PMMB Chapter 71

Chapter 71 The sudden unforeseen event

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Shao Qing’s indescribable face immediately turned a bit pink. This feeling of being depended on, being truly adored, was especially nice.

Of course this was not a romantic love.

“Jie, that place….” Shao Tong turned her head towards a corner. Being a spiritual user, her perception was different from others. With her ability, she was able to sense an abnormal spiritual energy there.

“Follow me from behind. Make sure you’re careful.” Shao Qing patted her head. Then after speaking to Yan Hanqing, she brought Er Dai and Shao Tong towards the corner.

Arriving at the corner, Shao Qing was stunned. The entire floor was filled with corpses… all of them badly damaged. Some were half transformed while some had completely become zombies, but all of them were dead in this corner.

At the very corner of this place, there was someone huddled…probably a human. Her entire body was covered in blood, her breath incredibly weak.

Once Shao Qing approached closer, the woman lifted her head up. Her left cheek rotting and looking especially sinister while her right cheek was as shiny as an egg why egg, her voice was hoarse as she said: “Living… living people…..”

“Who are you?” Shao Qing frowned. She didn’t feel any murderous aura from this woman, she paused then slowly continued: “You…. aren’t a living person, she is.”

Afterwards she closed her mouth and didn’t say anything further.

Shao Tong looked at the woman unexpectedly. Both of them not speaking, only a faint undulation of energy in the air, they were most likely communicating.

After a while, that woman extended her hand and directly inserted it into her chest. Then she fished out a yellowish coloured chicken egg sized item and handed it over to Shao Tong.

Her eyes immediately became overflowing with tears and softly said: “The U drive has a password. It’s my birthday, if you enter the wrong code, the U drive will automatically reformat itself and remove everything. Thank you.”

Shao Tong stared at Shao Qing. She also didn’t say anything, but Shao Qing understood. Fishing out a knife she handed it over to Shao Tong to allow Shao Tong to personally free the woman.

Waiting until the woman had taken her last breath, then did Shao Tong explain the entire story to her. That woman had a unusual disease. Her eyes couldn’t see sunshine. Even if she had a surgery on her cornea, it would still be useless. So her father had always been doing research hoping to cure her disease.

Although this woman’s eyesight wasn’t good, she was still a genius. For example, that water purification method was something that she had discovered. Sending the information over to this location was also probably her idea. In the end, it made it right before the apocalypse broke out.

In this basement, because all the researchers physical strength wasn’t much to be spoken about, once the apocalypse broke out, everyone was infected by the zombie disease. Some were infected at the initial stages while some were bitten.

Owing to her high IQ, when she awoke she awakened as a spiritual user. But it was during this awakening that she was bitten, thus becoming her half human half zombie state.

Wanting to die but couldn’t, wanting to live but couldn’t.

Those people who were beginning to transform into a zombie had begged her to end their lives to stop them from harming others. Rather than being a walking corpse hurting their own kind, they were better off to be killed nice and neatly.

Thus, there was only her left struggling in this place.

The zombie that was crushed by the elevator was one that she had intentionally left behind. One one hand it was because surviving all by herself was just too lonely, while on the other hand it would serve as a warning. In case anyone tried to take away the information here, she would be able to find out.

After completing everything the woman sat in the corner. Using her powers she constantly fissioned her cells otherwise she would have been swallowed up by the zombies virus. However she could still feel her body slowly get engulfed by the virus, little by little she was losing control.

Right up until Shao Qing and them arrived.

She could finally be free. She didn’t have to frantically despair and struggle. Death can finally be her release.

Shao tong cupped the yellow object and handed it over to Shao Qing. That ought to be a power source slash zombie crystal like matter. Shao Qing shook her head: “She gave it to you, you should keep it. It would be no use for me. Once you reach a higher rank, then you can protect me.”

“If…. we ever see her dad…. We have to tell him, she lived a happy life.” Having heard what was said, Shao Tong happily received the item.

Giving her a thin vine, she used it to keep the crystal hanging around her neck, so it was convenient for her to absorb it whenever.

“I’ll remember. If we ever encounter that woman’s father, I will let him know that I had met that woman one day and she is doing well.”

After dealing with the woman’s corpse, Shao Qing dragged Er Dai and Shao Tong back. Returning she saw several people surrounding the computer working away.

“How’s it going?”

“I found some information on the computer. I’m preparing to take the U drive portion, but the U drive requires a password.” Gu Chuan looked like he had a headache.

“ The password is … inside there should be a full copy of the information. Check if that’s the case. If it is then we can leave.” Shao Qing replied quietly.

After checking that the U drive indeed had a copy of the entire information, he was shocked: “How did you know?”

Shao Qing then told him about what had happened, causing everyone to sigh.

Now that the information was within their hands, they had nothing else they needed. Following the way they entered, they had the vines find a rigid place to attach to then had Shao Qing bring up the lead and climb up first.

Although there was light coming from the basement, it was filled with the reek of blood, rot and a gloomy moldy atmosphere. It was completely depressing. All of them couldn’t help but take in a massive gulp of air when they arrived outside even though the air was not that great either.

“Okay, we have accomplished our mission. Now the only thing left to do is to return and submit it.” Shao Qing let out a sigh: “When we go out, let’s see if Team Gale is still there.”

“They must have definitely taken the damaged information and fled.” Gu Panpan couldn’t help but shout: “What rank three squad. They were all just shameless hooligans, good for nothings!”

While walking forward, Shao Qing laughed: “Panpan, you’re actually quite gentle. Look, even when you curse at people you would only know how to use those words.”

“I also curse them all as being morons!” Gu Panpan was extremely unimpressed, but when they walked out the door, they were all stupefied.

This was because the floor was covered with corpses, in fact…they were all very familiar, it was Team Gale….

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