PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 14 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat 

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Just when he was lost in thought, Shao Qing came over holding a steaming bowl of soup. Yan Qiyue immediately lit up: “Baby, did you specially make this for me?”

“En….” Shao Qing made a light sound. Since she hadn’t spoken in such a long time, her throat was a bit hoarse. Once that sound came out though, Yan Qiyue froze.

If this happened to a normal person, they definitely would have thought that Shao Qing had deceived them. But, Yan Qiyue didn’t think that. He thought that Shao Qing had finally trusted him enough to stop hiding from him.

With this thought, Yan Qiyue’s whole body laxened a lot more. Unable to bear it he came forward saying: “Baby, feed me okay?”

A vein popped up on her forehead immediately. Gritting her teeth and seeing that the pervert wasn’t feeling well, she held it back.

Thus with Shao Qing’s rigid face and Yan Qiyue’s pleased face, they finished off the soup. When Yan Qiyue finally finished drinking it, Shao Qing then said: “There’s someone downstairs.”

Curious to who it was, Yan Qiyue cleared his throat and pulled Shao Qing along: “Let’s go. Let me deal with this. He should probably take care of his arrogant to death sister.”

Yan Qiyue dragged Shao Qing downstairs. Lifting his head to see Yan Qiyue in his simple outfit, he noticed that near his collar bone was a gorgeous lash mark that looked especially *.

His face immediately hardened. Then realizing that Yan Qiyue had no intention to cover it up, he calmly offered Shao Qing a seat.

“Why did you come?” Yan Qiyue leaned against Shao Qing, like a little kid relying on someone. Qiao Mo who was looking on once again became rigid.

After hesitating for a long time, he replied: “Congratulations.”

In regards to Yan Qiyue’s particular urge, he knew a bit about it. This was because at the beginning he had sent over a housekeeper for him. It was nominally known as a housekeeper but Qiao Mo’s intention was for them to take care of Yan Qiyue and also give him the warmth he needed. 

But who would have thought that Yan Qiyue wouldn’t have that intention at all and instead it was the housekeeper who would have those intentions. So late one night, she snuck into his bed and saw something that shouldn’t be seen and was directly dismembered by Yan Qiyue.

When Qiao Mo had heard about the news, he saw Yan Qiyue leaning against the door with his neck collar opened with some striped injuries revealed while that housekeeper was turned into a pile of flesh.

Qiao Mo didn’t think that there could possibly be a person who would be able to tame this devil but this reckless person in front of Shao Qing was obedient as a cat.

So using a probing gaze, Qiao Mo stared at Shao Qing. Yan Qiyue immediately stopped revealing his mark and blocked Qiao Mo’s view. Qiao Mo’s lips twitched, he even gets jealous now?

“What did you come here for? Quickly speak and get lost!” Yan Qiyue coldly looked at Qiao Mo who dared to look at his wife. What kind of scheme must this guy be plotting?

“I actually came here to apologize.” Qiao Mo became silent then spoke. His sister’s temperament was a bit too rampant. Qiao Mo knew that clearly and he wasn’t the sort who would help his blood and ignore the facts.

Let alone, Yan Qiyue was priceless. He doesn’t want a falling out with him at all.

Yan Qiyue didn’t say anything so Qiao Mo continued: “I thought you might have a reaction.”

Yan Qiyue lazily replied: “Didn’t you say you were here to apologize? I’m waiting.”

The average person definitely would have been courteous and let the matters off, but Yan Qiyue definitely wouldn’t. His temperament was like that and Qiao Mo also understood it well. Letting out a sigh he said: “Xiao Yu’s temper is terrible. I’ve already spoken to her countless of times but she still won’t change. This time offending your precious wife, I’ve already returned and scolded her. Could this matter be settled like this?”

“You know my character. It’s fine if she offended me. I would have let it go out of respect for you. But she actually dared to provoke my wife.” Yan Qiyue continued to languidly rest on Shao Qing, his eyes flashed with a cold light.

If it wasn’t for needing to stay at Lin Chuan base, he would have dismembered Qiao Yu a long time ago. 

Qiao Mo looked helpless: “Didn’t I come here to apologize?”

“What use is your apology?” Yan Qiyue widened his eyes, mocking: “Why don’t I just kill your sister and then come to apologize?”

Shao Qing petted Yan Qiyue’s head. Her actions were very tender causing the stiff Yan Qiyue to immediately blush and throw himself deeper into Shao Qing’s chest then shyly reply: “Out of all things she shouldn’t do, she cannot bother my wife. This time out of respect for you, I’ll let bygones be bygones. Next time though, I can’t promise I will let her off.”

Looking at Shao Qing, Qiao Mo was currently very impressed. How capable was she to be able to subdue Yan Qiyue.

