PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 1

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Forced Mission, agreeing to support

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Afterwards… she helped him out. Afterall the pure Er Dai wouldn’t understand anything.
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This is something Shao Qing could think of, the best plan, yet…it was something that was hard to do.
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This was something that would easily cause someone to fall apart. In fact at that time, Shao Qing was really about to collapse, wanting to avoid the entire problem by walking away. But then she saw the emerging veins on his body wriggling around like a spiderweb that was about to burst apart his red skin.

To the end, Er Dai was unwilling to hurt Shao Qing. He was jabbing his own hands causing one hole after another to appear.

Shao Qing sat on the bed expressionless and couldn’t help but lift up her legs. She had experienced a lot of things. But she was still a traditional person. Having those kind of relationships with someone else was something that she thought should occur after marriage.

In Shao Qing’s heart, these kind of things needed to be done with one’s most beloved. Only after being married in a holy wedding ceremony could one do these things but now….

Er Dai wasn’t willing to go out and find other woman and she didn’t want to just watch as Er Dai died within her arms. Then….

Using her recently grasped spiritual power she notified Shao Tong and had her erect a protective screen around the entrance. Afterwards she stooped over and lightly kissed Er Dai on his burning lips.

Er Dai immediately acted as if he was a fish about to die from thirst who had just encountered water, quickly jumping on this opportunity. However, he was quickly pressed down by Shao Qing, unable to move.
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Nervous, Shao Qing extended her hand. Because her finger was trembling it took two tries to undo Er Dai’s clothes. Finally with one fierce move, she directly tore Er Dai’s clothes to shred.

Er Dai’s chest was extremely pale, it’s surface covered with a lot of old wounds. These probably all occurred before he was a zombies, that’s why they never disappeared.

Shao Qing was very familiar with these wounds. She couldn’t help gently caressing each and every single scar. The slightly protruding wounds was a knife wound. In fact the wound must have been rather crucial entering the body three inches to have a lasting wound until today.

This side was round, a bullet wound. Maybe the bullet was still in Er Dai’s body.

At his rib there was one made by a dagger. It just happened to be located between his ribs, the target was probably his lungs. The person who made it must have been very experienced.

Not waiting for Shao Qing to touch all his wounds, Er Dai began to rebel. He grabbed Shao Qing’s hands and pushed it towards a certain region, constantly pitifully crooning.

Shao Qing sighed and pressed Er Dai’s moving hand: “Be good, you’ll be fine soon….”
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Repeating it over and over until the second day, when Shao Qing finally crawled up she felt as if she was coming apart. It was especially like that time many years ago when she just entered the army, the feeling she would get after training each day.

Once she opened her eyes, she saw Er Dai lying on the bed looking at her like a dog. Shao Qing immediately felt a bit uncomfortable.

Er Dai was especially gentle, scared to use too much strength that might leave behind a trace. Finally it was on her clavicle that he left behind a hickey.

Once Er Dai saw that hickey, his entire body became excited. Rubbing against her just like a big dog.

Shao Qing rubbed his head and put on clothes. It was a little challenging to get down from the bed since her legs were still a bit jello like, but Er Dai immediately went to support her. He even massaged her legs to kiss up to her.

Shao Qing was not accustomed to it and felt embarrassed getting Er Dai to help. Walking out by herself she felt that no matter who she made eye contact with, their gaze all looked strange to her.
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Especially since everyone at her place were her close friends. Shao Qing felt more and more uncomfortable. Sitting down on the sofa, Er Dai ran back and forth pouring
Shao Qing water, grabbing fruits for her, being very attentive.
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Walking out from the kitchen, Yan Hanqing was holding a pot full of chicken soup with a complicated look: “I stewed chicken for Shao Tong and them to eat. Do you want some to drink? I think you should be able to absorb it.”

Shao Qing shook her head: “All food are no use to me. If I drink, then I’ll just puke it out later. It’s too bothersome. You guys go eat, I’ll just go absorb a crystal.”

When Shao Qing was going to prepare to leave and absorb a crystal, Er Dai also wanted to tag along. But was stopped when Xiao Baozi pulled on his clothing. When Shao Qing closed the door she saw Xiao Baozi thwarting Er Dai.
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Shao Qing then took a big breath. She felt all her vital energy had been used up from sighing.

Sitting down to absorb the crystal, Shao Qing jumped up with shock. Before, she had been feeling embarrassed and had placed all her attention on the outside world that she didn’t even realize that she was only one step away from rank 4.

What did she do? How could she have in one night suddenly reached rank 4? This was practically like eating a miracle elixir!

Unavoidably she recalled the censored things that happened last night. After calming down, Shao Qing got rid of those embarrassing thoughts. Beginning to think more deeply, if she wanted to research this she will have to start from the source. First of all, how did Er Dai turn out like that?

Even though Er Dai was different from the average zombie, having his own mind and consciousness, his body wise there wasn’t much of a difference. At least in that aspect they were similar.

If there weren’t any special reason, why else would he have turned out like this.

That doesn’t make sense!
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Thinking back carefully, she realized that she had only seen this aspect in only one zombie, the one who had molested Cheng Jiao who later on got sliced up into cucumber paste.

Calling to mind that zombie, everything suddenly became clear. This was because just yesterday she was completely perplexed on the fact that she clearly had remembered having a high rank zombie crystal yet couldn’t find it.
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There was a great likelihood that this piece was accidentally given to Er Dai! Without knowing, Er Dai must have absorbed it thus last night’s incident.

This could be the only reason, otherwise what else could explain Er Dai’s sudden change?

With this, the rest was easily calculated. It was probably because of this crystal that led to the sudden changes to Er Dai. After, her and Er Dai doing that kind of thing, the crystal’s energy had some sort of transformation and a portion of it entered her body.
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That zombie should be a rank 4. In other words, her and Er Dai shared the rank 4 crystal evenly. In addition, there were also some indescribable energy causing her to nearly rise to rank 4.

This was the most likely explanation. But no matter what, things that have happened has happened. One needed to just continue to look ahead. At least the upgrade in strength was a consolation.

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