PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 13 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 13 What a good Seductor 

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Just when Shao Qing was lost in thought, some people tried to approach her but was stopped by the bodyguards.

“Did you get a leopard’s courage? You dare to even block my way!  I’ll beat you to death!” The young woman who walked over appeared to be around 20 and was quite good looking. Dressed quite mainstream, she also had quite a few attendants following her. 

Bodyguard A didn’t try to hide anything and honestly said: “Mr. Yan had said before he left that we are not allowed to let anyone approach. Big Miss, even if you kill us, we can’t let you approach.”

The young woman was infuriated and gave the bodyguard a big slap: “Who do you think you are? How dare you block me! Do you really think I don’t dare kill you? Get lost!”

Bodyguard A frowned. No matter what he was still a rank 3 superhuman. In spite of everything to allow a person to dishonor them like this, even if it was Qiao Mo’s little sister is too much.

Qiao Yu didn’t think that she went overboard at all. Her brother was the person who held the most power at the base. If it was placed in terms of before the apocalypse, it would be the same as a president of a country so she was the president’s little sister. If she wanted to do something, who had the right to stop her?

Even if they did have the right and power, it definitely wouldn’t be these two. They were just some bodyguards. To speak frankly they were just some dogs Qiao Mo gave to Yan Qiyue. If she wanted to beat them, does she even need to report her beating some pests?  

Bodyguard B silently stepped forward to obstruct Qiao Yu. The intent of the two was obvious. They definitely would not let you go over.

Qiao Yu felt like she was about to explode. Taking out a gun she pointed it at Bodyguard A: “Do you really think I’m joking?”

The mood then became a lot more tense. If Qiao Yu opened fire, the two bodyguards would definitely die. They were just employed by Qiao Mo, they wouldn’t risk their lives for him. 

Even if they began fighting, as long as they didn’t go too far, Qiao Mo shouldn’t do anything. After all this entire mess was started by Qiao Yu. Qiao Yu had the temperament of an eldest daughter of an affluent family, while Qiao Mo didn’t. 

If Qiao Mo really wanted to punish them because of this, he would definitely lose the will of the people.

So the two bodyguards weren’t anxious about this matter.

Hearing their argument, Shao Qing lifted her head to look. Her appearance was extremely outstanding, her cold aura just increases her brilliance causing everyone to feel that they shouldn’t sacrilege her.

Qiao Yu felt animosity towards Yan Qiyue. Hearing that Yan Qiyue had brought back a girl he liked. She came on purpose to pick a quarrel.

The instant she saw Shao Qing, Qiao Yu was originally angry mixed with a bit of envy, so when she saw Shao Qing’s cold temperament it appeared to her that she was acting haughty.

Thus the fire that was about to be extinguished, ignited again in a split second. Qiao Yu looked as if she was firing at Bodyguard A, but the gun was actually aiming at Shao Qing. Shocked, Bodyguard A promptly formed a windshield to block the bullet. 

Getting injured himself isn’t a big deal, offending Qiao Yu also wasn’t a big deal, but he cannot allow Shao Qing to be injured! If Shao Qing gets injured, Yan Qiyue would definitely skin them alive!

“What are you guys looking for? Go!” Qiao Yu stomped her feet and her bodyguards immediately swarmed forward.

“Sorry Big miss. Pardon us.” The two bodyguards gritted their teeth and began fighting with those other bodyguards. The other party had a greater force, so although the two sides were currently at a draw, they had no time to take care of Shao Qing.

Shao Qing didn’t care about the match instead she picked a yellow chrysanthemum. Then one by one, she picked off the petal. Pulling off a petal and lost in thought about Jiang Bei survivor base and S city….

Seeing Shao Qing ignoring her, Qiao Yu was going to explode. Pointing the gun at her, the two bodyguard had no way to block it.

Shao Qing slightly frowned then extended her hand out. A ball of green light flashed within her palm then as if she was collecting a melon seed, she easily caught the bullet within her hand.

“You, go over there and bring her to me!” Qiao Yu incited the bodyguards by her side and immediately one of them separated himself from the fighting group and headed towards Shao Qing. 

His moves were brutal. Probably wanting to show off in front of Qiao Yu since she didn’t like Shao Qing, he purposely tried to grab Shao Qing’s arms.This way with just a little bit of effort he could dislocate her joints.

Expressionless, Shao Qing looked at her. She was currently a rank 4 superhuman. In fact, she had just swallowed a low rank 5 zombie crystal. Even though most of the energy was used to mend her body, the remaining power easily allowed her to push from an initial rank 4 to an intermediate rank 4.

Furthermore this man just recently broke through to a peak rank 2. How was he planning on capturing her?

Shao Qing squinted her eyes, full of bloodthirst. Holding out her hand, dark green vines soared out forming an emerald green cage and trapped the person in the middle.

He tried to escape causing a layer of flame to appear. But the cage slowly began to tighten, not at all afraid of his flame and firmly wrapped around him.

In fact the vines didn’t stop constricting. Forcing its way into his skin, the thorns stabbed into his flesh until blood started to flow out.

If Shao Qing wasn’t controlling it and directly injected poison into him, then he would already have become a liquid corpse.

Qiao Yu opened her eyes in shock. Shao Qing was able to handle a peak rank 2 in a split second. This demonstrated that she was at least rank 3 and above. Although this superhuman did look down on Shao Qing he was not far from rank 3.

Taking a look over at Qiao Yu, she stuck her lips out. She was already controlling her thorns to direct some wood elemental energy into him.

Although it was a small amount, that energy quickly followed his energy channels and directly entered his brain and attached itself to his energy source.

This was Shao Qing’s imitation dodder. By growing a seed on his energy source, if he tried to breakthrough to rank 3, that seed would rapidly grow and seize that opportunity to destroy his crystal.

This move was still in the experimental phase, so whether it worked or not couldn’t be confirmed.

“I am ordering you to release him!” Qiao Yu stomped her feet. The bodyguards her brother had given to her were all garbage. They couldn’t even handle one Shao Qing.

Shao Qing didn’t speak. She just waved her hand and the restricted man became like a whip. Lifting her hand she whipped out hard causing the man to roll all the way back to Qiao Yu’s feet.

Qiao Yu kicked the injured man: “Trash!”

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to do anything to Shao Qing today, but as before she still felt unreconciled. “I see you’re trying to make some connections. But trying to social climb through Yan Qiyue that pervert is really another low. I’m really curious what kind of charm you used to seduce that pervert to bring you home. How about you perform a bit for me to watch?”

“How about you perform for me to watch right now?” Yan Qiyue’s face was flushed red and was gasping for breath. After speaking to Qiao Mo, he had run all the way back.

He did not expect to come back to hear Qiao Yu insulting Shao Qing. The anger in his heart immediately became ablaze. He dearly wished he could just cut her into pieces.

 The two bodyguards immediately retreated to the left and right of Yan Qiyue’s side. Qiao Yu took one look at Yan Qiyue, a thread of fear flashing through her eyes. She quickly lifted her head: “Yan Qiyue, don’t think that just because you have my brothers trust that you can get away with everything!”

“Hm?” Yan Qiyue smirked. With an aura of blood-thirst, he took two steps forward while Qiao Yu retreated back one.

Realizing that she appeared terrified, she braced herself and took a step forward.

At that time, Yan Qiyue had already arrived in front of her. Several bodyguards surrounded Qiao Yu afraid Yan Qiyue might make a move.

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