PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 10 She is actually really gentle

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“Fight it out! But we definitely won’t be it’s opponent. Therefore when we are fighting later, try to head towards the outside of the city towards the river bank. It will most likely stop chasing.” Shao Qing said.

“What you said is right. Just running away like this is too much. Let’s stake it all.” Yan Ruru fiercely said.

Making do with a simple discussion for their plan, Shao Qing wanted to act as the bait. However with her wound on her stomach and Meng Shen seeing that she was lacking in strength, her idea was quickly rejected.

Finally the bait was given to Meng Shen.

Lagging behind on purpose, as expected the zombie king was taken in by the bait. Seeing Meng Shen slowing down, it flashed to his side. It was at that time, Meng Shen suddenly gave the zombie an angry look, then just like the mythical Medusa, the zombie king was frozen still for a split second. Shao Qing then once more ignited a few dodders so the zombie king’s body was incapable of budging. 

With one somersault, Meng Shen was pulled aside by Er Dai then the place where the zombie king was standing was swallowed by an enormous fireball.

“Did it die…..” Yan Ruru asked hopefully. Even though she knew that the zombie couldn’t be killed that easily, Yan Ruru couldn’t help but deceive herself.

When the fire ball extinguished, the zombie had turned pitch black. It’s clothes were burnt off and it’s skin was charred black. It only had a pair of large eyes and when it rolled around revealing the white of the eye, it looked particularly terrifying.

Dropping from the sky, Er Dai swept his leg across, kicking its neck. Accompanied with a snapping sound, the zombie once again was sent flying. 

No one tried to take advantage of it getting hit to try to take it’s life. This was because they all knew that this zombie king was at least a rank 5. This kind of attack was definitely not fatal.

On the contrary, if they easily stepped forward, they would likely receive a serious injury, so much that…..

So when the zombie king had fallen down, Shao Qing immediately brought her comrades to run for their lives. They were basically faster than rabbits.

Everytime the zombie king had almost caught up to them, they would choose one person to act as bait to slow the zombie king down. 

Just like this, they ran for an entire afternoon. Every single one of them was on the verge of collapsing. The zombie king also became more intelligent and just roamed a little behind them and didn’t take the initiative to approach closer. It was like a cat amusing itself with a mouse.

“We’re close to leaving the city.” Shao Qing comforted Meng Shen and Yan Ruru. Her and Er Dai were doing a bit better, after all they weren’t living humans so their physical abilities were naturally better than theirs.

Meng Shen and Yan Ruru were really at their limits, especially Meng Shen. One time as he was acting as bait, he had injured his leg. So that’s why within the group, he had used up the most physical power.

As they were getting closer to the city edge, the zombie became more and more irritable. Before it had stayed behind them, free and unconstrained. However, now it had tried to kill them numerous times and failed.

Once they got out of the city, out in front was the Yan River. After they enter the water, the zombie definitely won’t take the initiative to follow.

“We’ll be safe soon.” Shao Qing encouraged them: “Just a little more!”

Meng Shen’s continuous gasps seemed like the unceasing movements of a bellow sounding very painful. He was being supported by Er Dai and Yan Ruru, one on either side. His left leg being dragged along, cold sweat fell drop by drop onto the ground.

“How about you guys let me go….” Meng Shen said quietly: “I have a plan to delay it for another short while. You guys should hurry and run…..”

“Shut up.” Yan Ruru gave him an angry look. Dragging him forward, Shao Qing’s superpowers had been completely used up. At that point she didn’t even have the time to think about the damages of what swallowing a crystal would do to her. Taking a piece she just ate it.

The crystal was quickly absorbed by her body. In the next moment, explosive power caused a line of thick black blood to trickle out of her mouth.

Shao Qing wiped away all traces of bloood and released her vines.  

“Quick! Look!” Yan Ruru suddenly opened her eyes big, pointing to an area not far away: “It’s Yan River!” Unaware, they had actually ran out of the city and the distance between them and Yan River was actually quite small.

Yan Ruru happily began to jump over, unconsciously picking up her pace. When they finally saw hope, the zombie king became even more berserk. Starting to wail and snarl, it didn’t pace back and forth behind them anymore and instead pounced over.

Shao Qing who was at very back was on the receiving end of the zombie’s attack and immediately began to tussle with the zombie. “I have a plan to escape. You guys escape first! Once you’ve arrived at Yan River, we’ll be safe!”

