PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 13

Volume 2 Chapter 13 What a good Seductor 

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Since that day, Yan Qiyue treated Shao Qing better and better. Although he would be shy at times causing Shao Qing goosebumps, she couldn’t help but soften a part of her heart.

She believes that she is a heartless person with a heart of stone and can kill people without blinking. She wasn’t a bit soft hearted at all. But in fact she was someone who would be amenable to coaxing but not coercion. If some treated her well, she can’t help but soften her outer shell. Saying she was cold hearted was just a hoax.

Staying with Shao Qing for a long time, Yan Qiyue took Shao Qing out. Lin Chuan survivor base was a lot bigger than S city base. The base was also a lot more free. When Yan Qiyue brought Shao Qing out, there was immediately a group of superhumans acting like they were bodyguards surrounding Yan Qiyue. Within the group, the weakest probably just entered rank three while the strongest one who was a little weaker than Shao Qing wasn’t far from rank 4.

Don’t forget that those few were just bodyguards. According to Yan Qiyue, they were in charge of Yan Qiyue’s safety within the base. It was a job that isn’t too idle but still leisurely, which was a pretty pleasant task. 

After all within this base, the people who would dare provoke Yan Qiyue wasn’t a lot.

While saying this Yan Qiyue was quite haughty. Shao Qing just gave him a glance and  looked at the white casual pants he wore that was covering his perfectly round bottom.

Yan Qiyue immediately cleared his throat. Looking at Shao Qing with flirty eyes which were disturbing to the bone. Normally, Shao Qing would have hated this kind of effeminate man; yet, looking at Yan Qiyue, she actually wasn’t disgusted. Instead, she thought he was quite cute.

This kind of thought floated around her head causing her expression to stiffen. Did she actually just think that this pervert was cute? Could it be that his pervertedness is contagious?

Yan Qiyue didn’t sense Shao Qing stiffening. Secretly extending his hand he grabbed Shao Qing’s. Happily pulling her along, turning around, he saw Shao Qing’s cold appearance.

He felt his lower abdomen tighten. Every time he saw Shao Qing look at him coldly, with her beautiful appearance that emitted an aura that warned people to stay away,  he couldn’t help but have an urge to kneel before her feet and kiss her entire body.

This king of urge followed him everyday as he interacted with Shao Qing and was becoming more and more profound. Yan Qiyue clearly knew Shao Qing was just a zombie. Even if he declared his urges, nothing could happen, but he still didn’t open his mouth.

He merely allowed his urges to ferment within his heart and comforted himself. Once he cured Shao Qing and allowed Shao Qing to be able to understand the relationships between people, then he could speak about the longings within his heart.

To cover up his urges, Yan Qiyue took her to explore and introduced her to different locations within the base. Linchuan was built well. In the central area, they even had a flower garden with a variety of flowers and plants.

Although they were the hardier flowers and plants that had a better chance of surviving, being able to see such a flower garden during the apocalypse was already a miracle.

Yan Qiyue specially took Shao Qing to the garden to explore and called it the glorified name of having a date. His bodyguards were secretly talking about it behind his back.

Bodyguard A: That girl is really pretty. I can’t figure out why she would fall for Yan Qiyue, that devil.

Bodyguard B: Can’t you see that from the start to finish, she hasn’t even said one word. She was most likely unwilling and forced by Yan Qiyue!

Bodyguard C: I think so too. Look at that woman. This entire time, she was so cold. It’s just Yan Qiyue sticking himself to her. It must have been Yan Qiyue the devil who picked her up and seeing that she’s so beautiful then forced her to do that thing!

Bodyguard D: Stop gossiping. What’s the use? Do any of you guys dare to save the girl? If you don’t dare then just do your job following behind and don’t let Yan Qiyue hear what we’re talking about.

Yan Qiyue actually had overheard everything. Looking at them with disapproval, he laid his chin on Shao Qing’s shoulder as if he was nursing his grievance: “Baby, do you hear what they’re saying?!”

Seeing him act if he was wronged, she felt he looked adorable and patted his head. Yan Qiyue immediately rubbed his head against the palm of her head, appearing particularly obedient.

