PMMB Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Two Women

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Shao Qing frowned. It wasn’t easy for her to save her, so how could she just let her fulfill her wish to die: “What do you need a knife for? Lin Xiaofeng is still waiting for you….”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Cheng Jiao didn’t say anything, her eyes completely black.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Shao Qing didn’t touch Cheng Jiao, she just calmly stated: “Originally I had no intentions to come find you. After all dangers were lurking in every corner, no one could even guarantee their own safety, It was only because Lin Xiaofeng had begged me and was willing to offer up everything he possessed to find someone’s current unknown status. If I didn’t stop him, he would’ve even gotten down on his knees to beg.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Cheng Jiao’s originally straight back all at once became weak and slouched over. Trying to resist the tears trying to come out: “I really want to continue to accompany him… but if I have to continue living like this…. I rather die….”

As she was speaking she slowly pulled off the fabric covering her belly. Her fair skin had signs of bruising. Of course this wasn’t much, after all they were just small wounds. The thing that made people feel horror was that her belly had a bulge as if something was pushing against her skin.

After a while, then did the bumb gradually decrease and went back down.

Cheng Jiao’s belly had one of those strange zombie babies the man eating flower had eaten up! Shao Qing extended her hand to touch the surface of the skin and was able to sense the movement of that thing.

However whether it was a monster, there was one thing Shao Qing understood. Once it came out, Cheng Jiao would die.

Unperturbed, Cheng Jiao said: “Hand me a knife, I’m going to take a gamble.”

Shao Qing didn’t continue saying anything and just handed a knife over to Cheng Jiao. Holding the blade of the knife, she expressionlessly stared at her raised belly. Then she cruelly stabbed it down, the knife penetrating her stomach. Along with the sound of a knife penetrating human meat, from within there was a small sharp scream.

That sound was rather small, as if it was issued by a cat. As if she was stomping down with high heels, Cheng Jiao was savage. She kept on stabbing down until her stomach had nothing churning around, then did she gritted her teeth and take out the knife. Then pulling open her skin she took out the sinister corpse of the baby.

When that baby was within the mother’s body, there were layers of membrane over it. But now it was being thrown to the ground by Cheng Jiao to reveal the baby zombies damp gooey body. After it was exposed in the air, it quickly started to rot and became like the monkey like monster Shao Qing saw earlier.

Cheng Jiao’s stomach wound constantly released blood. But Shao Qing didn’t say anything, she only took out a piece of dodder.

The dodder was so tiny that no one could see it, even Shao Qing could just sense it. Shao Qing then placed the seed on Cheng Jiao’s wound.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

The dodder immediately began to sprout under Shao Qing’s control. On purpose, it grew very slender and went into Cheng Jiaos wounds like an adept doctor and stitched the wound back together.

Then taking out bandage she helped Cheng Jiao wrap around it once. “Wait until your wounds heal then this dodder and meat will merge together. If you want to remove the stitches then just come find me. Don’t try to remove it yourself or else I can’t guarantee what will happen.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Thanks,” Cheng Jiao stood up with great difficulty. She had a set of clean clothes put on now by Shao Qing, with laboring breath she dragged herself to the corpse on the ground.

Er Dai was currently crouched beside the corpse. Using a rather weird gaze to look at the corpse lower half. Before he could finish his research, Cheng Jiao had already arrived. Lifting up a stone, she smashed apart that area with it.

Without knowing why, Er Dai couldn’t help but grip his two legs together and miserably looked at Shao Qing.

Shao Qing walked over and supported Cheng Jiao up. Cheng Jiao had previously suffered wounds from the battle and after she was humiliated and just earlier she lost a lot of blood. The only reason she could support herself was all due to her heart’s hatred.

Now that her enemy had been taken care of, Cheng Jiao once again became soft. Shao Qing sighed and put Cheng Jiao on her back, Er Dai upon seeing this widened his eyes.

Immediately he extended his claws over wanting to bring Cheng Jiao over. However he was swatted away by Shao Qing’s hands. His lips shriveling, he unwillingly walked in front opening up a path for Shao Qing.

Cheng Jiao who was resting on Shao Qing’s back lightly laughed: “If you were a male, I definitely would marry you.”

“Don’t marry me. Just forget everything that had happened today.” Shao Qing quietly replied. Cheng Jiao became silent then spoke: “Don’t worry, this dodder, I won’t take it out.”

The originally warm atmosphere, once again became cold. After a long time passing did Cheng Jiao let out a sigh. She understood Shao Qing’s meaning. They could both be friends but that’s all there could be.

Shao Qing not killing her was already being lenient. After all she saw some things she shouldn’t have seen. For example, when she had punctured Er Dai’s stomach, no blood had come out.

Another example was that Er Dai’s stomach wound healed incredibly quick.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Those kind of freakish things, Cheng Jiao also wasn’t stupid. Real quick she understood that Er Dai wasn’t a human. He wasn’t able to speak, there was no blood, had strong regenerative abilities, didn’t feel pain, all these could only point towards one thing… a zombie?

Although she didn’t know why Er Dai looked exactly like a human or how it was able to have a mind, the one thing she understood was that Er Dai was a zombie.

In fact it wasn’t a regular rank 1 zombie. When Shao Qing had placed a dodder within her stomach, one reason was to rescue her while the other was a threat. Currently her life was in Shao Qing’s hands. With just one thought, the dodder would easily penetrate through all her internal organs.

Only if she could find a way to get rid of the dodder, then she could only confidently follow orders.

An average person being threatened like this would definitely have a discontent atmosphere, but Cheng Jiao didn’t since she was wise.
First of all, her and Shao Qing aren’t that familiar. In fact her Team Gale and Shao Qing had a rift. If Shao Qing wanted to kill her, she could’ve returned to Lin Xiaofeng and told him they didn’t find her. If they wanted to be even crueler, they could even kill Lin Xiaofeng, to exterminate any future troubles.

But Shao Qing had chosen to save her. She had only kept a dodder within her body that usually won’t even harm her. This was already showing a lot of mercy.

If Shao Qing didn’t do anything at all and just released her, then Cheng Jiao would have felt uneasy.

“No matter what, I still have to thank you. I truly mean it.” Cheng Jiao said quietly.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

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