood.

Following the bloody paw prints, they slowly advanced forward. Finally the paw print stopped in front of a smashed glass store.

Probing out that direction, once she neared the door, a set of teeth that had saliva and blood constantly drooling out came snarling forward as a not so rotted dog came out jumping threateningly towards Shao Qing.

Er Dai quickly sprang forward tackling the dog to the ground. The dog’s strength was not bad, it was also rather nimble. However it was inferior to Er Dai and was quickly beaten to the ground.

Eventually it was killed by Er Dai. After killing the zombie dog, the two of them entered the store. Once they did, they saw something that could cause anyone to have a look of hatred.

Cheng Jiao who was dying was pressed up against the wall by a big tall zombie. Her jacket was torn while her skirt was completely ripped into shreds. Although the zombie’s body was sheltered from view and you can’t see anything clearly, Shao Qing was able to guess what was happening. Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Cheng Jiao’s arms were both snapped off, so she was completely unable to resist. Her soulless eyes were staring towards the ceiling, blood continuously flowing from the side of her mouth.

Seeing that scene, Shao Qing could feel her hands shiver. Being raped by a zombie, Cheng Jiao just wanted to die but couldn’t!

She could no longer keep her promise with Lin Xiaofeng to stay away from risks, right now within her head she had only one wish which was to kill this zombie!

Hearing a sound, the zombie threw Cheng Jiao to the side and swaggered over towards Shao Qing.

His gaze was full of desire and thirst as it stared at Shao Qing causing Shao Qing to be repulsed. But Er Dai was even worse. He didn’t know why, but he was bursting with rage, it was like having his most important treasure being profaned by another.

He nimbly rushed forward and collided with the zombie. His number one target was to aim at that zombie’s lower half.

Especially his nether region.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

The zombie being kicked at his most important region immediately became violent. But before he could make a move on Er Dai, he was already being wrapped up in vines. However, this zombie was very strong. Within a second, he was able to tear off all the vines.

However a steady flow of vines continued to crawl over his body, layer by layer. Trying to struggle free, every time an old vine fell off a new vine would advance dauntlessly wave upon wave.

The zombie hadn’t even had a chance to do anything as it was already beaten until it was screaming, especially his important region was almost broken off by Er Dai’s kicks.

However not caring about the amount of superpower she was using was a massive burden for Shao Qing. Quickly her face became extremely pale, but she gritted her teeth and continued to release vines to withhold the zombie.

The only thing was that this zombie was really made out of iron. After trying so hard, Er Dai still hadn’t left any major scar or bruises on its body, not to mention a life threatening one.

Shao Qing at this moment started to feel her strength waver and she also began to gradually calm down. Earlier she was rather impulsive, however after cooling down and observing, she truly did not believe this zombie had no weakness.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

The zombie’s clothes was completely charred black, he probably was burned before. So that must mean fire wouldn’t really affect him. When it was facing Team Gale Cheng Jiao must have binded the zombie and worked together with Lin Xiaofeng to attack it, but there was no result.

Otherwise Team Gale wouldn’t have been completely wiped out and Cheng Jiao wouldn’t have been captured and humiliated.

Shao Qing carefully observed, but no matter what, today she had to kill this zombie. This wasn’t just for Cheng Jiao.

This was because it was evident Cheng Jiao wasn’t the first victim. In the corner there were already several semi naked rotting bodies. But there were a few corpse that are still rather new that could be seen to have been dishonored when they were living. In fact their stomachs all had a massive hole,

Let’s just count this as ridding evil for the citizens. She must kill this zombie!
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  1. And now we know for sure that zombies can get aroused… At least, I don’t recall that we’ve encountered that sort of behaviour before? I wonder if it’s some aspect of the original’s personality that carried on through its zombification, or if it’s a side effect from being a variation.

    Looking forward to their vengeance.

    Thank you very much for your excellent translations!

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  4. I know this is fucked up but I was genuinely surprised she was the leaders lover and he actually loved her. From the way she held herself when she was first introduced and how she sent flirtatious glances at the men of Shao Qings team I genuinely thought she was there just to alleviate the mens desire from that team. So she had boyfriend and still acted that way with other men? Her behavior is disgusting but it doesn’t warrant her being raped and by a zombie no less. I felt bad for her. But I especially feel bad for the leader. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy the whole time. I had hoped if anyone from that team lived itd be him and he can choose better teammates that will listen to his orders next time.


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