PMMB Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The Return Journey

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Shao Qing didn’t say anything. She silently carried Cheng Jiao. When they finally arrived, Cheng Jiao had fallen asleep. Lin Xiaofeng who had forced himself to stay awake once he saw Shao Qing carry Cheng Jiao back immediately closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He had actually met his limit a while ago and was just forcing himself the entire time.

When Lin Xiaofeng woke up, he discovered that he was within the car. Rocking and shaking leaning his head he could see Cheng Jiao’s pale face and gauze wrapped around her stomach. Everywhere else seemed to have no particular wounds. Letting out a breath and finally relaxing, the wounds all over his body then started to act up.

Shao Qing who was sitting in front of him, hearing sounds turned around: “You can relax, her injuries aren’t too severe. She might be quite tired mentally though. I’ve given her some sleeping medicine, just let her rest a bit more.”

“Thanks.” Lin Xiaofeng sincerely spoke. Shao Qing’s mouth twitched and she asked in a somewhat vicious manner: “Do you love her?”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Her and I have grown up together since we were young. Most people would say that two kids who grow up playing together wouldn’t be able to fall in love with each other because they are just too familiar, but Cheng Jiao and I are different. I really love her and she really loves me. After this kind of feeling settled, it became familial love, like love between a married couple.” Lin Xiaofeng mocked himself and smiled: “On one hand I treat her like a lover, while on the other hand I dote on her like a little sister. But, I don’t even have the power to protect her.”

“Do you know what she encountered?” Shso Qing sized up Lin Xiaofeng, smiling but not really smiling. Hearing what she asked, Lin Xiaofeng’s face became a lot paler, but he quickly regained his calm: “It doesn’t matter what happened to her. All that is the past. I will comfort her and help her fix her mental wounds.”

Shao Qing didn’t say anything further. Lazily turning her around with her back facing Lin Xiaofeng, she said: “Don’t forget your earlier promises.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Don’t worry.” Lin Xiaofeng shifted his body and brought Cheng Jiao within his arms. The feelings of the two people were already complicated, having romance and familial love, they also relied on each other for survival.

These kind of feelings are especially sincere and strong.

During dinner time, Cheng Jiao awoke. Because of her injuries, she only drank soup.

During the entire dinner, Cheng Jiao looked very calm and collected. It was when she entered the tent, Lin Xiaofeng and hers, Shao Qing knew, she would lay the cards down with Lin Xiaofeng.

After, Shao Qing also entered her test. Entering the tent, he found Er Dai sitting inside, trousers slipped down to his knees with his face looking solemn as he looked at the thing between his two legs.

However, zombies really do not have that kind of ability. Today’s variation zombie was an exception.

Seeing Er Dai’s fair white buttocks exposed, she couldn’t help but give it a kick: “What are you doing? You’re lucky Xiao Tong isn’t here right now.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Feeling wronged, Er Dai let out a whine and pulled on Shao Qing’s hand to touch it. Afterward, he was swatted away by Shao Qing’s hand. Nursing his grievance, he seemed to be asking why could that giant zombie do something and he couldn’t.

Although he was a bit foolish, he has seen it before. That was the most intimate thing between a man and a woman. He unconsciously also wanted to do something like this with Shao Qing, but his hardware was a let down.

Shao Qing pinched Er Dai’s thigh and coldly said: “You go be a good boy and go to sleep otherwise I’ll get rid of that for you.”

Immediately closing his leg, he quickly stood up. Shao Qing helped him lift his pants up then said: “It’s fine if you do it within your own home, just don’t casually remove your pants anywhere you like. It won’t be good for others to see.”

Er Dai confusedly nodded his head and cooperated with Shao Qing in lifting his pants up. Shao Qing sometimes felt that Er Dai was a brat with a massive desire, unfortunately he also had a high fighting ability.

“Don’t sleep tonight. Absorb this and see if you can break through.” Shao Qing slipped a few high level zombie crystals over, totally unaware that within the mix was the zombie crystal they got from finishing off the zombie today.

Listening, Er Dai put the crystals away in the small wallet that Shao Qing had embroidered for him ages ago. Afterwards he would take them out one by one to absorb.

In a bit, Shao Tong carrying Xiao Baozi also came in. A family of four, each of them was holding onto a pile of crystals and starting to absorb them.

As they increased ranks, they will require more and more energy. Using Shao Qing as an example, she was currently rank 3. Absorbing rank 1 crystals did nothing at all, while rank 2 crystals also did not make much of a difference. Only rank 3 or rank 4 crystals would be suitable for her to absorb.

Low ranks had no use while high ranks couldn’t be absorbed because of the possibility of their bodies not being able to handle it, only rank 3 or 4 crystals were appropriate.

But rank 3 and 4 crystals were not easy to find. Currently within her hands was only one rank 4 crystal and a few rank 3 crystals. For that rank 4 crystal she was preparing to go back to the base to safely absorb it.

First she’ll just absorb rank 2 and 3 crystals for now.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

When the next morning arrived, they all prepared to go on their way. Shao Qing also especially went out of her way to observe Lin Xiaofeng’s expression but was not able to see any particular changes.

Not all men was able to accept that their loved one was raped. Some men might even put the blame on the woman.

Even normal people were like this. Being raped they would always say that the woman was flirtatious or was hanging around hooligans or even going to an area where they shouldn’t have been around. Basically, it was always the woman’s fault.

Shao Qing had seen many of these incidents, thus seeing how tranquil Lin Xiaofeng, she was rather impressed with him.

When they gto back she might even extort him a little less.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Thinking back on how his teammates have all passed away, his wife was raped by a zombie and he himself received some serious wounds, it was rather pitiful. But of course, what he owed her must be redeemed.

The speed of their return was way quicker. This was obviously because they wanted to relax a bit. After all being in the apocalypse, the base is still quite safe. Within the base, they wouldn’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and being eaten by a zombie and could relax and sleep.

Once they returned, coincidentally they ran into other higher ups from other bases coming to visit. Bringing her group to hand in her mission, the little girl at the mission hall was stunned.

A rank 1 squad with a terrifyingly memorable name had completed an extremely difficult mission without even losing one member.

Yet a rank 3 team who had gone at the same time had only the captain and the vice captain survive. Isn’t that miraculous?

“All of the rewards should be given to them.” Lin Xiaofeng supported Cheng Jiao. When he was speaking he couldn’t help but gasp for breath: “The mission has been handed in, Captain Shao I am going to take Jiao Jiao back first. Let me treat you to dinner another day.”

Shao Qing watched Lin Xiaofeng depart her heart feeling rather refreshing. After all being busy for so long, encountering a few life or death situations, they have finally returned to divy up the rewards.

Could these reward points be enough for her squad to increase a rank?Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

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