“The only thing is your apology is too shallow. I’ve discovered something new and am preparing to go retrieve it in two days. My precious wife is a wood elemental user, do you have any subdued variation vegetation?”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “There’s one available space.”

At present, altogether she had subdued three vegetations and was able to take in one more. No matter if it was her first vines, her man eating flower or dodder, they all leaned towards combat.

Shao Qing originally thought to find a vegetation that would act as support, but she had never found one suitable and never spent the time looking for one.

“Nearby there is one vegetation that emits a sweet smell able to cause someone to be powerless from head to toe. The fruit it grow and Qiyue’s medicine both have the same result. My meaning is wait a few days before going out and I’ll lead you to subduing it. This could be considered me making amends.” Qiao Mo lightly smiled.

Yan Qiyue fiddled with Shao Qing’s hand, hinting for her to agree. Once she did, Yan Qiyue immediately replied: “I’m going too.”

No matter what he wouldn’t allow Qiao Mo to be in contact with his wife. At the moment he hasn’t captured his wife yet, what if Qiao Mo and his errant ways tries to do something to his wife?

“Your body….” Qiao Mo frowned. Working together for so long, there was bound to be some camaraderie. Besides, Yan Qiyue was so important. He couldn’t allow anything to happen to him.

“I’ll make sure to recuperate.” Yan Qiyue didn’t mind before but now that he had met Shao Qing, his thoughts were completely different. He had to live better and live for a longer time so he could be with Shao Qing for a longer time.

Besides, with his frail body, how could he give his wife a sense of security?

So Yan Qiyue had made a resolution. He had to get his body better, falling ill, his wife definitely won’t like it. He is going to get his wife!

“Then it’s decided.” Qiao Mo smiled. “Then I won’t bother you guys anymore. Before we depart, I’ll send someone over to notify you guys.”

Yan Qiyue impatiently waved his hand and sent off the helpless Qiao Mo.

After chasing him away, Yan Qiyue took the ring off his finger and placed it on Shao Qing’s finger: “Wife, this ring is made by me. You just need to touch this for a bit then the internal machination will open and it would be able to release a current of thunder paralyzing people. Take it to protect yourself.”

“You wear it.” Shao Qing replied. She was aware that she could protect herself whereas Yan Qiyue was a bit on the fragile side.

Yan Qiyue hurriedly took out another ring: “I made a total of two. Just take this one. Don’t worry about it.”

Shao Qing didn’t refuse any longer and just helplessly watched Yan Qiyue laughing sneakily on the side. Yan Qiyue was extremely happy. Using the hand that was wearing the ring he pulled on Shao Qing’s hand that was wearing her ring. Seeing the two rings that resembled a couple’s ring, he couldn’t help but be joyous.

His whole life was as if he was hidden in some dark corner, never feeling warmth. But now everything seems to be clear and shining.

Yan Qiyue especially liked seeing Shao Qing’s grudging looks. Even more than that, he loved that even though she had a grudging look she would still concede to him. In his eyes there was a faint hint of her pampering him. Although very shallow, it was enough to fill Yan Qiyue’s heart.

His heart that has never throbbed like this was being touched by her little by little. Feeling ticklish, not painful, but definitely a lot better than his own self abuse.

“Baby, I want to know your name.” Yan Qiyue’s eyes glittered as he stared at Shao Qing. Shao Qing hesitated then replied: “Shao Qing. Fang Shao’s Shao and Duo Qing’s* Qing.”

* duo qing = affectionate

Yan Qiyue seemed to be smitten, He immediately started praising her: “Baby, your name is just as good as you….. En, very nice.”

Shao Qing felt that he was hopeless.

Shao Qing had once thought about keeping her distance since she had to leave sooner or later. Er Dai, Xiao Baozi, Yan Hanqing and them were all waiting for her. Getting too involved with Yan Qiyue would be no good.

Yet every time she was given that pitiful glance by Yan Qiyue, she couldn’t help but treat him better. It was probably because he had a face that is appreciated by the entire world.

Yan Qiyue looked too good. Even Shao Qing a person who didn’t care about someone’s appearance couldn’t help but treat him a bit better.

But because of his reckless behaviour, all the people who had a complaint about him was as big as an ocean yet as before there was still a portion of the people who even though they know about his vile character still can’t help but give him a few extra glances.

This is probably the advantage of being good looking.

“From now on I’ll call you Ah Qing.” Yan Qiyue looked hopefully at Shao Qing. He wanted to become more intimate, more loving. If possible, he wanted Shao Qing to get closer and say his name.

Maybe Yanyan la*, Qiqi la, Yueyue la. All of them were excellent choices.

* La = just adding an extra sound at end to make it more affectionate sounding

But with Shao Qing’s character that was unlikely.

Her face became stiff, but seeing as he was sick she could only endure.

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