When the group of bodyguards saw what was happening their chins almost fell to the ground. Is that person in front of them really Yan Qiyue the devil? Are we sure he didn’t get replaced? Or perhaps even manipulated by something attached to his body?

But they didn’t continue discussing, who knew if if Yan Qiyue would get angry. There’s been rumors that Yan Qiyue had a housekeeper who served him that was gifted to him by Qiao Mo. But one night, for some reason the housekeeper had infuriated Yan Qiyue or saw something that they shouldn’t have seen and when they were thrown out by Yan Qiyue, their body was torn apart. It couldn’t be reassembled and could only be swept into a pile to be removed.

Although they were the base’s elite, if they really provoked Yan Qiyue’s and he decided to kill them, no one would help stick up for them. Actually, as an apology, Qiao Mo would probably be the first person who would kill the person who made Yan Qiyue mad.

This was because Yan Qiyue was just too important. Each superhuman within the base had a medicine that when taken would shortly increase their strength by a big chunk. Although it would only last an hour and after the fact they would be weakened for an entire day, this medicine during critical moments was basically a life saving weapon.

Since they’ve had this medicine, the mortality rate for missions have dramatically dropped and this medicine was invented by Yan Qiyue.

The people in the base called it the invincible pill. If you can’t handle your situation, take an invincible pill and you will be unrivalled.

So as far as the base is concerned, Yan Qiyue was even more precious than a panda’s existence. There isn’t anyone who would dare to do anything to Yan Qiyue.

But the way Yan Qiyue does things is too unbridled and he was often not pleased with people.

Taking Shao Qing around the garden, he even plucked a few flowers and made Shao Qing a ring. His agile fingers were able to weave a beautiful ring. Putting it on her finger, although it was made of flowers, it was quite unique.

From the men Shao Qing had met, Er Dai was the closest to her. But Er Dai was ignorant and just did not know how to curry favour like this. So, Shao Qing felt that this was quite a new experience and allowed him to proceed.

The two continued to stroll for a while until Qiao Mo decided to find someone to call for Yan Qiyue. Yan Qiyue frowned, not happy that he had been disturbed. Due to his work relationship with Qiao Mo he should give him some face so he had to leave. Sad to leave he told Shao Qing: “Wife, you sit here and wait for a bit. I’ll be back soon.”

Taking one step but looking back three times, he left behind two bodyguards to protect Shao Qing just in case others discover that Shao Qing was different. He even specially ordered the bodyguards to not approach Shao Qing.

Once Yan Qiyue was gone, Shao Qing sat down on the bench to the right fiddling with the ring on her hand. Since she has been injured, she was especially fond of sleeping. She would at least sleep for half the day. If she could choose not to wake up then she would choose to continue to sleep more.

After sitting for just a little duration, Shao Qing was somewhat bored. Propping her face up with her hand, she picked a small blue flower and lazily looked at the distant ocean of white flowers.

This flower was called Bamboo joint. This was because it’s stalk was just like a bamboo: segmented. The flower that sprouted from it had six petals and was quite tiny. Whether it was the winter season or if it was on the summit of a snow mountain, it would still bloom as usual.

Thus this kind of flower was also called it’s desire.

Shao Qing looked at the ocean of flower and thought about Er Dai and the rest. The zombie king had fallen into the water with her so the city shouldn’t have any zombie kings. Utterly defeated and with no leader, the zombies wouldn’t go to attack Er Dai and the rest.

On top of the fact that Yan Hanqing wouldn’t just idly wait for Shao Qing to return they must have gone back into the city to search for her. Then they would be able to support Er Dai and them.

So Er Dai definitely would be safe. She was just scared that Er Dai would have followed her and jumped into the river. In fact with his temperament, the probability was quite high. 

If Er Dai also jumped down, god knows where he will be sent to. Finding him would be incredibly difficult. But contrary to what one might expect, she wasn’t too worried about his safety. He was like her: a zombie. As long as their head area wasn’t injured they would be able to heal any injury within the day. If it was just jumping into the river, he should be fine. 

Perhaps she should go to Jiang Bei survivor base. Perhaps when Er Dai awoke he would go to Jiang Bei survivor base or S city survivor base to find her. If she couldn’t find Er Dai at those two spots, then she could only travel the world and search for him

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