“Run!” Meng Shen took one glance behind and hysterically howled out that one word, then he was flying towards the last several hundred metres towards Yan River. Shao Qing ruthlessly inserted her arm into the zombie’s stomach and the zombie once again pierced into her stomach.

One person and one corpse rolled onto the ground, spraying black blood everywhere. This thick deep colour of blood was unique to zombies and it was specially sparse as well.  So as they continued to fight, it continued to spill onto the ground.

Shao Qing felt like she was about to faint. She could feel her internal organs rupturing and her high recovery abilities slowly restoring them.

Yet her physical and superhuman power just couldn’t keep up. Shao Qing was dead set on confining the zombie king so it couldn’t ambush Er Dai and them. At that time Er Dai and them were immeasurably close to the Yan River.

The zombie king let loose another snarl of rage and it’s claws tore apart Shao Qing’s belly area. But, Shao Qing refused to let go. Just like a mad person, she bit onto the zombie king’s throat. The rotting flesh had a repulsive stench as it’s thick dense zombie blood flowed into her mouth.

This taste, even though she had weakened taste buds, was enough to make her have the urge to vomit.

The zombie king was madly snarling. It’s fingernails scratching Shao Qing’s back had badly mutilated it. Shao Qing’s vision was getting more and more blurry. With great difficulty she continued to hold on while she stared at Er Dai.

Er Dai tried to run back. But she wanted to yell at him, don’t come. Run……. Quickly leave……

Yan Ruru pulled Er Dai along, but Er Dai flinged her off. He quickly ran back, his pale face filled with fright.

He was scared to lose her even if he didn’t know what death meant.

Unexpectedly, the zombie king suddenly disappeared from Shao Qing’s embrace. Powerless, Shao Qing fell onto the ground as she looked at it appear in front of Er Dai.

She desperately wanted to climb up but she had no more strength. So much that she had the feeling if she just made one more movement, all her internal organs would come spilling out of her stomach wound.

But how could Er Dai be the zombie king’s opponent. Shao Qing looked on helplessly as Er Dai went flying from the strike. Then she looked as the zombie king headed towards Er Dai’s direction. Yan Ruru who was close to reaching the river side abruptly pushed Meng Shen ahead and turned around to help Er Dai.

They were all a bunch of morons. They were stupid to the extreme. Shao Qing closed her eyes. She could feel her eyes becoming moist. Didn’t they say zombies didn’t have tears?

She used her arms to support herself up and began to stand. Stumbling forward a step, she fell onto her knees. In Gu Panpan and their eyes she was probably unequalled. No matter what kind of danger she faced, she would be able to handle it.

However the truth is, she was just a little stronger than the average person. Currently even though she wanted to save them, she couldn’t do anything…..

Er Dai was even more desperate. He didn’t know what death was. He just knew he needed to go rescue Shao Qing. No matter how easily he was knocked flying, the first thing he would do when he crawled up was head towards Shao Qing’s direction.

Yan Ruru tearfully held Er Dai, dragging him towards the direction to Yan River. They were already at the edge. They just needed a few more steps. After they jump in they’d be safe.

However the zombie king had already pounced over. The crucial point was that Er Dai suddenly pushed Yan Ruru causing her to fall into the river. Afterwards, he launched himself at the zombie king.

Looking towards the sky, he let out a snarl. His beautiful eyes quickly changed into a bright red, fingernails extended forward, and his muscles swelled up.

The current Er Dai and the zombie king were now crashing into each other at high speeds. But once again Er Dai was sent flying with a sharp bone cracking sound. 

Er Dai was limp on the ground. His bright red eyes reluctant to part with Shao Qing. His best memory was when she had helped clip his fingernails one at a time.

Clearly that hand had no temperature but he could feel the warmth. It was as if his heart was stirred and was beating.

That kind of warmth. He really wanted to continue to possess it.

Just when Er Dai had completely given up on fighting, he saw a weary silhouette riddled with scars appear, hugging the zombie king. In the next second, countless vines wrapped the two figures and constricted into a ball.

Successions of bones breaking could be heard. Then finally, the ball of green fell into the river and was instantly swept away by the currents. 

Er Dai shouted, his voice hoarse. Half the bones all over his body were snapped in half, he could barely crawl back up. With all his efforts he strived to head towards Yan River. He snarled as he dragged himself over, finally he let out a faint cry: “Qing…..”

If Shao Qing was able to hear him, she would have happily hugged him. Using his final energy he fell into the river. 

That warmth, he really didn’t want to lose it….

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