Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Parting ways

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Yet, Er Dai was not successful in throwing himself into the circle of fire because a dark green colour flashed into the sky, blocking him from entering.

The blaze of flames gradually went out, exposing the dark green cocoon within. The cocoon looked as if it had used willow branches plaited to construct it, incessantly moving rhythmically, within the flames it did not even have the slightest damage.

Waiting until the fire went completely out, the formed cocoon slowly contracted, revealing to the outside, Shao Qing, who besides her complexion becoming even more pale did not have any change.

Er Dai was stunned. The remaining two superhumans were also stunned. The first one to snap out of it was once again the tall skinny wind user. Without hesitation, he abandoned his partner and turned around and fled. Shao Qing reflexively turned to look at him. Green vines appeared underneath the man’s feet. Flying at a rapid speed, it climbed up the man’s thighs and tightly restricted him.

On these vines were small thorns. Tiny thorns piercing into the flesh, it quickly released anesthesia into the restrained person.

The man’s pupils enlarged and his body started to relax. He forcefully tried to compel himself to release his powers. But even before his small blade landed near the small vine, a sharp fingernail had already penetrated the back of his head.

From the back of his head, there was a portion that wasn’t covered by the skull. Stabbing in that region, one would be able to stab straight into the soft mushy brain.

When Shao Qing had shortened her fingernail, between her two fingernails, she had already pinched the cyan crystal.

The final person was the strength user. His face ash coloured, he had the general idea of his outcome. If three people were unable to capture Shao Qing and Er Dai, then him alone is definitely impossible!

Presently, Shao Qing’s eyes had a red light. She faintly lowered her head, using her cold gaze to stare at the taciturn man as his eyes rapidly dimmed due to Er Dai breaking his spine from behind.

Four different crystals made Shao Qing extremely satisfied. Now that she had an even better understanding of these supernatural abilities, that was what made her especially moved.

Now even if she were to infiltrate these people, she could easily pretend to be a superhuman and significantly increase her confidence.

After fetching the crystals, Shao Qing once again carried Xiao Baozi on her back. Feeling sorry, she carefully inspected Xiao Baozi’s body. Thankfully, Xiao Baozi was not like normal kids. Otherwise throwing him aside like that would definitely hurt him a lot.

After dealing with the mess, Shao Qing brought Er Dai to the next floor. Since she had almost lost her life, Er Dai was not willing to allow Shao Qing to distance herself too far away.

Even when they were wiping out the zombies, Er Dai would try to keep as close to Shao Qing as possible. Using an entire’s day worth of time to tidy up the shopping centre, they cleared up the interior.

Throwing out all the corpses then making a quick simple sweep, Shao Qing finally sat on the floor and called Er Dai over to sit by her. “Come.”

Well behaved Er Dai sincerely sat by Shao Qing, opening his big crystal clear eyes like a husky dog.

From her space dimension, Shao Qing took out a bunch of crystals and a small red bag that had no patterns at all, just two pieces of cloth simply sewn together.

Placing the crystals within the bag, she tied the bag to Er Dai’s neck. Looking at the bag excitedly, he unceasingly used his hand to touch it. Yet afraid that his long nails might puncture the bag, that cautious and gentle appearance was extremely adorable.

“Er Dai, I have to leave now. Afterwards you… just live your zombie life here. Don’t go provoking too many zombies. They’re a vicious bunch. If a flock comes to beat you up, you won’t be able to handle it. Live well! Who knows, maybe we’ll meet in the future.” Shao Qing touched Er Dai’s head, then smiled. She had just spoken so many words to this zombie, but could he even understand?

Er Dai then unexpectedly widened his eyes, facing Shao Qing he began to loudly wail. He even tore off the red bag and placed it in Shao Qing’s hands. His expression showing that he felt completely wronged, making Shao Qing somewhat unable to bear.

Having spent the last few days together, Shao Qing was already able to understand Er Dai’s intentions. He was clearly expressing that he didn’t want the pile of crystals he earned and only wanted Shao Qing to not leave.

But, could Shao Qing not leave? No matter how her body had changed, mentally wise she was still a human. Living in a place with no other people for a long time, could drive even the strongest mad. Let alone, she still needs to have her revenge!

“I’m leaving… you take care.” Once again placing the small red bag around Er Dai’s neck, Shao Qing headed downstairs. As she advanced forwards, Er Dai resembling a child who committed a mistake, followed her from behind.

When Shao Qing walked, Er Dai walked. When Shao Qing stopped, Er Dai stopped. If she just turned her head, she would be able to see Er Dai standing alone not far behind her, wanting to approach her yet not daring to.

She felt a bit soft hearted. Having no other options, she forced herself to get into the car and madly drove out the city gates. Unable to restrain her urge to turn her head, she turned around and saw Er Dai standing at the entrance. A frail slim figure, his shout expressing an unspeakable sorrow, it reverberated in Shao Qing’s ears.

With great difficulty she resisted returning. She stepped on the gas and the car surged forward at lightning speed. Leaving Er Dai to stand there by himself, touching the heavy small bag, his entire being became somber.

His sounds soon died down and resembled a whimper. After a long while, Er Dai quietly stepped forward beyond the gates. He turned his head to look at the city behind him. Then without even a moment’s hesitation, he advanced forward.

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