PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 16 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 16 Offering a sacrifice to you

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Yan Qiyue came walking over. Automatically he leaned against Shao Qing’s body, smiling at the youngster: “Since my baby was willing to say so much to you, then I’ll tell you something too. Do you see Qiao Mo whose standing over there? If at the beginning he had also chosen to give a helping hand then wouldn’t the person have been saved too? Why aren’t you blaming him?”

Because he is the base’s leader…. The phrase hung at the edge of the youngster’s mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say it. He felt a bit ashamed. Just because her status was different, he had blamed her and didn’t even once think about criticizing Qiao Mo.

This treatment towards Shao Qing, isn’t that one form of being not fair? Having his argument overturned completely, he felt unwell. Then Yan Qiyue with the sweetest smile on his lip patted the youngster’s shoulder: “You acting like this, isn’t that called seeing people through a coloured lens?”

The youngster became even more ashamed. Satisfied, Yan Qiyue pulled Shao Qing away. Shao Qing indifferently said: “Do you think humiliating him was good?”

With a face full of innocence, he thought about it for a second. His wife is just too kind-hearted. With his personality before, if he encountered people like that who would dare criticize his wife he definitely would have sewed his lips up or cut off his tongue. This way they would never be able to speak again.

The attacked Qiao Mo: …….

After burying the corpse, everyone continued to proceed forward. Qiao Mo even specially gifted the crystal of the python to Shao Qing.

The crystal was a deep green, with a hidden luster. It looked beautiful.

In conformance with taking up advantages and being the one who had restrained it, with that frame of mind, Shao Qing calmly accepted it and threw it in her space.

Yan Qiyue was still nestled against Shao Qing with the places in contact with her starting to slowly increase in temperature. Giving him a glance, his face turned completely red. His passionate appearance bringing along a thread of flirtation. That isn’t even the most important point. The most important point… is how did he get in heat again?

Shao Qing couldn’t help but ask. So Yan Qiyue replied: “When I saw you in the field of flowers, vines revolving around you, I couldn’t help but recall that day….”

Then he got a reaction! A reaction!

Shao Qing was silent for a long while, not knowing how to reply.

The forest was most dangerous at night time. So once it approached dark, they would make sure they found a suitable place to set up the camp. They would clear up the surrounding area that might be harmful and then put up the tents.

In the course of these events, Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue were in charge of making public displays of affection. Although Shao Qing didn’t feel that way….

After dinner, following the routine, it would be time for them to rest. But for some reason, Shao Qing felt that it was particularly hard to fall asleep. Turning over, Yan Qiyue naturally hugged her from behind.

Her body was obviously ice-cold. Yet at the place of contact, it became burning hot. Could it be that during the daytime she had gotten infected by the residual effects of the juice? Or could it be the feeling of swallowing the crystal to repair her body?

In the past, even though her body would emit heat, it would never be this severe….

Flipping over and over, yet still not able to fall asleep, she crawled up and prepared to go out for a walk. Stealthily getting up, she did not rouse Yan Qiyue and stepped out of the tent.

The person on night vigil was the youngster from earlier on. At the moment he was trying his best to keep his eyes open. Sitting by the bonfire, he nervously guarded the area.

The danger of the forest was greatest at night. Countless variation animals would come out at this time to scavenge for food, especially those scheming variation animals that hid within the dark.

Using the variation mosquito they had encountered during the day as an example, if they were to come now and gave everyone a bit, that would be a tremendous problem.

When Shao Qing came out, the tense youngster immediately reacted and grasped the dagger on his waist. When he realized it was just Shao Qing, then did he let out a sigh of relief and quietly said: “If you’re relieving yourself, don’t go too far away. I won’t peak.” As he spoke, the light from the fire reflected on his face showing that it was a bit flush.

Shao Qing explained herself: “I can’t sleep, so I decided to come out for a walk. I won’t go too far, don’t worry.”

The youngster was still worried, whispering back: “Make sure you don’t go far. If anything happens, make sure you scream out loud. I’ll….”

He was originally going to say, I’ll come rescue you, but recalling Shao Qing’s strength was higher than his, he didn’t finish his sentence as his face reddened.

