PMMB Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Other bases coming to visit

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“From the initial examination, this is indeed the mission’s targeted information. The information has been sent to be audited.” The big chested girl sighed while continuing her quick movements: “If the audit passes through successfully, your adorable…. Superhuman squad will become a rank 2 superhuman squad. To see a rank 2 squad’s salary, please go over to that wall. The remaining rewards for the mission will be issued later this afternoon. Please come in during that time to receive it.”

“Okay.” Shao Qing’s mind and body relaxed. Leading her teammates back, the information was quickly handed over to the higher ups. The head chief at the base was called Hao Yun. At the time the news was handed over, he was just receiving the survivors from the base in Jiang Bei.

Upon hearing that the information has arrived Hao Yun was extremely happy: “Immediately hand it over to the research division to see if it’s complete.”

“Being able to retrieve the information from that zombie occupied city hold, your base squad? must have some strong people,” Jiang Bei’s leader was someone called Yan Pingsheng. He looked about 27 or 28 and extremely educated, almost like a professor from a university.

His aura was good, so even if he was standing within a crowd he would definitely draw everyone’s attention. But in comparison to the man beside him, he couldn’t even compare.

The man standing beside him looked a little bit younger, his skin was especially white, so white it was like he was morbid as if he never saw any sun before. His facial features were refined but he didn’t appear like a woman, and finally brows and eyes that made him look strict.

His collar had three buttons fastened neat and tidily, sitting in a tall straight manner, his whole body had an aura of self restraint.

This made people want to tear his clothes off and break through his calm.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Is this pertaining towards the water purification research?” The man’s voice was also quite cold and pure, easily making others associate it with the sound of a green jade tapping on a porcelain, that sharp crisp sound.

Hao Yun didn’t hide his smile: “Not bad. Originally I was going to have our researchers redevelop a technique for this information then distribute it to all the survival bases….”

Yan Pingsheng couldn’t help but mock him. At that time would he really be able to publicly announce it? I’m afraid that if he had that information then he would only exchange it for some profits before he’s willing to share.

Although he was well aware of that, Yan Pingsheng complimented him: “Mister Hao really has a wide breadth of mind.”

By making excuses, Hao Yun made the surrounding people look at him in annoyance.

As if he didn’t know, the self restrained man bluntly asked: “Could I look at the information?”

The atmosphere in a split second became cold. After a while, Hao Yun then laughed: “Of course, but you will have to wait until after our researchers have verified the information. After all the information has just arrived. Who knows if it’s the complete thing or not. Since you will be staying at the base for a few days, there’s no rush.”

A little slow in his nodding his head, he went for dinner and then returned to the place he was staying. That was when Yan Pingsheng grudgingly said: “Ah Shen, what did I say to you when we were coming here?”

“Don’t speak.” The man thought about it and then answered earnestly.

“You still dare to answer don’t speak?” Yan Pingsheng angrily laughed: “Did you know that you nearly caused a ruckus with that narrow minded Hao Yun? And you still dare say don’t speak!”

The man didn’t have any expression on his face, his eyes twinkling as if he was innocent: “You permitted me to not say anything.”

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“You’ve made me so angry. Sigh, it’s fine. You’ve already spoken, it’s fine.” Yan Pingsheng helplessly waved his hand. At this time there wasn’t any of those rumoured stellar manners as he cautiously warned him: “Meng Shen, you need to remember this. If I don’t allow you to speak, you make sure you don’t speak.”

The man named Meng Shen nodded his head then sat down on the chair and didn’t say anything. Yan Pingsheng continued to walk back and forth: “That document with all the information of the water purification method has to fall into our hands, otherwise Hao Yun will definitely use it to blackmail us. To get whatever benefits, Hao Yun’s side definitely would do anything. Maybe we can go see the people who obtained the information? Maybe they even have a backup…”

Meng Shen held the cup of water in his hand and took a sip, his eyes not blinking as he stared at him. Yan Pingsheng looked angry, he banged on the table: “Why aren’t you saying anything at a time when you should be talking?”

Meng Shen looked at his cup shaking on the table then very slowly replied: “You didn’t let me speak….”

Yan Pingsheng: …..Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“You win!”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Meng Shen paused for a moment then said: “Oh…”

Yan Pingsheng was thoroughly worn down until he had no more anger, talking to himself by the side: “We should first investigate a bit to see which squad it was that had brought back the information. Afterwards, we should try to secretly make contact… no, no. Hao Yun might become suspicious….”

Meng Shen slowly swallowed what was in his cup then said: “Adorable Treasure….”

“Meng Bao? Your cousin? Didn’t he die?” Yan Pingsheng looked distracted.

Meng Shen’s thought was also led askew for a moment before he said: “The superhuman squad is called Adorable Treasure.”

Yan Pingsheng reacted in a big manner, rolling his eyes completely straying from his image: “Who thought of that name? The captain must be a woman for sure! But, how did you know?”
“When the woman came over with the information, I saw it. Adorable Treasure and Team Gale.” Meng Shen honestly answered.

“Having the name makes it a lot easier.” Yan Pingsheng rubbed his chin. “Now we just have to figure out how to approach them.”

As they were deciding how to approach them, the people being spoken about were currently divvying up the rewards. All the crystals have been poured out onto the floor creating a meter high mountain with a nice sharp point.

Shao Qing had made six equal portions, each person getting one pile: “Put it away as you decide. When I was coming back I heard that right now zombie crystals have already become the universal money. No matter if it’s transactions between bases or between individuals, they all use this. So you guys can take it to absorb or to spend, you guys can decide for yourself.”

Without declining, everyone immediately put away their portion and returned to their own houses for a meal. Once it was the afternoon, they had to pick up their rewards.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

At that time then it would really be divvying up their rewards. Shao Qing reckoned that returning from this trip they have officially become rich.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Once Yan Hanqing and the rest had returned home, Shao Qing brought the rest inside the house to eat. When it was the evening, she was planning on absorbing the rank 4 crystal to see if she could break through.

Even if she didn’t break through into rank 4, it ought to upgrade her strength quite a bit. This would be beneficial for herself and the entire team.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

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