PMMB Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Boiling Blood

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Although the reality wasn’t as serious as how Shao Qing portrayed it, she was definitely a controlling person and especially loved to protect the people by her side.
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After she spoke with Meng Shen, Shao Qing was able to smell a conspiracy. That was also one of the reasons why she rejected.

After rejecting Meng Shen, Shao Qing packed up her things and prepared to return. But before she left, a tall pretty man stopped in front of her stall: “I heard that you are purchasing high ranked zombie crystals.”

Shao Qing as expected stopped her footsteps: “That’s right. Rank three as well as rank three and above zombie crystals, I want them all.”
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That person made a slight smile and extended his finger: “Ten pieces of rank 3 crystals along with the remuneration to send us off from S city survivor base. What do you think?”

Ten pieces of rank 3 zombie crystals was an extremely expensive price. A rank 3 squad who went on missions nonstop for a month couldn’t even guarantee ten rank 3 zombie crystals.

Yan Pingsheng felt that when he had stated this offer there would be no one who wouldn’t be moved by this offer. Sending Meng Shen was a mistake, he should have handled it by himself then they would have achieved success instantly.

After that Yan Pingsheng heard Shao Qing reply: “I am currently purchasing high ranked zombie crystals. If you require to hire any services from superhuman squads, please go to the mission hall. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go home for dinner.”

Yan Pingsheng: …..
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This development was completely different from what he expected!

Shouldn’t Shao Qing be excitedly agreeing to it? Then he would be able to get information on that piece of document during the journey, such that he could even obtain a backup copy?

Waiting for Yan Pinghsheng to snap back to reality, Shao Qing had already packed up her items and was leaving confident and at ease.

Shao Qing happily returned back home and passed the little notebook over to Shao Tong. Shao Tong didn’t know how to read, but she was able to still recognize some simple characters. If it was too complicated she won’t be able to read it.

Since she got injured by her father on the head when she was in her second year of elementary, she had recovered but did not return back to school.

Shao Qing could only look at it herself and slowly explain it to her. Shao Tong was very serious when she was learning. In the end, she pulled on Shao Qing’s sleeve quietly seeking her out with her spiritual powers: “Jiejie, I want to learn to read…”
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Shao Qing rubbed her head: “Later, I’ll go out and take a look. Maybe I can find a workbook and teach you how to read.”

Shao Tong bursted out a smile and leaned close to Shao Qing. Before, she had always thought that in her former life she must have done some sinful deed since no one liked her. From birth until now, she had only suffered.

Until she met Shao Qing, then did she knew how lucky she was this life to be able to meet her.

Shao Qing is the only one who has treated her well and never turned her back on her or gave up on her because she was dumb. That is why she was able to bring out her potential to show Shao Qing.

The facts told her, she didn’t bet incorrectly.

When Shao Qing was teaching Shao Tong, she also learned a lot of new things, pertaining to the use of spiritual energy, how to train it, and most importantly how to store it.

Just when she was teaching Shao Tong, she suddenly heard a shout from outside. That sound was very familiar…it was clearly Er Dai’s. At once, Shao Qing rushed out. Going to take a look after hearing some sounds, she saw Yan Hanqing had already broken the door
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“Go look after Xiao Baozi, I’ll go take a look.” After ordering Shao Tong, Shao Qing entered Er Dai’s room. Once she entered she froze. Er Dai was on the ground rolling around, constantly trying to tear off his own clothes. His sharp teeth and nails were all exposed. Even more frightening… was that his body was completely scarlet. It was as if they had just fished him out of boiling water.

How did this happen?

Shao Qing took a step forward, trying to see what was wrong with Er Dai, but was suddenly attacked by Er Dai and pushed to the ground. Originally, Shao Qing wanted to struggle but she felt something very hard poking at her belly.
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In a split second, Shao Qing’s face was exactly like Er Dai’s, as red as a prawn. No….. this can’t be. Er Dai is a zombie! He doesn’t feel pain, doesn’t have desires, his body is already dead. There can’t be a reaction!

Even if he has those desires, but how could a corpse… what’s happening?! This simply goes against physiology.

Because Shao Qing was distracted for a moment, she basically did not put up any resistance. Er Dai who was hugging Shao Qing began rubbing against her. On one hand he was rubbing against her while on the other he was letting out miserable roars.

His skin was becoming increasingly red. His all year round frozen body was becoming extremely hot. Shao Qing could even feel that her skin on her fingertips were also increasing in temperature, even her veins were pulsing.

He did not seem to be like a frozen corpse at all, in fact he was more like a living person.

Er Dai couldn’t speak so the only way for him to express his suffering was by unceasingly shouting. That sound sounded especially pitiful. Shao Qing couldn’t help but rub his forehead.

Just like his body, it was scalding hot. Also because he was enduring all this suffering, a blue vein gradually appeared. Shao Qing could start to see his veins expand as if it could burst at any minute.

That thing jabbing at her belly was also getting bigger and harder.
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What on earth is going on?

Shao Qing already had no time to think about anything. She tried to support Er Dai up, but it only resulted in Er Dai squeezing her tightly. This led to her only being able to somehow drag him to the bed.

“Let go of me okay? I’m going to go find a woman for you…” Shao Qing was trying to persuade Er Dai like a child using a gentle voice.

Er Dai who was a bit calm all of a sudden held onto Shao Qing and trembled within her embrace. Hugging her to death but scared he might accidentally scratch her, he ridiculously tried to point his fingernails up.

If he was able to speak he would have told Shao Qing, “I don’t want any other woman, I just want you.” However, he was unable to speak so he could only express what he wanted to say by squeezing Shao Qing tight and not letting her go.
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He would rather have his blood boil and his body explode than have some other relationship with some other woman.

Even if he has to die, he would want to die in Shao Qing’s arms.

Shao Qing lowered her head to look at Er Dai. Curled up in a pitiful manner, the only thing in his eye was her. Shao Qing then recalled a lot of things, the first time she left him he was also standing at the entrance, a lonely and pitiful figure.

When he had found her, he had happily thrown himself on her. He was always willing to use his body to stop anything from hurting her.
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Thinking and thinking, Shao Qing’s heart became soft and she sighed: “I owe you.”

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