Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Entering the base

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Carrying Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing headed off towards the survivor base. She had to find that place and understand more about the current situation. Separating herself from humans for too long and not having information circulated, this would unfavourable concerning her goals.

S City’s survivor base was about half an hour from the city occupied by zombies. Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi facing north, intended to advance towards that direction.

“Could you please give me a ride?” On the roadside was a flirtatious woman wearing flimsy clothing, miserably trying to hitchhike. Without even hesitating a tiny bit, Shao Qing stepped on the accelerator and continued on her way.

Hearing the women’s hurried retreat, after Shao Qing left, immediately a few sturdy guys jumped out. Seeing the direction Shao Qing was headed towards, they began to swear.

Shao Qing understood. Since the apocalypse, there was no more law, no more morality. Superfluous sympathy would just cause your death to be sooner.

Driving down, no matter who it was who called out, she would not stop. Finally, before mid afternoon she arrived at the survivor base.

To enter the base, one would have to line up and get examined. Reportedly this was because there was an incident where people who were bitten by zombies had infiltrated the base and zombified within the base. If it wasn’t for a superhuman discovering it in time and killing it immediately, half the base would have been finished.

Even though that was the case, there was still a lot of people infected during that incident.

Therefore, the survivor base now had extra regulations. No matter if it were people who went out in search for supplies or newly joining survivors, if they wanted to enter the survivor base then they had to participate in the compulsory body investigation.

Especially for the new members. They even had to be separated for at least a day because a zombie infection would manifest within a day.

The amount of people wanting to enter the survivor base was large. All these survivors hailed from all over the place, running here to escape. When it was finally Shao Qing’s turn, it had already been more than an hour of waiting time. The staff who was doing the registration, didn’t even lift his head to ask. “Age, sex, any abilities.”

“24 years old, female, Wood rank 1.” Hearing Shao Qing’s voice, the staff raised his head, looking a bit stunned. “Wood element? That’s pretty rare.
And bringing a child…”

“My child has supernatural abilities too, but it’s only strengthened perception.” Shao Qing quickly stated this. She didn’t want Xiao Baozi to be asked to leave, that would drive her mad.

“Go inside there to test your abilities.” The staff gave Shao Qing and her child a strange look.

After giving Shao Qing a metal token, she entered and found the house had a middle aged man inside already. Right when he saw Shao Qing enter, he asked. “Wood element? Give me a demonstration so I can see.”

Spreading out her hand, the seed within her palm was revealed. Urging the seed, it quickly germinated and soon became a thick long vine.

There are two ways for Shao Qing to employ the wood element. One method is to use energy to simulate the plant vegetation. The plant would have formidable powers but it would be a waste of energy. Another kind is to rely on seeds. It wastes far less energy, but wasn’t as powerful. Each side had something that it loses out compared to the other.

Later on when she advanced to a higher level, she could even subdue a zombie and increase her attack power.

Xiao Baozi also used his extraordinary five senses to disguise himself.

“Not bad.” Taking away the token from Shao Qing’s hand, he gave a medal form of the token with a green unclear design in the middle to Shao Zing and one similar to a brain to Xiao Baozi. “Do you see the stars underneath the medal? Once you’ve increased your level to rank two, then you will be able to exchange it for a rank 2 star medal in the base. Superhuman’s have better benefits than regular people. If you’re an extraordinary superhuman than you’ll obtain even more benefits, so work hard.”

“I will.” Shao Qing took the medal and then entered S city’s survival base. This was also one of the advantages of being a superhuman. If one day you’re isolated, you don’t have to be scared because superhumans wouldn’t be infected by zombies.

Entering the survivor base, there was a person guiding Shao Qing forward. The residence for superhumans and regular humans were different. Ordinary humans stayed in a big tent, from a few to even more than a dozen in one. Their clothes were ragged and their bodies were yellow and scrawny.

In short, most of the ordinary people looked rather pitiful. There were also some that were dressed pretty well, but those are the family members of superhumans.    

Before the apocalypse they might have been rich, but now that the apocalypse has arrived, they have all turned into trash, not even being able to buy a little bit of food.

Arriving at the superhuman residence, it was completely different from the one she had just seen. A simple and tidy single story house to a two story house by the ocean. Just simply looking the house’s environment, it was already better by a whole different level.   

Shao Qing’s residence was located near the edge of the territory. Although the space was rather narrow, the space inside was neat and tidy with a small bed and a small kitchen.

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