Shao Qing smiled and advanced forward. The wood elemental energy was vigorous causing the variation vegetation to approach her. Naturally wanting to turn her into their food. 

However, Shao Qing was confident in her own strength. If she didn’t go far, nothing would happen.

She had originally thought that walking in the cold air at night would cause the temperature in her body to drop, yet after walking for so long, her body temperature had continued to increase.

At this point, she could no longer tell herself it was due to the crystal restoring her body. At this time if she still didn’t realize the effects of the juice had gone beyond her expectations, then she would be really stupid. 

At this point, Shao Qing still had the time to make a joke about the situation. Those novelists loved writing about this. No matter if it was the male lead or the female lead or even if they cannot be affected by any poisons, they would always be affected by an aphrodisiac. As for her being a zombie, she wouldn’t say that she is unaffected by poison, but the majority are not effective on her or have their effects weakened. Yet, this kind of aphrodisiac could affect her this strongly. 

Currently, Shao Qing not only felt that her body was heating up and found it hard to endure but she even felt she had some blood-sucking urges. This is probably how most zombies feel. From the beginning, she had restrained herself from touching bloody food, but now that she has opened that seal, she might become addicted.

Then she’ll be the same as a drug addict.

Her need for flesh would increase more and more, in particular, blood. Luckily she was a very firm person and hasn’t reached the state where it’s gotten out of hand.

Leaning against a big tree, Shao Qing sat down and began picking at a leaf. But her mind was completely focused on the surging heat in her body.

She needed a cold shower, something to extinguish this strange **. Shao Qing laughed at herself. Perhaps she could delay it with that, but medicine still always had a limit.

It was just when Shao Qing was trying to pass the night like this, someone who should have been sleeping suddenly appeared by Shao Qing’s side. Nearing Shao Qing, he sat down then looked at the black clouds covering up the moon, speaking softly: “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Suppressing the heat, she sneered: “Have you seen a zombie who requires sleep?”

Yan Qiyue turned his face and looked at Shao Qing’s face attentively. Then he placed his head on Shao Qing’s leg and pressed it against her stomach. “I don’t mind that you’re a zombie. Of course, if you do mind I would use all means to help you return back to normal…..”

Originally resisting with great difficulty of pressing him down, in the end, Yan Qiyue instead had stuck himself against her. Sucking in a deep breath, she feigned indifference: “There’s nothing wrong with being a zombie. If I weren’t a zombie, I might have died countless times already.”

Perhaps she would have died the moment of the car crash. Then would she have gotten the opportunity to give birth to Xiao Baozi and encounter all these people who cared for her?

Yan Qiyue had the urge to firmly hug Shao Qing. He could only imagine the dangers Shao Qing had faced that made her say these words, causing his heart to break.

“I’ll protect you from now on.”

Shao Qing didn’t speak. She couldn’t stay by Yan Qiyue’s side forever. She had her own people to protect, so she had to leave. Thus, she couldn’t answer to things she just can’t do.

Lying on Shao Qing, he began his long-winded speech. Speaking about his days in the orphanage, he spoke about how he had thought he was a cold-blooded person when he killed someone for the first time. He had personally murdered his adoptive father and had not felt the least bit of guilt or fear. In fact, he was able to make himself pretend to be a poor child who had just lost a family member in front of all those sympathizing eyes.

In his lifetime, there were two things he loved the most: self-torture and research. This was until he met Shao Qing. It was then that he learned that this heart of his could be moved.

The only thing is Yan Qiyue had never had a sense of security. So he still felt that Shao Qing’s heart wasn’t there.

When Yan Qiyue was in the middle of his long-winded speech, suddenly something warm fell on to his lips bringing a faint waft of perfume and a seductive voice: “I can’t hold it….”

The faint ** sound was like music to the ears. Yan Qiyue’s eyes widened and something flashed in his mind. Could his daydream really come true….

Icy cold hands touched his face, chin, collar bone. There was definitely no temperature, but every single place of contact became incomparably hot.

Shao Qing lowered her head, eyes glowing red. Looking at the enchanting man, she smoothed out his neck: “May I…..”

Yan Qiyue lifted his neck in a beautiful angle as if offering a sacrifice: “As much as you need…. I’m yours….”

Awaiting that moment when his blood was in her body.

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