PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 11

Volume 2 Chapter 11 The person who picked her up has mental problems 

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Shao Qing felt that she might have died again. In particular, when she opened her eyes and her body was limp on the ground. She scarcely had any intact bone within her body. 

She couldn’t even lift a single finger. Only her brain could be used. She saw that the zombie king was in a similar state not far off from herself. The crucial point though was that it still wasn’t dead. 

The zombie king’s four limbs were all distorted and its entire body was covered in lush dodder. Precisely because it wasn’t dead, it tried its best to reach out its head to bite Shao Qing. 

Discovering that the locations of the two bodies were rather close, Shao Qing tried to move the only thing that was fully intact which was her scapula. Using it to push her head closer towards it, she bit down on the zombies throat. 

That area had a deep wound already, so after Shao Qing bit down, that rotting putrid stench immediately flooded her mouth and nose. 

The zombies vertebra was already close to snapping. Using her own head to push at it’s head, she didn’t even know how long she had been pushing when she finally heard a snap. The zombie’s entire head was then tossed from side to side so that there was only a tiny bit of skin and flesh left. 

Seeing that the zombie had finally thoroughly died, Shao Qing let out a sigh of relief. No matter what, Er Dai and them should be safe now. She was only scared that Er Dai would be dumb enough to jump down with her.

Looking to the left and right, she was currently lying down on a piece of wilting reed. The reed had sheltered her figure. Luckily this was the case because no matter if it was a human or a zombie, neither would have a good consequence. 

A somewhat good end would be having her sent to the operating table of a research institute. Somewhat bad would be being directly killed and having her crystal dug out. 

Her lying down there allowed her body to slowly recover. However, she couldn’t just stay here forever. This is because at anytime a living person, zombie or any variation animal, could find her from her smell.

Shao Qing laid there for a full day and night. A zombie’s strong regeneration ability incessantly healed her body. However her injuries were heavy. Her two legs were basically shattered, her arm was snapped in half and the bones on her body were scattered enough that she could pull it out and make soup. 

This was only talking about her bones. Besides her physical wounds, her superpowers were excessively used so now she felt needle like pains stabbing at her. After resting for a day and night, only her arm was able to move. Afterwards, the first thing she did was dig out the zombie king’s crystal. After wiping it on her clothes once, she swallowed it whole. 

Not out of expectation, once the zombie king’s crystal entered her body, it bursted out with a formidable energy. This energy battered against her causing her shattered body to become even more shattered. 

However the damaged area began to reform. Her body, under that powerful force, began to quickly fuse together. In fact with that speed, she just needed one day for her to recover mobility. Then she could find a safe location to hide and recover.

However it was then that Shao Qing heard sounds of footsteps. Immediately on alert, she attempted to hold her breath to help conceal herself. Yet, the smell of blood from the ground mixed with the rotting smell was just too assailing to the nostrils.

The steps became heavier and heavier until finally a man pushed aside the withered reeds and appeared before Shao Qing. This man was extremely good looking. Shao Qing had seen quite a few handsome men before like Yan Hanqing, Gu Chuan, even Er Dai who were all outstanding looking men.

But this one right before her, even if he stood in the middle of a group handsome men, would definitely stand out. He didn’t just have the looks but he even had a unique aura.

This man had a pair of charming eyes, the corners slightly lifted up making it seem like he was smiling at all times. His skin was fair, the bridge of his nose was high, besides his eyes, the next most seductive thing was his plump red lips.

The shape of his lips were rather nice, very well suited for smiling. The colour and luster was even more stunning. When he smiled with those passionate eyes, he made it seem like he cared for you. When he didn’t smile and pursed his lips, he appeared piercing and perceptive.

Once the man saw Shao Qing, his eyes shone enough to scare someone. Kneeling down, he didn’t mind the filth all over Shao Qing and began to fumble about her body.

Unable to resist, she coldly stared at him.

At present, the red in Shao Qing’s eyes still hadn’t retreated yet. A pair of scarlet pupils, it was quite shocking. Yet, he wasn’t afraid at all. After feeling about her entire body once, his eyes seemed fanatical: “It appears to be a zombie that looks just like a normal human…. I wonder if the internal organs was like a living person’s as well….”

The eyes he used to stare at Shao Qing wasn’t filled with desire. On the contrary, it was filled with the excitement of cutting Shao Qing open to research.

Being stared at like this, she felt her hair stand on end. She wanted to just jump up and snap off his neck. But because she wasn’t clear of his strength soshe didn’t dare move.

The man’s expression was full of zeal. While he examined Shao Qing’s body, he stared at Shao Qing’s eyes and continuously asked: “Are you aware? Can you speak? Are you able to understand my words?”

Shao Qing slightly slanted her head waiting for him to come closer. Narrowing her eyes, she watched his pale throat attentively. Not holding back, she jumped up suddenly and bit into his throat and pressed him down underneath her.

Not waiting for Shao Qing to break his neck, the man softly touched Shao Qing’s nape. He didn’t even pay attention to the fact that his neck was being bitten into mangled mess.

Shao Qing just felt a faint current flow from her nape to the rest of her body and involuntarily released her mouth. The man beneath her at this time suddenly groaned.

Giving him a glance, Shao Qing saw that his fair face had a tinge of blush white his breath became hurried and brief. His eyes slightly blurred was quite seductive.

Shao Qing couldn’t help extend her tongue and lick the man’s wounded adam’s apple. It was as if an electric current ran through his body as he suddenly shuddered, then unexpectedly…. His body reacted.


Shao Qing’s eyes widened. This is a real pervert, a m*sochist!

The man languidly held Shao Qing, gasping for breath his voice frighteningly sexy: “You’re intelligent…. right…..”

Shao Qing was expressionless. She had no plans to expose that she possessed a regular human spirit. Otherwise, who knows what this man would do to her.

In order to pull the man’s thought away from that line of thought, she unwillingly acted like a pervert and started to lick that man’s wound.

The scent of fresh blood to a zombie was a sweet delicacy. Everytime the tip of her tongue passed over that flesh, that man would reflexively shudder. That faint painting beside Shao Qing’s ear was practically a crime of seduction.

The man’s cheek was scarlet. Unceasingly stroking Shao Qing’s nape, he pulled out a small knife and slashed at his wrist resolutely. Fresh drops of blood began flowing out. The man placed his wrist beside Shao Qing’s mouth, his voice a bit hoarse: “Come. Drink my blood and be my person….”

A zombie’s blood sucking instinct made Shao Qing’s eyes redden. Furthermore, now that she was severely injured, fresh blood would allow her to heal even faster.

Ordinarily, Shao Qing would never touch this man’s blood. But she had to play the role of a zombie with basic consciousness. No zombie with intellect would reject this enticement.

Thus she made the decision to bite down. This man was absolutely a m*sochist. The moment Shao Qing bit down, this man’s panting became a lot heavier.

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