PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 14

Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat 

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Shao Qing sat downstairs for a long time. After not hearing sounds from Yan Qiyue in the bathroom, she couldn’t help but worry. What if Yan Qiyue fainted in the bathroom? 

As a result Shao Qing once again went upstairs. The bathroom wasn’t closed so when she gave the door a push, she saw Yan Qiyue crouching in the water casually sprinkling the water around.

It’s already been so long, isn’t the water cold? Shao Qing couldn’t help but frown wanting to badly reprimand him. Does this person not care about his body? First he was skipping a few meals, then eating cold food, and now he was blankly staying in a cold tub of water. Does he think that he’s been living for too long?

When Yan Qiyue saw Shao Qing, his eyes lit up. Extending his hand he pitifully said: “My legs are numb…. I can’t stand…..”

Her anger was stuck at her throat. But after a long while, she took the white towel and fished Yan Qiyue from the bathtub.

Using the towel she sealed Yan Qiyue tightly inside only revealing a pair of white legs and arms. His collarbone area still had a bright red lash mark. Pairing it with his needy eyes, it would cause anyone to develop a need to conquer.

Shao Qing didn’t realize, but Yan Qiyue saw it clearly. When Shao Qing had wrapped him up, within her eyes was a tenderness that could drown someone to death.

At the very least, Yan Qiyue would be willing to drown within that tenderness.

“You being a zombie is perfect.” Yan Qiyue muttered, hugging Shao Qing’s neck and satisfyingly rubbing against her.

If Shao Qing was a regular girl, her perfection would definitely attract countless men who would compete with him for her attention. Yan Qiyue actually felt quite inferior. He didn’t think that his urges were strange at all but he knew that in other’s eyes his urges were considered degenerating and not tolerated.

Those handsome confident men would definitely be able to attract Shao Qing’s attention. What could he use to possibly make her stay?

But now he didn’t have to worry. Shao Qing was just a zombie. Not every man can accept a zombie, therefore people definitely won’t fight him for her.

Completely oblivious to the truth, Yan Qiyue was happily thinking about capturing himself a wife.

Shao Qing naturally didn’t know what Yan Qiyue was thinking. Bringing Yan Qiyue out, his previous clothes had already been damaged and couldn’t be worn again. So, she could only go find some in the drawer.

That’s when she discovered that all the clothes within the entire drawer were white. White shirts, white pants, white jacket, even the pile of underwear in the corner was white as well.

Seeing this, Shao Qing couldn’t help but stretch her mouth. Casually grabbing two pieces of clothing and a pair of briefs, she turned around preparing to pass it to Yan Qiyue. This was when she saw his expression and the way he was lying down while staring at her. That appearance, that expression, and that posture…. It was remarkably as if he was trying to seduce her.

How could the world have a man that resembles a big teddy?

Would you die if you’re not in heat???

Then his briefs were thrown onto his face.

Yan Qiyue didn’t have any bad intentions. He just sincerely put on his briefs. However, the movements he made to put them on were particularly enticing and revealed even more of his assets to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing: …….

She really wanted to reveal herself because she really wanted to swear at someone.

“Baby, you must have an extremely high intellect.” Yan Qiyue continued to put on his clothes while speaking: “So much that your intellect seems to be similar to a regular person. You even have superpowers. Could it be that the evolution direction of high ranked zombies is evolving to become humans? Then won’t that be going to the origin?”

The feeling he usually gave Shao Qing was being frivolous, but once he entered his state of pondering, he became a completely different person. Pulling on his waistband, he still seemed to be perplexed after much thought.

Shao Qing couldn’t continue watching. Stepping forward, she helped him lift up his pants. A second before his face was still serious, but in the next second he became completely bashful, even bringing his own soft aura.

Shao Qing though if she continued being in contact with Yan Qiyue any longer, she definitely will become a pervert.

How can you subdue a pervert? Answer: become even more perverted than him.

Shao Qing originally wanted to give Yan Qiyue the cold shoulder and allow him to think over his life and the future. Yet, his stomach started hurting again, probably from his habit of eating poorly every day of the year. Frequently have these pains, if it was more severe his stomach might even bleed.

In the midst of a stomach ache, Yan Qiyue became wan and curled up like a prawn. His forehead was ceasingly dripping down sweat. With his long eyelashes trembling, the more you looked at him the more pitiful he looked.

Shao Qing sighed inside then pressed Yan Qiyue to her chest. Her hands being ice cold and having no alternative, she held his hand and rubbed his lower abdomen.

She had already decided that she was going to get him a doctor to take a look. According to how things work, an average superhuman user shouldn’t have such a weak body, but Yan Qiyue seemed to always be oppressive and not caring about his body which probably resulted in his body now.

After massaging for a while, Yan Qiyue’s expression became a lot better. Shao Qing then was going to make a soup for him. Drinking a hot bowl of soup will definitely make him feel a lot better.

When she was about to stand up, she was held back firmly by Yan Qiyue. “Don’t….. Don’t… leave… stay and hold me a bit longer……”

It was obvious Shao Qing’s body was icy cold without a trace of body heat, yet Yan Qiyue enjoyed her hugs. It had a feeling of being treasured and cared about. Even though the body was cold, her heart was warm.

Helpless, she sat back down and watched the man leaning against her chest. Yan Qiyue was probably scared she would leave so he was dead set on hugging her and leaving his face on her chest.

Yan Qiyue appeared quite delicate. This was probably because he was often researching in his laboratory so his skin had become particularly fair and made it quite easy to leave behind any marks. Because of the pain he felt, this made him look extra fragile. With his features all softened, Shao Qing unconsciously stared at him for a long time. 

If it was before, Shao Qing wouldn’t have believed it at all. Unexpectedly, she had gotten used to being clung onto by a pervert. In fact she even felt this pervert was cute.

At last, she even became a pervert with him.

Waiting until Yan Qiyue fell asleep, then did Shao Qing head downstairs to make him a hot soup; however, when she came down the stairs she realized that a man was sitting on the sofa. This man was different from Yan Qiyue’s flamboyant beauty. This man was the type that was outstandingly handsome, his eyes full of liveliness. 

As if she didn’t see him, Shao Qing headed straight towards the kitchen. Qiao Mo stared blankly for a moment, then his eyes became filled with interest.

Originally he was planning to come take a look at what kind of women conquered Yan Qiyue the devil and could even tolerate his temper.

This was when he discovered that Shao Qing was more interesting than he thought.

When Shao Qing had finished cooking the Chicken Dioscorea soup and came out, Qiao Mo was still sitting there. Acting as if she still didn’t see him, she walked upstairs while thinking about what soup she should make next time.

Qiao Mo couldn’t resist and called out from behind her: “Yan Qiyue’s wife, come talk with me.”

Shao Qing wrinkled her brows then pointed to her throat and went upstairs. Qiao Mo lifted his eyebrows but didn’t get angry or twitchy. Looking upwards, he patiently waited.

Going upstairs, Yan Qiyue was wrapped within a blanket stunned. He had slept for a bit and when he had woken up he discovered it was empty by his side and he couldn’t help but feel like he lost his sense of security.

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